Determine Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Determine keywords for search engines optimization? For me it’s too soon to know and still a big puzzle. As I had read about choosing and using right keywords, either through the Internet or read the book about SEO, keywords or phrase should be specify in writing before you start an article. For me there is no difference. Choosing keywords before you start writing an article, sometimes out of target on a web search. Probably because I am not a pro and don’t know the basic that what been done by many SEO expert.

So, how did you know what the keyword should be in use for the search engine optimization? It’s created my own confusion by search engine like Google, which I actually don’t know how search engine index keywords on each pages. Sometimes the results are very much different. Several tools can be used in the keyword to see what appears from a search, many of which use by lot of people. A tool that I mean is, a FREE service tool traffic statistic. In addition, you can install the widget traffic counter to see the life and the page number of the visitor to visit your blog every day.

Choosing keywords seemed to be easy but it actually unpredictable. To me, the most important thing to aim Search Engine Optimization or SEO is by keep update and providing useful contents that will increase the number of word treasury in the blog content. With many more content enrich by certain keywords, it is hoped will become a blog with SEO-friendly. Create natural and organic content will make Google feel friendlier. Talking about organic content this is a most effective way to branding yourself. Even sometimes we discuss the about the same thing, but still only how to conduct which becomes more interesting because each person is different and unique.

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