Double Barrel Pump Paintball Gun!  Scenario Game – Old River Paintball Pt 1

Double Barrel Pump Paintball Gun! Scenario Game – Old River Paintball Pt 1

Dude, What is that? I gotta know. Is that a shotgun?
Double Barrel Phantom. Aw man!
Feel free to hold it.
I’m so happy! Wait, take this, keep it!
*Laughter* Oh my god….. What’s up Everyone? So I attended a 24 hour scenario paintball even held at Old River Paintball in Ocklawaha, Florida for a Fantastic weekend of paintball. If you are in the area, I highly recommend checking this field out for both recball and scenario games. Gameplay:
Straight in front of me in the woods on the left hand side of the trail! Going into my first engagement cold (not played yet) resulted in me missing what I would consider an easy shot. I was hoping to avoid a gun battle with this guy, but I was lucky enough to have some backup to help draw some of his attention to the side Notice that one of my shots hit the Jeep and the other flew true and tagged the other player. One of the nice things about running a double barrel setup is that it gives one a second chance to tag your target. (Major advantage when playing pump) Teammate:
Player! Player! They are coming up behind us! Teammates communicating:
Take a tree! Take a tree! Players in the woods:
Blue! Blue! (we are blue team BTW) Teammate:
My bad!
Friendlies! Gameplay:
Friendly? Thank you! Teammate:
Friendlies coming up on our right! Teammate:
Red Walker is down (Requires a headshot to eliminate) (Just lobbing some shots at this guy to keep em back) At this point, it seemed like we had cleared the trail enough to start pushing up. But I still had some reservations as I didn’t know what was ahead of me. This being my first time to the field, my inexperience added some hesitation as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Teammate 1:
You see anything?
**Shakes head no** Teammate 2:
Theres some up ahead Gameplay:
They are on the right hand side of the trail is all that I can see. I’m trying to spot out any on our left. Gameplay:
I’m getting nothing After deciding not to walk up the trial, I decide to go through a small opening that I had spied when moving up to this position. I had no idea what would be on the other side, but I hoped it would be a safer path. When I had crawled out of the brush, I found myself in a small clearing in the scrub. But before I could debate where I wanted to try and move up to, I spot a little surprise heading my way. Gameplay:
Tank inbound! Tank inbound! For those of you who that have never run across a paintball tank before The usual response is to run away if you don’t have any anti-armor (LAW Rockets, Demolitions). Since I had crawled my way up to this point, I had no intention of doubling back. So I hunkered down and decided to hide it out Now as I am rolling around in the dead leaves, I couldn’t shake the thought of ticks…. ticks all over the ground around me….. gross…..
(It’s Florida, can’t really help it) Then I thought, do you know who would love these ticks? Possums!! They can eat about 400 ticks in a week! Thought you aught to know…… Now that I’m clear of the tank, I try and resettle myself. Gameplay:
You got to be kidding me! In doing so, I snag my feed on a branch and pull it completely off Normally, this wouldn’t happen. But I had set my rings loose around the barrels so I can unscrew them quickly in the event of a barrel break. (yay foresight…) Thankfully, I have two rounds in the chamber so if I need to engage I wont be completely stuck. The entire time Iam reassembling, I am try ing to make sure no one is sneaking up on me. Usually, after a tank rolls by players start rolling through. Finally! After I got everything together and reloaded, I hear a player moving up and he doesn’t know that I’m there. Opposing Player:
Hit! I don’t think I hit him, but he called himself out anyways. Thank you player! If you enjoyed the video, please feel free to hit the like button and subscribe to get a heads up when more videos are posted!
Thank you for watching!


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