Corel Painter 2018 Digital Art Software NEW 2.5D Texture Painting

Corel Painter 2018 Digital Art Software NEW 2.5D Texture Painting

Texture Cover, Source Blending and NEW 2.5D Brushes So in this short video I want to introduce and show to you a
couple of the new and very cool brushes that are in Painter 2018. Up here in the brush categories, texture cover brushes and texture source blending brushes I’m just going to be using the defaults and show you what they
do. I’ve dragged them off into their own custom palette here and I will
just go through them one at a time. Right now I will start with the texture brushes source blending —
the 2.5D surface builder. I’ve got my texture painting box open which I can hide or show by
clicking on the little icon here and I’ll just paint with this brush a little bit. Now what it’s doing as you can see, is taking the texture and
some of the color that I’ve specified up in the colors palette and building up this textured surface. Now if there’s no color under it, you’re just really kind of building
the surface. Next I’ll select stencil soft emboss and this does essentially the
same thing but it’s really a much softer effect and it’s building this 3D surface using the currently selected
texture. And finally it’s 2.5D scratcher. And this is a really raggedy brush,
has a lot of texture build-up with it. And of course, if you change textures, it will look different. So you can see what those brushes do. I’m going to switch over
here to the texture brushes display cover, and these will use either the texture as the source of the color or
you could change to paint with your currently selected color. Depending on the texture you’re using, it will build-up this 2.5D
kind of surface, adding some texture to it. And this is a regular layer so you can paint it over another layer. And this is a favorite brush of mine, kind of fuzzes out on the
edges. Go down to the next one, gauzy chroma, and this is kind of a
crosshatch effect builds up nicely based on whatever texture you select. This one is using the color of the texture. As you play with these,
you can find they’re very versatile. There’s a lot of different things you can do with them. A couple of others to show you, this one is quite dramatic, it’s a
2.5D pen. The airbrush, again using the texture color. These are great really great brushes for building up very subtle
textures and colors and a slight 3D look over underlying layers. And finally pastel one. I quite like this brush. Paints a little bit
more on the edges. So there you have it. Both an example of the thick texture brushes
using cover and the thick texture brushes using source blending.


  • Teunis Swart says:

    This will be very good for my Abstract Artworks.

  • Kerry Mitchell says:

    We can take the brushes out and draw with them at home. What would be nice Corel is to tell us what 2.5D means and give some real life examples of how to use the new brushes.

  • Sinead Curran says:

    Hello, these brushes will not work for me? No idea what I am doing wrong, I have the colour range selected and they are simply not working?? Would be grateful if you could please advise as there is no other info online or other tuts I have found, thanks

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