Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Paper Flower Wall Decor

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Paper Flower Wall Decor

in this video I’m going to show you how
to make it these farmhouse wall decor pieces if you want to learn how to make
them well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the midnight crafter and
the project that I have for you tonight is something I have been wanting to do
for such a long time I don’t know what took me so long to do this because it’s
really cute and it’s really fun and it’s really not that hard actually I don’t
know it depends on your skill level your crafting level but it looks really
really cute in several different styles of decor and I’m really excited to show
it to you it’s a fun one so before we get to that though I would absolutely
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alright I think enough chitchat you guys know what we need to do let’s
get to the project first thing we’re gonna do and you know
that I like to paint everything first to give it a good chance to dry but we need
to take this little baby apart just remove this backing and then what we’re
going to be doing is using a little straightedge razor blade here and from
the inside we’re just gonna be scratching off all of these words they
come off pretty easily you can see already I mean that was nothing and I’ve
already got part of it off and then what I’ll be doing is using my acrylic paint
that I think I got it from I don’t know Michaels or something but you can get it
at Dollar Tree and I’m going to be painting the entire inside and the
outside including the frame here you want to paint the inside of your frame
as well as the outside because because this is such a deep frame when you’re
looking at it from outside you’re gonna be able to see some of that in our edge
there so we don’t want that to be black and the rest to be white so I’m just
gonna go ahead and get that all painted inside as well as the outside and we’re
gonna give this all a good chance to dry so go ahead and paint all three of them
and we’ll be back the next step because we need this to dry as well we’re gonna
be taking the dish towel that we got now if you don’t want to use a dish towel
other options what you can do is if you have some burlap or if you have some
other fabric or even the burlap ribbon strips you can use that and what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna use the back of our little frame piece or a little Bank
as a template so line that up on your fabric and I’m just gonna trace it out
here so that I know where to cut now if I didn’t think about it but if you want
to you can make sure that your stripes are lined up it did not occur to me
until I started cutting just now but what else is new and I’m going to do one
to show you what we’ll be doing here now is take the inside part of the back of
your piece and we’re going to be using if you have Mod Podge you can use that
if you want to use school glue you can use that either way if you have a spray
adhesive that you want to just spray on this surface that will work as well I’m
just going to be using school glue and putting it on the back here and
spreading it out and we’re going to be putting our piece of fabric down this is
going to be the backing to our picture or our flower or whatever you want to
call it and decide how you want your stripes vertical horizontal and get that
down there and smooth it out and you have your one backing done it will do
three of those in the meantime we’re gonna let these dry and our frames are
still drying from the paint and then we’re gonna work on the flowers I
actually changed my mind instead of doing the three of them with this fabric
the the dishtowel fabric because that’s one option I want to show you what will
look like with the other options as well I found this burlap ribbon which is it
does not have a wire in it but it also doesn’t fit completely across so there
will be seams on it that’s one option and then this other burlap ribbon I got
these at Dollar General because I’m not at home right now and we are away for
the weekend and we have a Dollar General up here but not a Dollar Tree so these
were the two options this one’s a little more dense like a little a little more
ribbon like and then this one’s more brittle up and this one is not wired and
the other one has wire so I’m gonna do one of each of these as well just to
show you the difference so you can choose what you like best and you may be
able to find entire like sheets or if you have that burlap fabric bigger rolls
of it or something wider awesome it’ll be even easier you know what I decided
I’m actually going to cut this edging off of here so that I don’t have
so obvious of a seam where we go a little less obvious that way and I’ll do
the third one with the other ribbon I have why not do them all three
completely different I’m kind of like in this one I like the way it almost looks
like how it would slats would look so I kind of like that so we have this one
hopefully this isn’t focus and then we have this one the burlap that I cut the
seams off of and then we have this one here with the dishtowel of fabric so
we’ll give a try to all three of those and see how they turn out while we’re
waiting for our other goodies to dry we’re going to work on our flowers so
take your book page these I had taken out of a book that I made another
project with so these were leftover pages so what we’re going to be doing is
you take your one book page and I’m going to be cutting off the top section
here down to the words and then I’m also going to be cutting off the bottom
section and get rid of those and then I’m going to fold this into thirds and
I’m going to be cutting off the white on the ends here as well so we want to have
as much words on our flowers as possible and less white stuff showing so now we
have our paper that’s folded into thirds our page and we are going to one more
time fold our page into thirds what we’re going to want to do is cut
off the folded end you want to make sure that is cut off so that you have just
all raw ends there so your petals won’t be stuck together then after you cut off
that bottom part you’re going to cut your petal shape so starting at the
bottom we’re going to be doing a couple different sizes of petals so this one’s
gonna be my bigger one kind of like a leaf shape is what we’re doing and
leaving the bottom flat okay and you will have nine petals at this point so
we’re gonna do that one more time so you’re going to want altom utley to have
two different sizes of petals trace the other petal on here and then go slightly
smaller than that petal we’re gonna put the bigger ones off to the side here and
start with the smaller ones and you’re going to take your petal and fold it in
half not completely just at that bottom flat part so that you can have this
shape right here and right where you pinched it you’re going to put just a
dab of glue not a lot just enough that it will stick that together and they
like the hot glue for this because it’s fast and if you don’t put a lot it won’t
eat who’s out of thereand bernieoh so just and go easy on it and that’s what
we have okay so we’re gonna do that with all of these smaller petals first you
shouldn’t have too much of your petal just glued together most of it should be
opened up there like that so we have four petals made with the smaller ones
and we’re going to need four more that are even slightly smaller so if you take
four of your five remaining petals put them together you can trim those down by
just a little bit as well making them just a little smaller and you’re going
to do continue on the same way you were with the other ones
pinching that bottom that could be construed in many different ways boy oh boy
now if you know other ways to make flowers that you like by all means make
any style of flower you want this is just whoops one way that I am doing your
flowers can be there’s so many different types of paper flowers that can be made
so if you know another way go for it so now we have our largest petals put to
the side our medium-sized petals here and then
our smallest petals here we’re going to be taking the medium-sized petals and
we’re going to be attaching two of them together like this so a little dot of
glue here on the side of that pinched part and attaching the other one to it
just like that next you’re going to take your other two pet medium-sized petals
and we’re going to be gluing those in place on to the sides in between so
basically you’ll have a cross shape so right on that edge of that paper there
you’re going to put your hot glue and attach it in the center of the other two
and hold it there in place until it cools off and if you still have a glob
of glue I mean well I shouldn’t even go there but if you have a glob of glue
there while it’s drying you really could stick your other small petal in place on
each side of it so but I think I’m making things more confusing but we’re
going to be gluing the small petals ultimately in between these medium-sized
petals so that’s what you’re going to go around finish off your flower if it’s
too hard for you to do it that way adding the small ones wait till the
larger ones have cooled off and then add in the smaller ones like I’m having a
little trouble with this one I should just wait on that last petal once you
have those all together you will have something like this
the last little step for this particular flower is we’re going to take our we’re
gonna have an extra petal here left over which is fine and then we’re gonna take
our largest petals and we’re going to be placing those in between each of the
spaces here put a little bit of glue here on the bottom of your biggest petal
and glue it in place right in between the other two petals there so it’s going
to start creating a base here that’s going to cover up that hole okay so we
have one flower finished here and then what you can do is take your fingernail
just like you would with curling ribbon and you go on that edge with your
fingernail against your finger and then you can sort of give those a little bit
of a flipping up it kind of gives a little dimension to your flower so
here’s our one flower this look and now it’s looking a little like a water lily
we’re gonna put that aside and we’re gonna work on another style of flower
okay for our next flower we’re going to be doing is you’re going to take you’re
going to need two pages the first page you’re going to fold it in half and then
but don’t really really crease it hard just kind of a light fold and then in
half again what we’re going to be doing is cutting a circle out so you instead
of I didn’t bother cutting these off I’m just going to make my circle kind of
knowing that that edge is there make the circle as best you can here like this
and you can make adjustments if need be when you open it mine’s a bit of an oval
here so I’m going to just adjust it a bit thing is if you want to you can
always use something and draw out a circle on your page that’s definitely an
option and if you aren’t confident in your skills here then for sure just take
something round that will cover just the word part if you can find something
so we have our somewhat circle here circle ish somewhat
so whatever you want to call it and what we’re going to be dealing with this one
is starting at the edge and cutting around making about 1/2 to 3/4 inch keep
going around and cutting and cutting and cutting until we reach the center and
try and be conscious to keep because it’s easy to kind of get too close to
that edge but try and keep an equal distance as you come around go all the
way around until you reach the center so you should have a nice little squiggly
snake like this and then what we’re going to do I like to use a pen or
something to get me started at a pencil you’re going to start from the outside
end and give that a little bit of a twist and you’re going to just keep
twisting that around it’s easiest to do it around a pencil or a pen or something
you don’t have to now you can take it off once you get a good start and just
keep wrapping it around so now you let it go and we have this and if you wanted
such a small rose you could leave it like that but I want my rose to be
bigger and take up more of my page because remember we have this big of a
surface and that’s an awfully small little flower for that so what we’ll be
doing is taking our second book page and doing the same thing kind of that we did
on the first one and then you’re gonna make another circle now this circle is
going to be a little bit smaller you’re going to want to make sure this one is
the size of what you want your flower to be on your background so this is still
really big of course it’s a bit misshapen so I’m going to adjust it so
here we have the base for our rose now what we’re going to do you’re going to
start now you have this all wound up you’re going to take this bottom part
here and add a little bit of glue to it and we’re going to glue it kind of
towards the outer edge not completely at the outer edge but not Center either so
somewhere in bee Queen Center and the edge you’re going
to put some glue on the back of that inside part of your snake and glue that
down kind of right about there then you’re going to start unwinding your
rows onto your page and it’s going to make a bit of kind of some ripple ease
in there and periodically what you’re going to want to do is kind of tack
those down in a couple of spots so here where its first starting out and it’s
popping up there I’m going to add just a little dot of glue and tack that down
and that way we can create some more ripples in it and tack it down in a few
spots to give your flower the shape that you want it to have you’re going to work
your way around kind of play with it as you go it’s a little hard this one to
show you because each one is going to be entirely different so yours may end up
looking totally different than mine and that’s okay just like in nature
flowers are different and people are different and that’s what makes the
world an awesome place to live if you guys are enjoying my channel don’t
forget to give me a thumbs up and to leave me a comment let me know what you
think of all this I know you guys have some amazing ways of making flowers I’m
sure of it so feel free to pass those along and
also you know you can share your ideas with that stuff on my midnight crafter
glue dots Facebook group so go in there find that and we will get you part of
the group okay so now I have a lot of this glued in and oh by the way that
group is for recreations of projects that you see made here so I know there
are a lot of other groups that do all kinds of other craft projects and that’s
awesome but I really want this one to be different I want it to be where we can
give each other ideas and support on the projects that you’re already seeing made
here so like ideas for flowers that would be
great or your version of this project all right so I’ve pretty much got this
where I want it I think the last thing I’m going to do is take this very very
center part of my flower secure that anchor it down in the middle okay so
this is what we’ve got right now now this bottom circle what we’re going to
go ahead and do is take your scissors and just go around and give that a
little bit of a curvy edge however you want and here is our rose for the third
flower you’ll be taking a page folding in half and in half cut the one side of
the white off and then fold it directly in half okay so with this one this
flower we are going to make something that looks like this so we want our
flower petals to be kind of almost round sort of like an egg shape so you see
kind of we have an egg shape here so we should have eight petals okay just keep
them lined up so instead of folding them individually one at a time like I did
with our first flower take your whole stack of them and pinch that bottom
pinch the bottom the bottom pinch the cheeks now not the cheeks the bottom of
our flower petal just squeeze the cheeks and and then that way you’ll be forming
this petal shape right here so we’re gonna go through just like we did on our
other one and we’re gonna glue with one tiny little even scrape of glue there so
that you don’t burn yourself pinch that together and just glue it shut there
like that okay so we have our eight petals and now you’re going to take back
from your Rose you have this other piece of paper leftover so what we’re going to
do with that is cut a strip across about four lines of text should be about right
and what you’re going to be doing with this piece
here is making small cuts not all the way down but part of the way down and go
all the way across this piece making the cuts real close together but don’t cut
all the way through your strip so this part here is going to be okay guys I
think it’s called stamen I had a few of you fabulous glue dots tell me that it’s
a stamen so I think we’re making the stamen here okay so now you have this
piece here which has all this feathery doubt piece what you’re gonna do is
start rolling that up and we’re going to roll it all the way till the whole piece
is one big steamin one big roll of stamen you be what you’re gonna do now I
got to the end have this all rolled up put a little dot of glue there and glue
that so that it doesn’t unroll then push your little stamen pieces uh-huh now I’m
so excited that I know that word okay and you can kind of squish them around
get them sort of spread out there like that
okay and then again with one of your leftover scrap pieces and we’re going to
be cutting one I don’t know maybe about a 1 inch diameter circle and then what
you’re gonna do is right there in that center we’re gonna glue in our go ahead
say it with me stamen yay now we’re gonna go around and
we’re gonna glue our petals individually around there it’s going to have that
little space in there and that’s okay because it kind of makes the flower look
cool so the next step that we’re going to do will be attaching the flowers to
the backs so here are my three backings and I’m gonna go ahead and figure out
which flower I want to glue on which backing okay I like the way these are so
I’m just going to go ahead and put a dot of glue on the back of each one and
place them and we’ll get these put together no
we’re all done and they’re super cute well not quite done we have to put the
hangers on but we’re gonna get these put together here in a second
okay now for this last part we’re going to use this ribbon that I got from
Dollar Tree and what we’re gonna be doing is cutting it directly in half on
the line right in the dead center of the lace now we don’t need very long of a
piece you’re gonna want a piece that is going to serve as a hanger soda patting
a good amount of my hot glue to where I want to attach it and then my famous
anybody that knows me knows I love my parchment paper for this especially when
you’re using something that has big holes like this in it because that that
glue seeps right through there I’m gonna finish that up and then I’m going to
show you them all done and put up SuperDuper cute okay while you’re
waiting for that go hit that subscribe button hit the like button leave me a
comment do all that fun stuff share it share it you know


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