Cricut Explore: Using Pens

Cricut Explore: Using Pens

With advanced technology the Cricut
Explore can cut a shape and use a pen at the same time. The possibilities are
nearly endless. Write a decorative sign and cut it out, create beautifully
lettered invitations and cards, decorate for parties, or journal life events. Add a metallic sparkle to any project with Cricut Color Metallic Pens. Our Metallic Pens
feature a medium point. They give you a bolder effect. For a more subtle look you
can use Cricut water-based pens. These fine-point pens are perfect for writing
in a journal, creating one-of-a-kind invitations, or making yearly calendars,
and they coordinate perfectly with our Antiquity cardstock pack. You can think
beyond fonts when using Cricut pens too. Change a cut line in an image to a draw
line, create sketched icons for your projects, or make coloring pages for your
kids. You can even fill in a shape with a draw pattern.
You can also use a variety of pens in your projects for added color and
excitement. Simply choose the colors in Cricut Design Space. The software will
prompt you to change your pen color as you create your project.
Always remember to cap your pens when you’re done so they don’t dry out. Cricut
Explore makes it easy to cut and write just about any project you can imagine
in just a few clicks.


  • Beverly Booth says:

    Wow!  Love this, didn't know you could change colors within a project and explore would prompt you to change colors…keep the tutorials coming!

  • MsSuper Klutz says:

    WOW how awesome is this I am a scrapbooker so this is totally cool I can make a title for my page and have it print in different colors for the words and then cut it out
    so totally cool Provo Craft you are awesome you just keep coming up with one surprise after another with showing what this Explore can do I am so excited and proud to say I own one I am having so much fun with it. 

    Joan Smith

  • Hope Gibson says:

    when i have used this feature, it always changes my font to "outline" the text instead of using single stroke. How do I differentiate in the program to "write" vs "outline?" Also, will there be an option to "fill in" or "color in" text with the pen if it does outline first?

  • diamondinthesky14370 says:

    What font was used to cut out "March" on the calendar?

  • Nancy Borden says:

    Your Videos tell us what we can DO …
    But the do NOT give Step by Step instruction
    As a NEW owner of a Cricut Expression ….. I find this very frustrating

  • Lalia Harris says:

    How do I fill a shape with a design that can be drawn with a pen?  As you demonstrate at 0:55 in this video?

  • M Anthony says:

    my pens keep popping out when the machine writes, Anyone else having this issue?

  • lesley bliss says:

    I can't get the pen in far enough to write, what am I doing wrong

  • Nancy Gallegos says:

    what If you have the Cricut Explore One and one can use one

  • Kathy Shifflett says:

    oh my gosh…..I'm feeling more stupid than I ever have. I can't find any circuit tutorials to simply show me how to use the thing. I don't want to hear women begging me to subscribe to their channel and tell about their dog. I expected more from this machine as far as learning how to use it without giving me a nervous breakdown.

  • aqsa Khalid says:

    I picked a picture from google. A template of a 3d paper shape. I uploaded the image as print to cut and then switched to draw option. when i click the button cut on the machine, the pen draws double outline instead of a single image. What should i do. i have a cricut explore air 2

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