DON’T GIVE UP! [after an ART FAIL!] | Two Attempts at the Same Drawing | Gouache and Copic Markers

so I was very excited to make today’s
video because if you’ve been listening to me lately I am in love with these
illo sketchbooks and I just got a brand new one! Illo actually reached out to me
and wanted to thank me for loving their products I don’t know
so they sent me a free one and a free one to share with you guys so check the
link in the description if you’d like to enter that giveaway but yeah let’s get
started with the video ♪ something I wish someone had told me when I was younger and what I’d like to tell anyone who’s like a new artist is that one bad art piece
doesn’t make you a bad artist and mean you should quit
no no no no no no today I want to really instill that message and I’m going to do
that by showing you two separate speedpaints today, the first one I am
going to be drawing on the cover of the sketchbook and using this acrylic gouache
because gouache is opaque and I thought it would look really really cool – in my head I
had this really great idea so that’s what I’ll be showing you first and then
next up I’ll be showing you something uhhh…. I’m a little bit more happy with my original
idea was all inspired by the cover of the sketchbook and the cover the
sketchbook is sort of this like off black color and it reminded me of space
I thought I want to draw a space girl and then I can add all these like white
dots all over the place for stars and then it will be so cool – and I’m gonna use this acrylic gouache and it’ll be opaque and all the colors would be nice and vibrant flat
and it’s gonna be gorgeous and I had these big expectations in my head but
moving in I realized “wait a minute” I’m not trying to sure how to sketch on the
cover of this book – I tried a pencil, it didn’t work then I moved on to this
white charcoal pencil which did work but I couldn’t really see it as well as
it’s showing up on camera like that looks pretty “there” like look at that, Wow!
I wish it’d have been like that when I was drawing it So I was a little nervous going in but I
thought, you know what, I have used gouache once or twice before, I think I can make
this work so with that I had a pretty decently well laid out sketch and I had
all of the elements I needed on the cover sketched out and ready to be
colored in and I was pretty happy with this I think I had basically everything
I needed to go forward so I felt pretty confident and I moved into the gouache and
as soon as I started putting down some paint, I was like” “this is mistake…”
everything felt wrong from the beginning and the brush was too soft
I was having a hard time getting like the lines I wanted and the color really
wasn’t right as you see I only have those five colors of gouache and so I
have to mix it to get any of the colors I want and I pictured this being like
blue and purple so I had to make a few colors and I just really wasn’t happy
with any of them and then when it came to this her skin tone I was like “oh
I think I’d be really cool if she had like a really warm skin tone to go with
all these cool colors” but I really wasn’t able to mix the color that I saw
in my head and when it comes to artists not liking their own work, I don’t think
it necessarily means that the art is turning out bad or that like the drawing
is worthless or that it’s like has no value – when an artist sees their own work
and they’re not happy with it it’s usually because they either didn’t live
up to the expectations that they had in their head or the way they visualized it
before they started creating it or it’s because they feel like they could have
done better and today I think I fell under both of those categories – I really – the other couple times that I’ve used gouache I feel like it just turned out
better *stumbles over words* and it just doesn’t look ‘anyway’ like it does in my head that wasn’t a sentence… *corrects herself:
“it doesn’t look anything like it does in my head” so I spent a couple hours on this and I kept
tweaking it hoping eventually it would turn around and start looking the way it
did in my head but I just really wasn’t able to capture that idea that I had in
my head so *laughs* after butchering the cover *laughs* I decided let’s go in with my current
favorite medium: Copic markers and redraw the cover but as the first opening page
in the sketchbook so redraw it but try and do it the way I see
it in my head, so that is when we move on to part two of the video I think that that concept of taking what’s in your head and transferring it to paper can be
very tricky so I think what’s important is to really find that process that
works for you and what I’ve been doing lately with my Copic markers is drawing
with a pink a col-erase pencil and then applying the marker on top of that and
then adding the ink on top of that or sometimes I’ll put the pencil, then the
ink, then the marker – but I don’t erase my sketch – usually if I use like a
mechanical pencil I have to erase it because mechanical pencil and Copic
markers do not get along they just *eek* “keep them far away from each other”
so I’ve been using this col-erase pencil because it interacts with the
Copic marker a lot gentler like it barely smudges the pencil at all, like
it really doesn’t I don’t think, and it actually looks kind
of cool under some of the pastel colors especially if you use a pink and use a
light skin tone than the pink like almost acts as like blood
vessels and veins and it adds just an extra bit of liveliness to the skin and
I’ve actually done this with darker skin tones too and while it’s not as obvious
I still think it makes a significant difference that really helps bring those
characters to life and not look too dead if that makes sense? I think it’s just
that little extra pop of pink just helps and since I’m not erasing it’s very
important that this sketch really captures everything that I want it to
before I start adding color and Here I am adding in the hair color – I’m sticking
with that pastel purple from the cover and you’ll see I’ll change up a few
things that I didn’t like that I made in the cover like I changed her outfit a
little bit – actually made her face a little too big this time but that’s
alright I’ll take it I also changed her hair and made it
pig-tails and I think I changed the leggings or something I don’t know it’s
a space – it’s supposed to be a space suit but I mean its obiously…
not-…. um…. safe. hehe I took some creative liberties now my
whole reason for drawing a girl in space was because the front cover was a
black sketchbook and obviously the paper on the inside is white so I needed to go
in and color in the entire background with marker so first I used a bit of a
lighter gray I think it was like ‘N6’ and I colored the inside of her helmet
because obviously there’d be a little bit of reflection and light and might
alter the colors that you’re seeing through it so I use a bit of a lighter
color with that but before coloring in the background solid black, which I kind
of expect it to be a bit of a daunting task, I decided to add facial features to
her face so I don’t have to stare at this pupil-less demon for that entire
time *hehe for the eyebrows and the lips anything that I colored in purple, I used
the Ohuhu dual tip markers, just the fine-liner side and added in those details
and then for any where that ended up being black I used a Pentallic fineliner for that and I tried something a little different with the eyes this time
around – usually I’ll just color in the entire pupil area with like a solid
color that I use as the line art just because I like big alien eyeballs but
this time I said just do different and I don’t love it but I like that I changed
it up a little bit and I’m probably gonna go back to what I usually do *hehe* trying to bring a little bit more life to the face
I grabbed a bit of a blush color and added those tints to her nose and her
cheeks and blended those out so that was a bit smoother and this really helps
bring more color into an illustration if you’re drawing very pale skin and I have
very pale skin so I tend to draw that a lot, so I like to add a little
pop pink or like this is more like a maroon color, I feel like it really it
really blends in with the color scheme a lot better than like a bright pink so
I’m really happy with that it’s almost purpley and I just really think it works
really well and I like it I like the tones that it gave especially mixed with
whatever color I used for the skin, I don’t really know….
if i had to pick like a favorite part of drawing with copics it’s probably adding
blush, I need to practice it more with darker skin tones, i got it really good a
couple days ago and i want to keep trying and see, -i have to realize what
i did that made it turn out right cuz sometimes you just get lucky and then
you’re like “wait? I don’t even know what I did” so once I figured that out I’ll
let you guys know, and I switched over to to a slightly darker color still not
like a straight black and started coloring in the background – I also mixed
in some of my cool gray Ohuhu markers to try and save some of my Copic ink
while I was filling in the background and it was – it’s very difficult not to
get splotchy when coloring this large of an area but I did my best and especially
switching out with the Copic and the Ohuhu, I feel like that actually helped
minimize the streaking but yeah, there’ll always be strokes, they’re
markers, they’re not paint so kind of is something I have to accept but I really
like the way this paper actually holds markers, it bleeds to the other side of
the page but it doesn’t usually bleed to the page behind that and that’s really
nice in a sketchbook so I don’t really have to worry about like sticking in
papers between the pages and I can just go in and color when I feel like it and,
you know, lots of freedom and sometimes I added in the Stars before I was done
because I would just – I just wanted to see what it would look like with the
Stars but once I was done coloring in the entire black background for the
night sky.. space… thing.. .I added in a bunch of stars using the Sakura Decorese pen – I
have a bunch of these white pens from my white pen review and I’ve kind of been
trying to circle through them so I don’t have to buy more of the good ones like I
could just make it work with some of these other ones so that’s what I’ve
been using – it doesn’t help that each of like the white pens works better on like
a different medium so like this Decorse works really well on Copics – I
think some of them work good on watercolor and others were terrible
on Copics – I was like really gonna switch them out which is kind of
annoying – anyway and then I had this pretty cool night sky and actually like
the way it looks with the solid white and the pink sketch of the character
standing out from the background like I really like the way that pops – for the
word ‘sketchbook’ and then the number, I used a Posca pen – first I used an extra
fine one but it was a little too sketchy and thin and although I really like that
texture it really wasn’t what I was going for, so then I moved on to the next
size up which i think is just called fine or regular and I just went over
that font – the words again to make it a little thicker and fuller and
then I was pretty much done with the background and it was time to start
coloring in the body and hopefully use a color scheme that fits the one that I
had in my head so let’s move on to that in the drawing I did on the cover
I used this like really bright blue and in my head I pictured it being a lot
less saturated and almost a gray tone so I’m using a cool grey to color in
those areas on this drawing and keeping it very – like it’s – it’s – almost blue but
it’s kind of blue, I don’t know, it’s just it feels more spacesuit-y to me and it
much better represents the idea that I had in my head – this is also what you’ll
notice I kind of changed up the design of the outfit from the original sketch
because I can do a lot more details with these markers than I could with the
gouache so I’m trying to take advantage of that by doing like quick little
strokes and other little elements of it and on the other one I had it like extra
like weird arm holes to her shirt just because I felt like it needed something
and I didn’t like the way it was looking but I left those out for this one
because I was able to more capture that idea that I had and I
also changed her shirt and gave it a star instead of that weird exclamation
point and I like this one a lot better I feel like it’s kind of cool – I don’t know one of the advantages Copic markers has over the gouache that I used earlier was
that if it’s kind of translucent so I’m able to add shading to these
really sort of detailed leggings and it gives that rounded look and makes
everything look more three-dimensional and I can do that to the skirt and the
shirt and then of course like I gave her those Gray gauntlets and I’m really
happy with this color scheme because it’s a little bit more contrast-y, if
that makes sense, so the blue is very dark and saturated
and then the grey is very light and the white sections are very light and it
gives contrast between the blue white and I think it just looks overall
more appealing to me at least I think the only problem I really had with this
drawing was the head is a little too big but I’m gonna chalk that up to being the
fact that she’s wearing a helmet and it’s glass and maybe it’s a bit of a
magnifying glass and it makes her head look a bigger *giggle* there we go, see? I can make
it work and then all I had to do is add line art to everything, I also
added highlights to the helmet to make it look more like glass so I added this
like circular reflection and other reflections and I also use the Posca pen
and went around the whole outside of the character to make it pop from the
background I like to do this it’s very cartoony and not very realistic but I
just enjoy it and I like the way it looks so I tend to do it a lot so it’s
just a little quirk, that I can’t seem to shake and yeah after that I think I was just
about done! just added a bunch of details – I’m just checking to make
sure I didn’t forget anything I want to talk about oh one thing is I realized
after drawing this I was like I had this idea that the girl would have long hair
and then it’s like building up in her space suit and I thought: “oh, this is such a good idea!” and then I went on Instagram like literally two minutes after this and I
noticed that Loish had a picture that was basically like this and I was like “gaaaah” but if I am gonna emulate someone it might as well be Loish, so I’m not gonna
complain, I just thought I was being original ‘egggh’ and I know I’ve seen that
picture but I wasn’t thinking about it so yeah just thought I’d mention that
anyway I want to thank you guys for watching um I hope maybe this – maybe gave
you some insight into the fact that you know not everything’s gonna turn out
100% but it’s never a good idea to give up so I’m really glad that I gave it
another shot and kind of redeemed myself in a way and created art that I was more
comfortable with and actually enjoyed a lot more because when I’m struggling
with something it’s not as an enjoyable of an experience so I’m glad that I took
the time and redid it and really enjoyed myself so I’m very happy with this and
I’m glad I could share the process with you of not only making mistakes but
also kind of trying to recapture my love for art so
yeah and don’t forget I have the giveaway in the description and you can get
your own illo sketchbook and don’t worry it won’t have anything
vandalized on the front of it it’ll be brand new and in its wrapper like this
but yeah and I’ll maybe throw in a little doodle on a separate piece of
paper or something – who knows? oohooh anyway if you want to enter that there will be a link in the
description and thank you illo for sending me this sketchbook and one to
share with all of my peeps I really really love your sketchbooks so thank you
and yeah thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and
♪ I hope you all have a delicious evening full of WAFFLES! ♪ BUI!! ♪

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