Cutting Them Up! I Sketchbook Purge

Cutting Them Up! I Sketchbook Purge

Hello guys and welcome to my channel. I’m Amanda and today I thought that I would
do a video on something that I seen the other day there. From MD Campbell and
I will leave a link in the description below to this video is called what to do
with your old sketchbooks. Sketchbook purge. Now, he has been drawing much
longer than i have i think and he has lots more sketchbooks but I do have
sketchbooks and it’s not because they’re taking up space because I still have
this box full of sketchbooks that isn’t full exactly. I have plenty
more room but the problem is that they go into that box and then I never look
at them so I want to put them into one sketchbook and have them so that I can
flip through them and look at them whenever I want.
In this video you can see me looking through all my sketchbooks and cutting
out pieces of the sketchbooks. Now this makes me feel so sick to do because I do
not like cutting up sketchbooks but if it is so that they can be used a lot
more, then why not? I don’t know some of the sketchbooks aren’t even full
so at least then I can have a fresh sketchbook to work in. If I want to work
in the rest of the pages. As well as, iit would just be
easier to flip through it. I’m gonna try and do it in order of when I did
the sketches up until now. I don’t know if that’s gonna work. I
probably will have to cut some out of one book and then stick them into the
other book and so on and so forth. So that I can put them in the order that I
want to put them in but I just think that this is a really good way to
display a sketchbook that you might want to look through and find the inspiration
from because a lot of the time when I look through my old artwork I can see
what I used to like doing and I can see if I have any ideas in there that I want
to further. It’s very helpful to go through your old sketchbooks
and like I said I have too many and I just put them in a box and then never
look at them again or I rarely look at them. I’ll look at them if I have to
film a 2018 sketchbook tour video. So I think that at the end of this year. I
will do the same but I’m not gonna do it to any of the sketchbooks that I’ve
done in 2018. I don’t think because then I can do my 2018 sketchbook – and then I
can cut them up and do whatever I please with them and I think that that’s the
best way to do that. I’m just quickly checking the time because I need to go
and pick up my son soon. I’m also doing this backwards so I haven’t even looked
at the footage yet because I haven’t filmed it yet but I just think that I
thought that it would be – That was a weird sentence.It would be cool to share
with you guys and maybe you might want to do it too and also introduce you to
MD Campbell who I have just seen a couple of days ago. I’ve never
even – like I didn’t know who he wants and some of his videos are really cool well
all of his videos I’m sure are cool but I’ve only watched some of
them so if you want to go and check him out please do and he has some good ideas
like the sketchbook purge. Which I never thought I would do because even thinking about it makes me cringe and yeah I don’t think I’ll do it
in the exact fashion that he did it he has an exacto knife and a cutting board
and all that stuff. I have a paper cutter and I do have an exacto knife and all
that stuff too but I don’t have anything to protect the other pages below or
anything like that because I don’t have cardboard so I think I’m just gonna cut
them out with my scissors or rip them out and then trim them down with my paper
cutter. I think that’s the best idea and then I’m gonna stick them into my
thingy-ma-bob, my sketchbook that I do not want to use anymore because I hate
the paper so at least I can then stick the sketches into the book and not waste
the paper in the actual book because then you
know I don’t need to draw on it. I think that’s pretty much all that I have
to say it was a quick video today I believe but if you have any ideas about
what you can do with your old sketchbooks then put them down below
because this may not be for everybody. a lot of people like me cringe at the
thought of cutting up their sketchbooks but yeah I think. I’m looking at my pile
sketchbooks and I’m having second thoughts I’m like oh no I don’t want to
cut up my books. I don’t know. If you cut it up into one book it looks like
you’ve only did one sketchbook worth of drawings but you know that you haven’t
and plus I like to keep everything, even if it it’s a sketch that I don’t
like. I like to keep it. You know. Then obviously the more sketches you do
the more books you’ll fill up but anyway I’m rambling on right now. I think
that this is a good thing and I think that we’re OK and then I have a bin
right outside my door basically for scrap bits of paper and
recycling so I’m not gonna be burning mine. I am going to be putting them
into my recycling bin to be recycled and used in another fashion.
Let’s – well you’ve already seen me do it but I’m saying let’s get started
because I haven’t done it yet. I hope that you enjoyed this video
even though it was really short and there was no art in it well there was my
art for my sketchbooks. I hope that you enjoyed it anyway. Please remember to
comment, like and subscribe if you haven’t already. If you have thank you so
much for your support also remember to hit the notification
bell down below next to the subscribe button so you get notified of all the
videos I post, share it and I will see you in my next video. Bye guys


  • jamie roberts says:

    I would be so afraid to cut up my sketchbooks. I like the idea but i think i would save it for those loose doodles and drawings i did outside of a sketchbook. Looks good and thanks for the idea!

  • ALLJ Art says:

    3. 2. 1 hah. this video was rushed and I'm not happy with it I wish I took my time but of course it was important to have a Friday video up. regrets. but it's ok I will just do better next time! have any of you ever did something like this?

  • Xargot Hunter says:

    I only got one sketchbook I just started it. But I did sort through my drawings and sketches recently and organized them in pockets in binders to keep them nice and more acessable. I found several unfinished projects and ref photos, that I put in another binder where I keep references with the drawings and watercolour paintings in order. What didnt make the binder is now my scrap paper pile.

  • Valaeth says:

    Wow, I never thought of doing this never seen a video like this before. You have such original content.

  • M.D. Campbell says:

    Amanda, I'm humbled and flattered that my video had this reaction for you and for your generous callout to my channel. Absolutely LOVED how this came out for you and even if it makes you cringe (LOL!), it's worth experimenting to see how it goes. For me, it was a matter of taking 30 years of sketchbooks buried in boxes in my basement, and allowing me to put them all in one book that is sitting right beside me on my bookshelf. 30 years of drawing, consolidated to show and share with my kids and friends, without going through 8 boxes of books! lol! It was perfect for my needs, but like you said, not for everyone. I'm sure within another year or two, I may have to do it again, as I've got so many newer sketchbooks filled! LOL!!! Anyhow, thank you SO much for mentioning me and I'll be shouting this out on my Facebook page, as well. All my best wishes and big hugs across the pond! Cheers! <3

  • Meow Meow Kapow says:

    One, love Mark, and two, OH GOD NO HOW CAN YOU DO THIS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!?!?!? I'm a super ultra mega hoarder, especially of memories….. This takes so much more bravery than I possess, and I'm pretty freakin' brave.

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