Deep Forest Falls, Bob Ross inspired, Pt 2, Oil Painting Techniques With Yovette

Well, hi Welcome back to painting with Yovette. I’m glad you could be here today I’m really excited because we’re gonna do part two of that waterfall. So I hope you have your canvases all prepped They’re all gesso and your paints are out and your brushes are out. You’re all ready to go and paint along with me It’ll be fun. Now before I start I just have little two little things. I want to mention One is I know a lot of you are Bob Ross followers. So there’s a painter friend of mine Who does Bob Ross paintings his name is Ben Stivers. And he’s on Facebook and I will put the link down below so that you can check him out if you’d like to I’m sure he’d appreciate that. And and also I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Samai and she Her channel is MaiScapes. She does acrylic painting and she does a really nice job She’s got some very nice stuff out there. And so I’d love to have you look at her Channel and if you like subscribe So anyway, I think that’s all I have right now. I can’t think of anything else. So let’s get started on the waterfall painting. I Just had to take a second out to show you guys this My husband just surprised me with a new holder for my Bob Ross paint stuff. Oh I love this. It holds all 14 colors, and they all stand upright so nice and I can see every color I just love it. He is so talented Here’s a list of everything that we’re going to be using and I will have this list Down below in the description so you can check it out there This is all the brushes and a small palette knife and also very important the oil medium which is Bob Ross brand, but if you don’t have Bob Ross then use whatever you do have just make sure it’s very clear and Rather than reading off every single color. I’ll just tell you that we’re going to be using all the colors so You can just put them all on the palette Okay, so we ready to start And to begin with this is just a little cup And all I’m going to do is pour a little of the floral painting medium into it I want maybe a tablespoon full doesn’t take a whole lot and Cover that and put it away be you probably won’t need that again and Let’s see next We have to cover this canvas with a little medium. That’s the first step So I have here just a cloth. This is just a t-shirt one of my husband’s old t-shirts and All I did was just fold it up cut a square out of it fold it up I’m gonna dip into a little medium not a whole lot, but you can see what it is, and I’m going to start Well, let’s start down here I’m just going to cover my whole canvas with a little of this medium You can hear and it goes on quite far you and you have to be very careful to use this just extremely sparingly because a Little goes a long way and if you get too much on there What happens is your paint will almost slide off the canvas and you definitely do not want that. Let’s move this down here They’re just spreading it as thin as you can but yet getting it all over And if you hold it up to the light You’ll be able to see the glass you’ll be able to see if there’s a spot that you missed. I Have the light shining on mine right now so I can see it’s just fine Okay so much for that The next thing I want to do is take your big brush And I want you to go into a little bit of phthalo blue Which I have I have two pallets here because there are so many paint colors that I thought I really need that so Okay. Oh, you know what? Let’s go into the yellow first. I want to put just a little bit of yellow here I’m going to do something different with this one. But now this is Indian yellow. It’s transparent So that means you can see through it I want to put a little bit down here in the water a little bit of yellow and What’s going to happen with this as it will turn a green a greenish shade? Once I put the blue on So a little more make sure you get the bristles all Spread evenly and let’s go up here and I just oh with us too much Okay, if you see it’s really dark like that wipe that brush off Get a lot of the paint out and then just go over it again Just kind of spread it around There that’s better see how that is much much lighter Very pretty Little bit on the edges Yeah, just scrub that in. I decided to do this one kind of a Sun glow I’ve been thinking about another one doing one with more of a oh, maybe Purpley like a night ish color. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens Okay. I’m just tapping my brush out with it out of paper towel Next I want to go into a little bit of alizarin crimson Now right in the middle of my palette here Now I’m using the 2 inch brush and If you like if you are more comfortable with the 1 inch brush go ahead and use that All I’m gonna do is just let’s make sure that that’s okay. Yeah Okay. I’m just putting a little bit of a pink hue in here. Oh That’s pretty I like that Use this very sparingly because a lot goes a little goes a long ways and It’s easier to start out slow than it is to get a great big gob in there and have to try and take it out That’s no fun at all Okay, that’s good I like that okay set that brush down and if you like This yellow. No, I thought that was pretty I like that but I want a brighter spot So I’m gonna take out some of it And you can do this just by blotting a paper towel Or just rubbing out the center And just so you get a really nice little glow in there Beside like a light spot, you know kind of like it’s goes deep down inside There That’ll do okay next a little bit of the Prussian or excuse me, the Phthalo blue Phthalo blue is also a transparent color and It’s also strong. So again, you want it as light as possible and when you load you might even want to grab a paper towel and Just wipe to make sure you haven’t got it too strong on there and then go up to your corners Yeah, that’s going to be that’s going to that’s going to turn out good that’ll be perfect Little more of the blue in this corner And just sort of blend that just keep blending a little more Okay blend that in a little bit into the pink See already that’s getting very pretty I can go up into this yellow a teeny bit here. Oh, I love that Okay some more blue Now again, this is Phthalo blue Okay now down into the water let’s first go back here And I want to load a little bit again and go down to the bottom Oh, this is so cool, I Really not this one I’ve been so excited to show you guys this one for so long but my life is just very hectic right now, and I’m just really having a hard time finding the time to do the painting that I should do. Now where this yellow is just go over with the blue and see what happens. It kind of turns a greenish color And that’s what I wanted to accomplish and even you can take some of a little bit of Van Dyck Brown and just hit the bottom here and just sort of make it like a brownish color kind of like a dirt color That’s cool. That works good okay, I want to tap out and next I want to go into just a tiny bit of Prussian blue And again tap on a paper towel make sure you don’t have too much And just go into these corners here we’re just ever so slightly darkening them You could stop right here and it’d be beautiful just put a little falls in there and there you go Okay, a little more of the blue And I want to make this darker on the edges here Okay, I’m gonna call that good. And if you guys want to do this and all blue you could do that you don’t have to follow my instructions You can be creative and just use whatever colors you want. That’s fine Okay, I throw away a lot of towels Okay, I’m going to put that big brush aside because I think I’m pretty much done with that what I want to do now is Pick up my knife and I want to make a little bit of a cliff like a little cliff on each side. And so To do that. Let’s take some dark brown some light brown Just sort of mix those two together Take a little slice a little roll and just pick a spot. I’m just gonna pick a spot right here. and I know are you not gonna be able to see this? This is on black. It does not show But you just have to trust me as it’s gonna be okay When you when you start working on your black? You’re gonna find that it’s kind of hard to see also and that’s another thing I had just a terrible time with trying to find the proper lighting because No matter what. I know matter where I put my lights. I got a glare which was just terribly frustrating But anyway, let’s take a little black a little brown a little dark brown and a little bit of white That was cool them a little more than a little bit but that’s okay. We’ll use it And just pull a little more white There that’s what I want see that marbling ooh, that is so pretty So just take a little roll and what we’re gonna do is just very lightly just Highlight part of this rock here. This is just like a feather I am touching so light Let me like wipe my knife off here One of the secrets of doing this highlighting like this is that you don’t want to put your finger here Because that is what makes it bad Just if you if you put your knife down on your palate and you pick it up just like that That’s exact. Well, you probably couldn’t see that. Yeah, you could you pick it up just like that And it’s just a very light touch and just pull that cliff down Good, okay Wipe your knife off set it aside for a second and next pick up a fan brush and we’re going to do a little bit of water. So I want to bring this out some more I want you to dip into your oil because we need just a little bit on the brush Make sure it’s wiped off pretty good Now go into some white and what’s this what that is going to do is just spin out the paint and I want let’s do a little Let’s do a little phthalo blue Just a very little bit There Just sort of a light light light blue Load the fan brush both sides really nicely And let’s just pick a spot now, here’s the base here’s where my little creek kind of goes back in here So let’s just go right here I’m just going to put my brush in And drag and as I come down Lift I want it to be darker on the bottom See, I’ve got picked up a lot of brown there. Be sure and wipe that off before you go into white again Otherwise your water is going to be totally Brown Dip into the medium go into your white again a Little bit of oops wrong one a little bit of blue So that you can feel it then when when it’s when it’s the right consistency, it’s slip it feels slippery to you There’s no drag on it Okay, let’s go in here again There and I’m gonna keep that I like that Be sure and wipe off the brown off the tips of your brush Okay next back to the knife again And I want to go I want to make my cliff on this side So, let’s see. We probably have enough Brown here because it doesn’t take all that much So I’m gonna go in here And this rock is gonna come up a little bit Or I should say this cliff Just drag just pull You don’t need to cover this not heavy this is very very very light Okay wipe the knife off now we want to go into some highlight color And let’s go when I have a little bit here This is like the edge of a cliff This is just this will just disappear into the background because we’ll have some leaves and stuff over this or some trees bushes whatnot Okay wipe the knife off back into your highlight color and Very very lightly touch and just drag a little You see you don’t want this all over just a little bit here and there Maybe there’s a maybe there’s a bigger cliff right here a bigger stone in the cliff Now that’ll work good. I don’t like maybe to have one over here, too Okay wipe the knife off and we’re gonna set that aside My next step is to start doing some greenery some trees know this is where you guys’ll have a lot of fun Now I’ve already been painting and so I my brush is already dirty. So I’m just gonna go ahead and use it anyway what I want to do is take Oh, this my large and I want a small one Okay. I want to make a dark color so I can just mix right in this pile here so let’s take a big bunch of black a big bunch of blue some alizarin crimson a lot of green and maybe just uh Just a little bit of brown. I don’t want too much, but just a little bit of each Brown okay, mix those colors up and That’ll make a nice deep green Very pretty deep green And wipe that knife off you always want to keep your knife as clean as possible Okay with my dirty brush and hopefully you’ll have a clean one, but just go into this pile of paint here And I’m going to load both sides of this brush both sides really pretty heavy And I’m going to let’s see we’ll have trees heavier on this side so let’s start in the corner here and Just make it dark. We want it really dark in the corner I’d actually want a little more Brown than that because that’s pretty green. So let’s just take a little bit more of the Browns Okay, that’s better Oh yeah, that’s nice I better bring this down so you can see what I’m doing Okay load the brush I’m just giving a sort of a tapping motion and I want to leave some spaces. I don’t want a solid color See how I left it open a little bit here maybe here I’ll just leave it up open a whole bunch and I’m just tapping this time And I’m just using actually this corner of the brush just going in tap tap tap And go right into this little area here where I made this little ledge And actually come right down here and just keep tapping just tap tap tap Before I get too far, I want to go back into this color here this white With the fan brush, I forgot to do my little taps down here Now this is just mist And I’m just using again the corner of the fan brush And actually I am going to take off a lot of that paint now I’m just wiping it just kind of wiping it off. The reason is because now I want to diffuse it and Kind of make it more like foamy white whitish See how nice that works just using my fan brush Then it goes right down to where this would start There be sure and wipe off that brown if you got any on your brush Set that brush aside again And actually you know something that I would I’m gonna try this I don’t know if this is gonna work or not, but I’m wiping it off really good now I just want to go up a little bit Okay, yeah, I like that that turned out good, okay Because you would see that like that brownish from behind Okay, the next step is let’s keep it going with our green here and Here, we’re just filling in some color. It doesn’t matter what it is Just dark and used to be dark but preferably on the greenish or blueish side Okay load again This particular painting would make the most wonderful gift for somebody Let’s go right. Let’s go start right down here And I’m just again tapping slow-motion tap tap tap tap Okay reload again, I would like to have some of the green over the water and, probably maybe a little green right here See this like like a Ledge there and maybe there was some greenery greenery growing on top of that And, let’s just keep on continue on going down here This might be a bush here, I don’t know we’ll see what happens when we get to it You never know with painting, you know You can just you can change your mind right in the middle of the something You can do different colors. You can just do so much. You don’t have to do what I do Oh, I see this up here. I didn’t do this. Let’s do that Yeah, that’s good Okay Reload a little bit And I want to actually tap right down here I’m going to cover that water a little bit because this is going to be a grass a grassy area Okay, I like that and if you want you can just put a little bit of that green near the top and just Ever so slightly here and there Just because it looks pretty I didn’t do very much just a little bit Okay Okay, you set that brush aside now, we’re going to go to a different color Let’s pick up our second. Now I’m using multiple brushes With I’m using multiple brushes because of the colors that I’m using I have that very light yellow and then I am going to be doing this tree color, which is kind of this greenish color and Then I had the dark color. So that’s why I have so many brushes of hoof It takes a lot of brushes to do this. But anyway, okay. So what I want to do is first wipe off my fingers I’ll tell you painting us one of the messiest things, but I love it! Okay, so I’m now this is going to be a highlight color And so what I want to do again is dip into my medium Make sure you don’t have too much and I’m going to start in Let’s let’s do like yellow ochre and I want this paint thin because this is going to be going over a Thick paint and I also want white in here because that’s way too dark So we’ll just lighten that up a bunch Yeah, that’s good that’s much better Okay bring your brush through if You just take and twist it a little bit if you’re working on this You would twist it this way Because then this loads this side of the brush and so what happens is when you come down It’ll make nice little highlights And then just lightly lightly let get darker darker darker as you go towards the back Again pull twist maybe there’s a little bit here. I want to change the color let’s go into Indian yellow twist. I don’t really see a lot of difference in these colors, but there is a little bit But these are kind of in the background so they’re not going to show up a whole lot And next I want to go into Real light yellow and twist Because this is going to be more highlighted And with these little trees you know, you just have to pick out little places that you want for brighter and when you do it think of little clusters little bunches that group together And be sure and leave dark spaces in between that is very very important, okay? I love that. Okay now I want to go into this yellow still Twist my brush the other way cuz now I’m working on this side. So I’m twisting my brush the other way that loads this corner And we can just go in here See these are this right in here would be your lightest area I would like to I think highlight that one little spot over here further. Ya I want that lighter. Okay good Let’s see it we can do this one and just remember as you go back you just you still touching but you’re touching lighter and going backwards Now we’re getting into the darker colors again, so let’s go back to that yellow ocher. Let’s go into here Maybe a little here Here Maybe this is just a big old tree. Who knows who knows what this is Anyway keep it dark on the edges and I want to wipe this brush off a little bit because I want to make this lighter color the lighter yellow right here where it’s on the water on the waterfall There oh, I love that look at that Isn’t that pretty? Just light little touches Keep on coming down, maybe let’s go into a little gold Okay I’ll wipe this brush again a little bit And get a new paper towel Okay, now let’s go into a little bit of the gold or Yellow ochre It’s back over to the other side here This is this is a little bit darker shade of gold so that works good Because this would be more shadowy And now I want to change colors again go into yellow I really hope you guys are gonna be doing this and I hope you have your canvas all prepped and and Got all your black Gesell’s on there and everything’s ready to go And I hope you send me pictures! You know, you guys know I love pictures! Okay, let’s start highlighting right about here this is a grassy area Lighter lighter lighter as I go back very very light light light light light light. I want to go to the other side Now this time I’m not pushing this way or this way I’m just dragging dragging yellow because all I’m doing is touching the top My brightest area would probably be right in here And it gets lighter as it goes back Okay, now let’s go into maybe some Indian yellow You have to kind of keep that brush clean to when you’re changing colors here Not that it makes a lot of difference because you really can hardly see it but still you should do that Light light light light Oops, I’m I’m into the Indian. Sorry It’s easy to forget where you’re at Light again, very very light. Oh, this is looking so good. I’m really liking it Okay, then last I want to probably go into ochre again Because now I’m in the foreground and the outer edges Now don’t forget to leave these little darks by us pieces The lighter you touch The softer it will be and the darker. I think that looks really good Let’s do this other side Yeah, that’s very pretty I could see it I have yeah, you guys are probably getting glare but I am getting a tremendous amount of glare And just go in and out of here rocks here, okay Now set that brush aside I Think we’re pretty much done with that And oh, yeah, I did want to do one thing. I wanted to put a bush here because I wanted part of that path covered up. So a little dark green And that’s kind of at the yellow light yellow So we’ll just kind of do a little bit here There And just for fun I really love doing this as we’ve got all this done now This is so pretty and we have a lot of nice yellows on our brush Let’s go into red Pull it down turn where shall we do it? Let’s do it right, let’s do one right here You guys like a little touch of fall Isn’t that gorgeous? How about right here You don’t want to overdo it but you want to get enough that it really shows And I would like one right here just sort of in the center And Maybe just a hint of red along here just to kind of tie it in and I’m just barely barely tapping just enough to give just a little bit of hint of color And you know what, we could even do that in the upper part of the tree just in a couple of places There I don’t want to do any more than that That’s plenty and it looks very pretty. Okay aside with that brush Now the fun part! You guys have been waiting for the falls and the in the water part? here it comes! Okay, go back to your fan brush. Make sure there has no brown on it. Just nice and clean dip into your thinner just Wipe it off so you don’t have too much go into white a touch of phthalo blue Okay and way back here in the back let’s just start My brush depends on how the curve of your brush goes. Oh, I forgot something I wanted to do something else Let’s do this. I definitely want a little bit of cliff here, let’s bring this in Now with the knife, you know, just like making mountains I’m just pulling some Brown in here Dark brown, this is sort of like the edge want to go on the other side down here There, and that needs a little more highlighting on the right side here so we’ll just barely barely barely touch. Just let that paint just slide right off It just sort of highlights a little bit You can put it up into the grass that’s fine makes it look very pretty Okay wipe that knife off and I wanted to come down a little bit further on the water here See it’s easy to pick up that brown so you have to be very careful. Okay now I want to stop right here I want to take the filbert brush Dip into a little medium not very much just enough just to get it a little moist Go into dark brown So you can have both shades of brown either just so it’s a dark color you could even go into a little black and then let’s go into some white we haven’t used this white yet. So we’ll use this so I have dark Light, okay so Let’s get more dark, huh Okay, yes, it’s just little stones pebbles that we had put in here before I want to have one here, let’s go into some dark little more white Definitely want one here Maybe here’s is three or four Let’s see, we’ve got somewhat a few along here. Maybe there’s some in the grass Got too many colors too many colors going here. I boo booed. I should that should have been white. Okay back into the dark and the white Okay. Now I got it, right Okay And just put little stones and pebbles just wherever you think they might live That’s probably good I’m not gonna do any more that one’s a little too bright Set that brush aside and go back to your fan brush some white And now I’m gonna have to stand to do this because I can’t see it’s so bright There and I’m just barely touching the tips Okay, now where these rocks are let’s do a little waterfall There and a little bit of foamy Okay back into the white and a little bit of blue And just start I need more this is not quite thin enough. It has to be very slippery smooth Okay back in here No, is that not cool? I love it! And it looks just like water running over Want to wipe this brush off really good Just in a few places and just smoothing it out Especially on the edges here because again, I don’t want those too bright So that’ll bring some of the dark back in. There isn’t that cool? And I really like it! Okay, the very last step. Are you ready for this? Okay Let’s pull it back down. Hopefully you can see this now My liner brush. I’m going to this time go into thinner a Little bit of thinner on my palate and then I want to take some brown And just use whatever colors you have here. You want this very very thin? And actually looking like kind of like a little blue in there, oh, yeah, that’s pretty Hmm, okay. Let’s try this up here a little branch You have to load frequently with these And, let’s see we have some branches we have some stuff down here let’s just go in like this And don’t overdo this these the little Sticks and stuff they they go a long long way so you don’t want to do too much Let’s go off. Maybe just there’s a little bit here Very very light very thin it has to be very very watery in order to get these very light branches And maybe there’s one over here, I wish I could see this Yeah, that’s good Maybe down here then some Okay, is there any place else no, I think that’s you know, and I think well we could do a couple here Yeah, I had to stand to do this I hope I’m not in the way Okay, I think that’s all that’s all I’m gonna do Oh, yeah, one more thing if you want to have this brighter in the center? Which I’m looking at it and I kind of do, I’m going to take a paper towel sort of crumple it up Just a paper towel and Just sort of wipe out the center I Want to do it some more I want this a little bit later than I had itself and then blend it in There Yeah, I like that. I think that’s gonna be pretty I can’t think of anything else to do to us. Well, I’m gonna just call it done So we’ve come to the close of another video Did you like this lesson? I’d love to hear from you if you loved it I’d like to hear that if you didn’t like it, I’d also love to hear it. I’m open to anything I just want to know and Well, I’m just glad you could join me today. And remember if you have requests go ahead and send them to me just put them down below and If if you have a question also put that down below too. I try to answer all my emails I try to be really good about that. So anyway, well have a wonderful day and we’ll see you next time I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet, but we’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye

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