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stop moving so I can focus hey hey guys I write out I’m sorry we are back in the kitchen and today you were going to show you how to make home made fudge which is absolutely amazing and it’s kind of a bias is nothing this is done it’s kind of an intricate recipe so it makes you fall along closely this is my family’s recipe she’s sitting over there giving us directions yeah she’s been making it since we’re all little and for my mom so I’m here to continue on the recipe and show you all how I did make it it’s good to generation but I want it carries on I want her to know how to make it so variomatic yeah so that it follows tradition that’s what you’re going to need is a lot of sugar some sugar heavy whipping cream butter cocoa some paintbrushes some what are these walnut pieces if you like nuts and a wooden spoon which we don’t have yet so my dad’s at the store right now getting it for us ok so sometimes you add walnuts if you like enough to be done like that you don’t have to put walnuts in it but they are so good with walnuts yes I highly recommend it but we’re gonna do one stat walnuts along with walnuts yeah cuz I offer like the walnuts in it but most people do yes it makes your dad your dad will like one but yeah so we got our pan right here you’re in a completely dry pan you know water no residue clean right did not have an ounce sprinkle no water touching the pan so we got to dry it real good way to turn the air up cuz Mark Lynch keeps turning it down and again you cannot make fudge if it’s super hot one very important thing we also forgot to mention is you have to have marble of some sort could be a marble countertop you could have like a marble slab let me go buy you can buy a marble slab at like in Astoria and then you whip that out it has to be cold so she’s gonna start putting ice on the marble to get the nice and cold but the fudge will not set unless it’s cold yeah you might be thinking I’m just gonna buy that at the store it will not taste this good this is like a process first thing we’re gonna do is you’re gonna butter the sides of the pan just all the way around with your stick of butter let me show you guys what’s going on on the bottom just all on the sides love your this Evan it’s nice and good yeah like a lot of thick butter we have buttered the size so now we’re gonna put all the ingredients into the pot that we just buttered and once you put them in you do not touch stir or anything so you can’t put everything in mix it together you just pour it in and leave it as is that’s very important I’m gonna turn the pan on to a medium heat four cups of sugar are going in oh this is heavy it’s almost it’s not just fader ways then 1/2 cup of cocoa one cup come it up I mean alright half cup cocoa perfect we clean as we go we clean as we go we’re gonna do two cups of cream and two cups that looks gorgeous alright guys this is what it looks like so far not mixing it as you can see everything’s just sitting in there bloops so one blue of corn syrup and a blue bean juice go boy and then mess it one cup of corn syrup coming right up are you guys ready for this Bholu now that everything’s in there there was no ATM hate yep medium heat we’re gonna get a cup of hot water ready and oh maybe who just informed us that the most important thing is you cannot let the fudge or sugar crystallize in the pan okay so that means you’re gonna take this pink brush and a cold cup of water like so you dip the paintbrush and it doesn’t matter how much water you have I’m stuck you know just matter how much water you get on the brush because it evaporates as you go around the pan so you have this with super cold water you dip the set and then you go around we’re gonna show you how to do that yeah you got right now before you start doing the paintbrush technique you can let the fudge sit for about five minutes but remember we still have not mixed it so realized it for five minutes it for five minutes and then you’re going to do the paintbrush thing very often like every two minutes yes just like paint jujubes you know paint brushes Justin it’s a baking depression Russian did you buy the only networks no it’s a it’s a baster it’s called a bit bigger I was just informed from my colleagues over there by you know it’s not like I need that let’s a baster this is a base right now the paintbrush because I got it from the cooking store not the hardware store I’m saying I can’t just go into your garage and grab a paintbrush from your back playing it really good you can maybe I can’t why are we for that’s come to boil we’re going to get the nuts ready we’re going to chop them up really small you’re already in pieces but we want them to be fine here we’re gonna let the mixture come to a very slight boil and that’s when you know it’s time to start using the non paintbrush with a cub just brush a Buster bruster a brush a brush just no bullying designs what did you call it baster there’s the baster like a turkey baster reach squeeze then and you’ll notice that that mixture kind of starts to like mix on its own so remember don’t stir it alright guys I’m going to do my first paintbrush run-through remember we have cold water here okay you ready it’s coming to a slight boil which is perfect and then you this very nice work ladies perfect after your once we’re gonna dump this out you get clean cold water every single time Jane oh you owe me a Pepsi and I need one remember you guys you want you’re my role really cold so we just decided to put this entire bag of ice on the marble you also need some wax paper because that’s what we’re gonna sit the fudge on when it’s finish and wrap it in that so I’m going to pre rip these about this side and lay them aside because everything needs to be ready it’s once the fudge is done you got to work real quick [Music] these are the stages of the fudge being mixed on its own [Music] so how you test if the fudge is done you guys come on this is you take your wooden spoon and you get like a little scoop of it out and punch a fudge and you drip it in the water and you’re waiting for it to form a firm ball of sorts so it’s literally just like mush right now I won’t even form to anything so it’s not even close to done yet and while you’re waiting for that to happen you still are continuing with the paintbrush and do not rinse your wooden spoon after you dipping it just leave it just dip it leave it this is time-consuming it’s not like something that you you know you throw together this is like fun learning how to do it it’s a fun adventure because this takes a long time alright guys so how you know the fudge is getting closer to being done is the bubbles will keep getting bigger and bigger and when they’re like ooh two really big bubbles then it’s probably done and that’s when you do the little wooden spoon in the water testing situation okay guys I’m just drying all the excess water off making sure it’s a clean dry surface and it’s go time when it’s go time it’s go time wait right now show them what it looks like I got the top ready okay here we go I won’t tell you just like this giving it in the cold water it’s ready to go in the cold water we’re going to show you it for me and that’s ready to go and see right so she’s kind of rolling it into a ball it’s okay it’s very high Mike formed and Moshe I can make a ball okay boom go go go go go go so this goes on your cold counter and you don’t scrape the bowl you don’t do anything you just pour it so we left this sit for a minute and it starts getting these little tiny bubbles around it and then we go and we visit we need it like old-fashioned candy when it’s cool to the touch that’s when you start beating it takes a little while so this is why we get this so cold because it helps that oh and it feels nice and this took a very long time because we’ve never made it in that type of pan but so this is the problem you guys listening very carefully the may I go down I put the air on super high I have the eyes I have it already for a dollar twenty five you girl alright awesome then Mark Lynch walks by the Eric turns it off turns it at 80 so then we go back I go Mark Lynch turn it back on three times this happened then I called him I said if you touch the air one more time yeah you don’t get any fudge yeah any less that sludge so that’s what happened make sure your house is cool yeah just like now you don’t have mark there you turn down air okay so now this is the very heart of our rocket Meatwad we’re gonna scoop this all around oh I forgot to tell you how you know when it’s done it’s just hot it’s boiling you got my nails look better than right else I’m sorry I didn’t have time to it so I’m gonna scoop all this together looks good this gives you a workout by the way so you have you don’t have to do yes take turns this looks beautiful it’s so glassy no you’re trying to get the sheen off of it yeah so Manny that’s how you know it’s done as you beat it until it like has no gloss all right is that good man and then you go like this beat beat beat go actually were rocky can you come for a minute and yeah I beat this my hand already hurts Rocky come give us a turn baby yeah underwear and all come on yeah underarm all of us send this cement my three buddy you’re gonna go hit you’ve done if you like this look from the cabin member we go to to when you said beat it I thought you know you better lift it you gotta lift it oh so the reason we’re doing this is we’re trying to get on their shoulder we’re trying to get like air in the fudge so you lift it and like let it breathe so he’s scoop it around up in there it my turn good job clearly need to go back to the studio all right yeah I like your song you’re making it sound like I’m on this like they’re like their kid is actually not good at something yeah I love you’re making each of the great war keep it positive hey positiveness all the time that’s right oh look at that sounding good yep does sound good we like the bubbles bubbles are good pop all right so she goes that I’m gonna count the butter ready because once we’re done with this and the shine is gone we’re gonna slap our hands and butter and cold water and that’s how we like roll the fudge okay so there’s probably a ton of recipes online you can probably google this you can buy fudge at the store I’m telling you right now this is so much fun to do and it a so what’s doing some old fashioned things back let’s cook it home with our families the thing is when you make something at home you have conversation you have lash of memories and then you’re gonna eat good stuff yeah tape there yeah that sounds a man they’re doing great girls the key I think was having this Marvel super cold another tip that I didn’t mention is you don’t you can’t use any metal on the fudge so no metal spoons no metal forks it creates a reaction to the sorts of men so only a wooden spoon or like a plaques Adriano’s deer turn I turn ring girl girl go you’re like a professional map now I’m gonna chop you good the thing I wanted for right now is that one of her to know how to do everything so she would want to do something I would make her do it good job City [Music] so what I’m excited about is that right now to make this with her children I’m excited that right I’ll control hurts kids her kids can show their kids if people still want to spend hours making fudge I would make fudge every day because it you get to be together so now we’re gonna add the nuts where I guess it’s almost like it’s I don’t have too many nuts that’s good mm-hmm I love oh I’m so happy you got out loaded how do you know when it’s ready is it will be completely dull the shine will be gone so you just keep doing this until that is the case so if your hands tired and it seems like singing a long time you can just let it sit for a hot second and then keep doing the scoopy thing but just a couple of things really quick this is ready this I got this really cute sister that was pink and I feel like before sometimes you make the fed’s which we didn’t do you can put the cocoa in here and just sip it so then the air we have cocoa you have a tiny bit of cocoa chunks which man was a little bit depressed about but hey it takes some Goods oh you have to ask your cocoa before and then you won’t have any chunks that still taste amazing but if you want it to like look what we’re going to do is we’re going to wet our hands the super cold water put butter on and then we’re gonna form it into the light look Eli o’clock listen mate the most important thing if you start to form it into like however just whatever shape you want to do and then if it doesn’t form you could put it back on your frou minute and read you can only whip that do it redo it put another name what are you doing scoop up a chunk and put it in your hand you go like this and we and we you twist it towards you make a beautiful singing it’s all of it right yes excuse me no might look good yours looks horrible can you finish this mine but there’s looks like a big tournament right now what my give me another wax paper but here we go I’m gonna twist it again I took mine off guys my looks amazing oh my gosh the bust size ever and we tried to reroll mine okay guys this is what it looks like right now they’re not completely set yet I know it kind of looks funny once they’re set you’re gonna individually wrap them in wax paper and they will last or and put them in a little spot not all looks right it’s just a cold spot in your hair in your kitchen and then we’re gonna you slice them they’re delicious and they come out amazing they melt in your mouth I highly recommend this so much fun hasn’t it oh yeah there goes the whole time and it was amazing so I hope you guys tried this recipe good luck it might not you know go as planned the first time but just keep trying it out you guys are gonna love it your family’s gonna love it thank you guys so much for watching we love you so much and send us pictures when you make the book yeah now we’re gonna cut punch oh that looks so good you guys for you know I ate so much I ate so much that’s so cute but it can set to stillness that longer I just want to show you guys that it’s amazing it’s so good you guys have like shadow cam you have some fun [Music]

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