Hi, this is a Avellino of king coke aqua today, I’m gonna show you how to do a very complicated Painting as far as I’m concerned. Okay, let’s do it. Shall we? Okay. So here is is? I’m going to show you how I work it. Okay, like I’m putting dots And pointing to the rows where I’m gonna do the work I have to do this because it’s for me It’s a little bit complicated and so that I will know What I have while. I will put as far as the color wheel is concerned So I’m pointing to you What were the colors that I was gonna use? So here it is I’m looking at the painting And I’m gonna start at the top row this point. I am at the final stage of finishing the painting Nice outside. So there’s my color wheel. I’m basing all the final colors on that Color wheel basing on the colors that I already have chosen. So I’m just trying to Make sure that I am applying the right colors So here that’s how I do it block by block and as you can see It’s not really finesse because that is the style that I’m trying to do that it that you know, it has a feeling of handmade and Of course I could use easily Tapes, you know masking tape to guide my colors But that would look mechanical on the the kind of feel that I’m trying to To do here. I Just love the color light green so here I’m trying to paint over the Colors that were Undesirable for the for the final look of the painting so here I’m just trying to what I’m trying to do here is jell the colors together and You know make them more appealing and Like I said, you know when the Prospective customer or the patron take a look at it. They tend to look at it closer For me this kind of painting. I like it because it’s a little bit complicated at the same time simple and At the same time There are some making at the same time moments here But basically it requires a lot of patience Because you cannot do this one You know one day or the following day it takes a while you you you you paint it You wait for the colors to dry. So this kind of art piece I’ve been doing since Winter like if I remember correctly around the beginning of March, (now it’s may) but when when I do a painting and I Take a look at it. I don’t mind changing The colors that’s why you could see in here some some of them are are You know or where overlapping but That is easily corrected. So I’m not worried when I’m starting how Finessed already It it looks like like I said I have to remind myself that Look that I’m trying to portray in here is handcrafted. I want I wanted to have the feel of You know Like like an like the old type painters before They were not so sophisticated they were not using masking tapes they were just doing it Skillfully now, you know maybe they had all the time together with the long winters inside the cabin or inside their Apartments, but I like to work a long time, but not that long The first time I made this kind of painting a few years ago I like but I did it in In acrylic in acrylic it gives you the liberty of Things drying fast and By using a masking tape Facilitates a faster Input and out. So I like I like it people Who saw Who got what I? Have done in the series love it, but I said to myself I’m gonna because right now I’m exclusively using oil It is a personal choice of using oil because it’s more challenging Acrylic for me is a little bit here and in and now That I have painted a lot of painting it it lacks the The ability of what oil can can bring to the to the canvas So when I am painting I have become more Adventurous. I’m not scared anymore of What I will apply Because technically I know that anything that I have applied if I don’t like it in the long run or after a few months, I could always correct it and You know like I haven’t at the beginning the first Year, I was not using so much the color wheel. I was relying on my instincts but purely maybe it has something to do with the with the color wheel because I have already known what Color combinations would be so there you go folks. This painting is almost over what is left is I’m just gonna do the the blue ones go paint over and Correct, the blue ones and that’s it. So again, this is a AVELINO of KING COKE AQUA Thank you very much. Please subscribe to my channel


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