Doris Marten – Abstract painting |

♪ (piano music) ♪ ♪ (soft piano music) ♪ My name is Doris Marten,
and I’m an abstract painter. I was born in Southern Germany. After finishing school,
I trained in an animation studio, and subsequently studied painting,
object art, and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. 1996, I moved to Berlin
and continued my studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin. My work explores perceptual phenomena
such as color and time. How do we perceive colors,
or how does vision work? For example, what is needed
to suggest materiality, or what colors create
spatial visualization? For more than 20 years now,
I’ve been working with stripes and lines the most neutral pattern. They make individual colors and their influence
on each other visible. To draw the pictures
of the series Borderlines and also the series Layers, I use a specific kind
of fast India Ink brush pens. Soon, I decided not only to draw on paper, but on aluminum panels as well. In order to show the manifold options
of color development, I use only seven colors – a light green, and you put it
next to a violet, it becomes blue, and if you put the same green next
to an ochre, it becomes more yellow. Illusion is an important aspect. As a painter, you are permanently
concerned with the question what is real
and what might be an illusion. I was soon interested to translate
the two-dimensional layers into a real object. The Pink Paintings I started 2007. I realized that
when a digital camera breaks, it produces these
magenta-black-colored pictures. I chose the ones I liked best, I printed them and translated
into an oil painting with a technique of photorealism. I painted all the Pink Paintings
horizontally, and after they were finished,
I decided the direction. It depends on the association I had in most cases were landscape, there were buildings as well. The Light and Lines I started 2018. If you look at the Light and Lines
at a close range, you can see that the composition
is an absolutely consistent pattern of identical parallel lines. There is no hierarchy,
there is no compositional center, and no emphasis. Movement or rhythm, light, space arise in the way I use color only. You don’t achieve light effects only by contrasting light and dark colors. You can also create it by selecting
certain shades of one color, when you make compete colors
with entirely different colors. An increasingly important aspect
of my work is focused on time, time as a kind of material
that is crucial to produce my paintings. When you have a look
at the Light and Lines, each line is a symbol
for what we call present. While painting on a certain line,
I react to what is there, and also in view
of what it’s supposed to be. When the painting is finished, you can see that this painting
is like telling a story in color, and that is how I understand
these paintings. They are pictures of a certain space
of color and a certain space of time. ♪ (soft piano music) ♪

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