DIY Fallout Nuka Grenade: for Fallout fans – A GeekyMcFangirl Tutorial

Hey everybody, it’s Amy
from Thanks for joining me for this Fallout craft
series In this video I’ll show you how to make
a Nuka Grenade. You can use it as a fun prop or decoration. All of the materials for this project
are linked in the description below the video both on YouTube and at You will need a tin can rust red and brown acrylic paint Mod Podge Matte
and a paint brush Masking tape a black Sharpie pen Six nuts some aluminum craft wire a wire cutter and a glue gun and glue sticks Start by removing the label from your can.
Then start with a dry brush and a small amount of burgundy or rust red paint all over your
can. Work slowly and build up your rust layer of paint. When the rust paint is dry, go in with a dry
brush and brown paint to add a layer of dirt and grime. Work slowly and build up the dirt layer. Then go back in with rust paint again and fill in any holes or gaps. When the acrylic paint has dried, apply a
generous layer of Mod Podge Matte to the entire can. Don’t forget the top and bottom. When the Mod Podge has dried it is time to add your masking tape. Use three strands of tape to create the main label. Use a black marker to write the word RADIATION on the label. You may want to refer to a picture online and copy the lettering from the game. Then carefully place the label around the
center of the can. Next, very carefully add a second strand of masking tap from the left side of the label, dipping down in the front and pulled back
behind the back. It is really important to proceed slowly and carefully. I found out the hard way. If you mess up and have to pull the tape off, the
tape will pull off all of your paint too. My paint was destroyed and I had to start
over from the beginning. The final step is to add wires to your grenade. Heat up your glue gun for this part. Glue two nuts to the top of the can, right
in the center. Then, glue two nuts about an inch apart near the edge of the can. Finally, glue two nuts on the side of the
can about two thirds of the way down. Then measure out a piece of wire to fit between the top and bottom nuts, but long enough to have a nice curve that sticks out a bit. Glue the wire into the top and bottom nuts. Repeat the process with another piece of wire. The second wire should be black instead of red. Use your marker to color it black. And your Nuka-Grenade is done. A fun decoration for any Fallout fan’s room. Just don’t throw it in the house! Thanks so much for joining me today. If you enjoyed this craft, check out my other Fallout craft videos.

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