Corel Painter 2020 Review – What’s New

Corel Painter 2020 Review – What’s New


  • philosoaper says:


  • Aaron Rutten says:

    What is your favorite new feature in Painter 2020?
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  • William McEntee says:

    Thanks for your tutorials, Aaron.

  • Marsha Leigh says:

    I had a feeling this was about to break according to my purchase last year. I really liked the enhancements to the color picker and offering complimentary shades. It seems as though you just learn one version and it changes but the changes can be fun if you get right in there. So far no email from Corel yet this morning on upgrade prices?

  • ramiz should says:


  • Ashvin Patel says:

    thanks, want to upgrade from 2019, used your discount voucher , but does not work, why?

  • Art by Galen says:

    These look like some great updates for 2020! I might consider upgrading to this one! Thanks for the video, Aaron! Looking forward to more Painter 2020 vids!

  • Mappi75 says:

    I like corel painter and bought all upgrades since x3 (i think thats 6 upgrades including).

    But what i dislike:

    All Brush Pack Bundle & Ultimate Bundle Volume 2 are only offered via email subscription. And corel sent a lots emails: winZip, Cleaner software and so on.
    It would be nice when discounts are presented on the corel main page for this brush packs – and its for all people!

    This helps to get corel painter more popular and ALL will profit.

    Next thing: its sad – that you cant redownload your bought programs/brushes only if you pay for the download service.
    Corel should offer free downloads via account for all users.


  • Carles Carbonell Bernado says:

    I don't think it's worth the update from 2019.

    – There's no real new brushes. The old ones (2019 on 2020) already use acceleration (if available), just run the auto hardware detection.
    – Those performance improvements must be in 2019
    – Some things are slow as 2017-2019: open new pallettes, "rethinking" of computer when you change brush size, delays when you change brush categories, even changing brushes
    – Not worth depending your computer specs. Tested both Windows and Mac versions. Of course, my PC is much better (i7 37700, 16GB RAM; GTX 1070), Macbook Pro 13" early 2015. The Mac version isn't much faster. The Windows one is much faster compared to 2019. The AVX2 acceleration is only available on Haswell+ (the i7 37700 don't have it)
    – Corel Painter STILL puts background colour on may of their brushes; instead of just put transparent background. This seems a joke in 2019. If Corel can't (or don't wish to) update those brushes, put them away; there's already many brushes, we don't need those garbage brushes just to "make even bigger brush lists".

    Don't get me wrong. the performance is good, specially if you have a good computer. But it isn't enough, and some of thos new features must ve available on 2019 version… damn, even on 2018 one.

    The good:

    – Better performance zooming, moving around, etc. Noticeable. Not as good as other software, but now it's ok.
    – Much better performance on brushes, ALL of them. Some not as much (bristle ones, airbrushes), some very good (thick paint). Considering the complexity of Painter brush engine, it's very very good.
    – The brush previews are very very good. IMHO this is the best new feature

    Note: you get the lower "upgrade offer" from Corel Painter 2019 = 120 euros. Just open CP 2019 and check the offer

  • Tim Z says:

    Painter used to be good until Corel got hold of it. It has been at a standstill as far as innovating ever since, as well as having both the regular price AND the upgrade price increased. Do yourself a favor and buy an iPad Pro and get Procreate and never look back at this software again. I miss Fractal Design.

  • ルーイスジューリアン・ says:

    How different is painter 2020 from 2019? I want to buy your painter 2019 course, will I still be able to benefit from that course if I'm using painter 2020? Thanks Aaron!

  • Panther TheCat says:

    Do you know if they fixed the brush search for windows 10 in this version ?

  • ThorForShort says:

    You can save 50% if you upgrade from Painter Essentials 6 btw

  • Eleanor Taylor says:

    Thanks for the overview of all the new changes! I always look forward to your videos showing the new changes. I'll probably upgrade because I want to support Corel Painter and keep them from going to a subscription service, lol!

  • Digital Brinjen says:

    I didn't bother with upgrading to 2019 (I have 2018) but I must admit, I'm tempted to get 2020.

  • Lucid Atrium says:

    Does anyone know if the pattern brushes are able to utilize the GPU?

  • Hasami Age says:

    It is not mandatory to go from 19 to 20, we can continue with the previous versions, learn where you can arrive the version you have.

    When you think you are ready at that moment you change with the new version.

    Of course if you come from 19 you will see few changes but if you come from X3 or 15 you will obviously notice the changes.

  • Marsha Leigh says:

    Great job as usual on the webinar today! You are truly the best all-around teacher with lots of tech-savvy skills we all benefit from. We are so lucky you do what you do!

  • wertgbn says:

    I am still waiting for a version which is better (speed, workflow) than my Corel Painter 2004!!

  • Dakobah20 says:

    I just bought 2019 a few weeks ago figures they release a new one. Do you have a tutorial for that scenery in the thumbnail? Its pretty

  • Shila TheBueno says:

    Hello Aaron, i had a question about tablet setup.

    I recently purchased my first screen tablet, but i cant find the right position to use while working, which results in lower back pain.

    Do you have any tips on what i look out for when setting up a screen tablet? I would love to hear them!

  • Mas Robb says:

    Well, i really hope corel painter can change screen resolution spec:((

  • sarath samuel says:

    can i install on windows 8 ??

  • Vietnam Vet says:

    Do you have any videos on turning a photo to fine art are oil painting?

  • gaddes scott says:

    i have painter 2016, it has suddenly slowed down greatly

  • Charlie Lane says:

    What does it lack compared to Photoshop when it comes to using photo textures and photo manipulations?

  • Wilfred Vasquez Torres says:

    As alway a great description of Corel Painter, was wondering if Corel is planning on producing a version for ipad.

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