Detailed Trees STEP by STEP Acrylic Painting (ColorByFeliks)

Detailed Trees STEP by STEP Acrylic Painting (ColorByFeliks)


  • MzRina88 says:

    Yep! I saw you do this awhile ago and now it's how I do my trees! Mine would rarely turn out how I wanted them before so thanks!

  • Yama Ha says:

    Thanks for this tree lesson

  • Sophia G. says:

    I am going to paint the flower field painting eith the help of your tutorial for Mother's Day. Maybe you could make one on flowers(in a vase or so)?
    Thanks again anyhow for making your fantastic videos! They are extremely helpful and inspiring.
    God bless you!

  • Galactic Wolf says:

    Love your artwork its amazing keep on going thanks for the tutorial

  • mooshibe says:

    Lovely! Great lesson. Thanks to teach us. The details are amazing they make the difference.

  • SuEllyn says:

    You are the first youtube tutorial that I have seen that shows detailed trees. Thanks for this information. It is extremely helpful and it does make the trees more unique. Thank you for putting these tutorials together and sharing your talent. This helps those of us that are beginners and trying to improve our artistic skills.

  • Yash Chaudhari says:

    Thanks Bro!

  • Ilona Ryan says:

    Thank you vor this lesson, it helped me alot. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  • Alissar Aleid says:

    That is very helpful. Thank you for sharing the video 😀

  • DonaArtist says:

    Thank you.

  • Pauline F says:

    Thanks so much…s.soooo helpful…love your tutorials

  • Jyoti Sharma says:

    This is beautiful!

  • Мария Аникина says:

    ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • hi says:

    TYSM ;))))

  • Rachel says:

    I tried this 3 times now and it’s still looks ten time better

  • Vasano Shire says: the details!

  • Ryan Durbin says:

    Wow, your trees look great!

  • John Wright says:

    Stipple is the word!

  • Svetlana M says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorials. I am a beginner and I really love all your explanations, how to mix colours, shadows, details etc. I don't have acrilyc paints now and I ' m using my gouache. I realise that my colours are not as bright as yours. And when I am trying to paint thin lines to add some details they are not thin, they look thick and not straight .
    So thank you so much. I am your fan.

  • John Arnold says:

    Thank you Feliks for this great tutorial. Loved how it came to life. And also how you recommend a inexpensive artist loft set. I picked up that set on sale at Michaels for $6.99! Will buy rest of your brushes when they get in stock! Love all your videos and Patreon.

  • tairey12 says:

    These trees look like pine trees in the state where I live. Beautiful!

  • RASEC COLOR says:

    It was very beautiful, thank you, for your teachings.

  • Cheryl Vanderlaan says:

    Excellant tips thanks much
    I would love to have a closer look. Its difficult to see the detail you are doing from the distance

  • Carol Scott says:

    I am just beginning to learn how to paint with acrylics and I have watched countless tutorials on the YouTube channel and yours is by far the best and the most informative. You will really explain each detail as you go along and I greatly appreciated that. Thank you so much

  • anne eby says:

    This is very helpful. I would like to see a video of deciduous trees.

  • Virtual Admonisher says:

    Love the short tutorials. Am a novice acrylic guy, so all these take the place of paying for personal lessons – until I get better.

  • Cristy Creates says:

    I don't know how I missed this one… 🤷🏽 LOL Nice tutorial!! 🎨💚🙏🏽

  • Vera Sant Anna says:

    Perfeito !

  • Tom Draug says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing great tutorial! The 1" brush – is it natural hair one?

  • Sara N says:

    Hi there! Just wanted to say, this is one of the best tutorial I've seen. I always try looking around to see the way it's generally done, but I've never seen one that is so effective as this one! Keep it up, I'm really pleased with the result I got, and your views on things are great too! Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Sheila Lewis-Lorum says:

    One of my dreams (before my life is over), is to learn to paint a beautiful tree such as this. Wish me luck! ♥️. Thank you for this video.

  • jluc 06 says:

    superb video and thank you for the subtitling in french

  • Mario Mario says:

    You are doing an amazing job. Please keep it up

  • Cathy Hunnnicutt says:

    I love this also. I love the long one and the short video's. Beautiful detailed and realistic looking. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. God Bless.

  • Tammy O'Brien says:

    This is great information please keep doing them you do a great job. Thank you so much.

  • Crafts and More says:

    Please paint some more trees

  • June Hansen says:

    i like your vidios, they really help me choose colours n improve my paintings thankyou

  • Buddy Buds says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Patricia Christian says:

    I You have excellent talents for teaching me how to paint your tutorials Thank you for teaching me how to paint your teaching and how to learn how to paint it I really enjoy it and thank you for your painting God bless you and your talents!!!

  • Doris Furlotte says:

    Thanks for all the insight into acrylics, learned a lot. could you possibly do a painting of large birch trees? Wanting to learn the best colors to paint in acool bluish white background.

  • Mary DeRushe-Petty says:

    I absolutely love these short tutorials. Keep em coming!

  • cshula1 says:

    You’re a great teacher. Thank you.

  • Beverly Osmond says:

    I'm painting a tree and sun for the front of my house but the sun is on the opposite side where is the best place to put the yellow ??

  • Douglas Taylor says:

    Great tutorial, I like the tips of the branches touch, I never thought about doing this.

  • Gisele Theriault says:

    I love this tutorial and will be working my way through all of your others. Isolating elements is wonderful. While you are painting I can't see all the fine details but I like that the camera stays put. I would like a close up of the finished product at the beginning of the video so I can see what I am aiming for and also have a better look at the details. I think many of us want to assemble our own compositions so we don't feel so much as if we are copying someone else's work. If someone admires my painting I don't mind saying I learned to paint from youtube but I wouldn't like to say I copied a painting from a youtube tutorial. It feels more paint by numbers.

  • Evangelia Gianniloi says:

    Very useful and informative tutorial! Mixing colors and use of brushes in details, not common in tutorials. Just at the moment I was going to finish a landscape with a tree! Thank you so much!

  • Myra Lawson says:

    I have looked at many different videos on how to paint and I have to say you are the best! You take us through every step and for beginners like me, that’s extremely important. Thank you for teaching me to paint. I’ve always wanted to learn and now I am realizing my dream. ❤️

  • Quimey Jaskolowski says:

    You are a freaking genius!! i love your work! thak you so much for sharing it

  • Moms videos says:

    🤗you hope I like it? I loved it😊👍More please and thank you

  • Josh Ford says:

    Love these videos. Please continue them. The specific subject help is great. Allows me to focus on improving one thing and not feel overwhelmed.

  • Ann Fuller says:

    Thank you so much for your help.. I am going to support you on Patreon. Please keep the lessons coming.. Thank you for not going to fast.. Your Awesome

  • Sandy Dickinson says:

    Love this .Very helpful. Thank you again

  • Carol T. says:

    great! Just made trees!

  • Addition Building Design says:

    Love these. They're great tutorials.

  • Jose Ray Martinez says:

    THANKS!! You are a great teacher! Help me with tress, which I had some troubles to designs them. 🙂

  • Mary Haisch says:

    Beginner here also, same with Carol Scott I've watched many tutorials too and have found that you take your time and explain every step, how to use the brushes etc. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us learn step by step ColorByFeliks. I have made the mistake of misusing the brush for trees, they look Okay but not realistic as what you just taught on this video. Thank you so much, Happy Painting to you!!!!

  • Jan May says:

    This is the BEST tree!

  • Jan May says:

    Love the short tutorials… more trees please!

  • oldcoachcrane says:

    Can u tell me why acrylics are better than oil?

  • oldcoachcrane says:

    Do u ever use a palette knife to apply paint to canvas?

  • Francis Caviani says:

    Color not showing up on tv. I like your presentation. I have Parkinson’s and enjoy painting . Can’t walk so it fills in my time nicely.

  • radonpq99 says:

    You have such an easy mannerism and soft expression and a great teacher, it is so informative to watch your videos and learn from them. I am an amateur painter and I have a question for you. You use a lot of colour mixing to get to the colour you want while I would use Payne's Grey, yellow ochre , sap green, hookers green, and orange directly from the tube , is there anything wrong with this , if you have time please explain?

  • meanbean98 says:

    feliks i just realized something we need some close up shots of your videos this is the perfect video for it and all as well ..if you can set up a second camera or phone or even just give us a close ups of what your teaching in between that would be great or is that offered in the patreon page ? just wondering i am working on one of your paintings now as we speak and was having some trouble again with my trees i got good at it and for some reason forgot how to do them most likely because ive been sick and in the hospital on and off ive had to stop and start again but i like to see some close ups i tried to go to one of bob Ross's page just to go back to basics and the videos are hard to see well the detail anyway because they are older videos but i do like the way you teach so im sticking with you and telling my friends about you …i wish i could be there to help …or i wish i still had my equipment because i would give it to you for free just to help you out ..

  • Lise Oikle says:

    Thank you for sharing Best teacher i have come across

  • Virginia R Parker says:

    Thank you

  • Lucille Moncrieff says:

    Love the way you teach. I Watch all your videos. You are very good and give us a lot if information. Look forward to all your lessons.

  • Christine Levesque says:

    Hi! First I am very happy I’ve found your channe, you are very talented!! It brings back good memories. 😆 a couple of decades ago, I used to dabble in painting… and I used to watch Bob Ross and paint along with him… He was a good man, I think, loved nature. Always had a squirrel or two on camera with him. All this to tell you you have a similar style, but adapted to acrylics and I love that! Have you heard of Bob Ross? He ended his videos same as you, " God Bless!" Anyways, I will be binging on your videos for a while and hoping for more.

  • kim marshman says:

    I know that I’m seeing this tutorial late but I definitely think that these short tutorials are absolutely great, thankyou

  • Olin Joseph says:

    I need this!!♥️♥️

  • Indranil Biswas says:

    What is the datailing brush u r using and what brand is it?
    Is it synthetic or sable
    Plz give me the link to buy the brush

  • Cesar Vargas says:

    Excellent teacher, thank you !

  • Carolyn Carrigan says:

    Thank you for the great detail

  • Desi-Ray Cuthbert says:


  • Vicki Joyce says:

    Hi, ia there a reason you use the same colours all the time, love your tutorials
    Can you plz do a sunset

  • Diane Brown says:

    I make crappy trees!!!

  • Rihuwa Midori Art says:

    You are amazing teacher.

  • Jim Hampton says:

    Love seeing the trees come to life! Thank you for teaching us!

  • Anthony Bianca says:

    Love the subject-focused videos!

  • Iftikhar Ahmed says:

    Can you do a painting tutorial for animals and birds

  • Penni Cromar says:

    Short videos are very very helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us.

  • Tom Joye says:

    Barb Joye here, thank you for the detailed work, not enough of videos I've watched are concentrated on one area as your's is . Thank from a novice.

  • Angela B says:

    Great video! I recently started painting and I am having a hard time with trees. Hoping to try your method next painting! Wish me luck!

  • Robin Tait says:

    God bless you!!!! Thank you for making this so simple and uncomplicated. I was able to be successful. You're a great teacher

  • Cennet Karaköse says:


  • Latifah 52 says:

    Can I do this on tote bags ?

  • Marcus Bosson says:

    Great Thanks Felix..Gonna give it a try. Will let ya know how i get on. Any chance of a critique when im done?

  • Oreo Benavidez says:

    Great tutorial just wanted a close up I can't see that well

  • John Welch says:

    Very nice. Your voice is pleasant to listen to. I like the train passing by too, reminded me of my boyhood home.

  • Jenn Lund says:

    This was fantastic, I'm slipping back into painting and this walked me through exactly how to do so !! Thank you so much!

  • hello possibilities says:

    Dear sir, you have no idea how many little dreams you are inspiring and guiding. Thank you!

  • carol sicotte says:

    awesome work

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