DON’T commit to painting before you answer this question – your WHY

DON’T commit to painting before you answer this question – your WHY

Here it is, my new studio. My new backdrop and new haircut. As you can see I am now moved. There are still things I need to unpack and
cleanup in my garage studio. But I am pretty much ready to paint and to
make video. I thought for this video I go back to the
basics and talk about your WHY. Hey this is Eric from Café Watercolor. I believe the most important question you
can ask yourself as an artist is why. Why do you paint? Why do you want to become an artist? Without knowing our why, we will be just going
through the motion without purpose. Now, I don’t want to turn this into a cringy
philosophy video. But these are very important questions for
your artistic core. This may sound simple, but I’m not talking
about scratching the surface and answer your own why with a generic answer like “I paint
because it makes me feel happy.” or “I paint because it’s my passion.” Because those answers are not personal, and
not from deep down and that’s not going to help you. Being an artist and learning to paint is a
journey, and it is inevitable that you will have struggles and road block along the way. Life can also gets in the way, like some of
my friends have new born babies and finding themselves not having time to paint. Some of my students feeling stuck in their
progress and struggling to improve. Or like me, I’ve recently moved and there
are a lot of things to do with the new place. And it’s times like these you need to revisit
your why. I believe you can do anything with a strong
enough reason. It will motivate you and drive you forward
through any difficulty. I’ve shared my reason why in one of my previous
videos. I want to paint to remind people that they
are loved by making their memories and loved one special with my paintings. And if I want to do that well, I need to be
a better painter. When people entrust me to paint their favorite
place and people, I need to do them justice! This doesn’t limit to just my clients though,
but also to myself. If you have followed my work for a while,
you know that the person I painted the most is none other than my dear wife. I’ve been painting her since we were dating
back in college, and after 15 years I’m still painting her. It’s just one of the ways for me to show
my love to her and serve as a reminder to myself that I am in a loving relationship,
and there is someone who accepts me for who I am. And to me one of the best way I can honor
her is to become a better artist to paint better portraits of her and the things she
loves. So in a way, the reason why I become an artist
is quite simple really. I’m not one of the artists who is constantly
trying to pursue a higher meaning of art and wants to push the boundary of the artistic
movement or something like that. I respect artists who has that kind of passion,
but I’m just a simple guy who wants to help people to say “I love you” with my painting. Now enough about me, I want you to ask yourself
why do you paint? And keep asking yourself why until your answer
doesn’t change. Your reason could be completely different
from mine, and that is ok. But it is important for you to know so when
you are feeling stuck and struggle to improve or frustrated about a painting you are doing,
you will be able to revisit your why, let it put you in perspective and help you to
push through. Figuring out your why is even more important
if you are a professional artist or thinking to become one. Because your clients and audiences will want
to know that as well. They want to know why you do the things you
do before they invest their resources on you and your art. We all like to work or purchase from people
who we can trust, whose value is clear and even align with us. Knowing your core reason why is a huge way
to establish trust and authenticity with your audiences and clients. We can go deeper into that topic in the future. Now, your why doesn’t even need to be about
helping others. One of my friends got into painting because
it brings her healing. She was at a place where she felt lonely and
anxious, and doing painting calms her down and bring her peace. And that is amazing to me. It is something that you really want to dive
deep into your heart and think about, but at the same time you don’t want to overthink
it, this is to help you not to give you a headache. What I want you to have is a deep, personal
reason that drives you, so that you paint with a purpose and not just a mindless routine. All that being said, I am really interested
to hear about your WHY. So please leave a comment down below to share
with us your WHY. Why do you paint and let’s keep the conversation
going! I want to make this channel not just about
watercolor demo and technique, but also about us having an artistic life. Being an artist is a journey and we are all
in this together. If you like this video. If you like what I do, please like and subscribe. If you are new here, I have a lot more painting
videos for you to enjoy. You can also go to my website at
to download my free watercolor ebook. I am Eric from Café Watercolor, hope you
have a wonderful day wherever you are, and I will see you again soon.


  • Malie Quizhu says:

    Love your class! 💕💕💕 Good question to ask myself👍👍👍

  • *Azuremuse* says:

    it brings me peace and relaxes me makes me feel like I contributed something that I can leave behind. Maybe someone will see them one day and be moved or learn something within them. Right now I paint for myself I am compelled to paint and be creative because I need an outlet for things I cant say. Because it's freeing, totally selfish in that way but yes a way of healing. As I learn I share with others that are like-minded and even ones that are not. Which I am pretty sure I bore them to death at this point.

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