Conquering Florida: Paintball with Ricky Carmichael

Conquering Florida: Paintball with Ricky Carmichael

(motorcycle roaring) – I’m Ricky Carmichael, and
this is Conquering Florida. (rock music) (rock music) So, we’re here in Jacksonville, and I personally have
never played paintball. I kind of don’t really
know what to expect, so it’s gonna be a good time for sure. What’s up guys? – How’s it going?
(talking drowns out speaker) – Howdy.
– Hey, how are you? I’m Ricky.
– Good to meet you. – This is awesome. – We’ve been here for 11 years. We’ve got seven different
fields to choose from so we’re gonna take ya
through a couple of ’em. You said you never played before, but there’s a
– I haven’t. very steep learning curve. – Yeah.
– It’s quick. – That’s what I’m thinkin’.
– You figure it out pretty fast. – Yeah, that’s what I’m thinkin’. – Yeah, let you guys mix it
up some, you’ll have a blast. All right, before you guys get started, I have a Conquer Card for ya. – [Ricky] All right, thank you. Here we go, J.H. – [J.H.] Oh boy, what’ve we got– – You ready to go to this?
– What’ve we got this time? – All right. This challenge is definitely
going to leave a mark. Hopefully it leaves a mark on this guy. Grab a paintball gun and fight
for your bragging rights. Try and create a winning strategy with the help of two local professionals. The loser must face a paintball
firing squad blindfolded. (dramatic music) (laughing) – Wow.
– Eee, all righty. – That should be enough
incentive not to lose – That’s exactly–
– for you, so. – That’s exactly right. (dramatic music) – [Ricky] So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna play three fields. Each field is gonna be different, different bunkers and hideouts. We’re gonna take the best out of three. – For you to be out in paintball, the paint has to hit
you, your gun, your mask, your pod pack and actually
break, so if ya get– – So, anything on you, you’re out. – Anything attached to you as a player. (talking drowns out Ricky)
Has to break, though. (paint gun popping) (laughing) – [Ricky] 262 miles an hour. (laughing) That is not gonna feel good. (rock music) So we’re about to start Round One here and I really think that
I have J.H. covered. So, we’re gonna see what happens. It’s gonna be really fun, regardless. – [Man] Go, go, go! (uptempo music) (paint guns popping) – [Ricky] Ahh. – [Man] That is it, that is it, he is out. – [J.H.] Woo! (rock music) – [Ricky] I wasn’t even in the ballpark. My strategy was wrong. I literally thought you were cheating. There’s no way. – [J.H.] I promise you I was not cheating. I actually got a late start
for what I wanted to do. – [Ricky] I hate to do it, but I gotta give it up to the bald guy. J.H. crushed me. – [J.H.] Woo! – [Ricky] We’re comin’ to Round Two. I think I’m gonna like
the course a lot better. It’s a little tighter, there’s some houses that you can get into and kinda hide. I think it’s gonna be really fun and I’m excited to get this goin’ and a little redemption. – [Man] Go, go, go! (rock music)
(paintguns popping) – [Ricky] Oh, oww (bleeping)! (laughing) (rock music) I got to the end of the house,
and I was gonna sneak around, and he was on the other side
of the end of the house, and I just put my gun
around (laughing) the corner and started shootin’ and
he did the same thing. You see. (uptempo music) So, Round Three’s about to start here. I’m really excited for it. However, I gotta be honest. In both rounds I felt
like I was on defense. – The next field we’re goin’ to, we call it the Bunny Field. It’s a much larger field,
it’s about three, four acres. Got a ton of bunkers on it,
got a big fort in the middle, got three cars on it,
all kinds of neat stuff. – [Ricky] I’m not too optimistic
about this next round. The guy who doesn’t win is gonna be basically assaulted by a firing squad. I just want to know, is that even legal? – [Man] Go, go, go! (rock music) (paint guns popping) – [Ricky] Hey, hey, stop now! Dude, I can’t no one point blank. – [J.H.] You hit a barrel, though. – [Ricky] Dude, you win. – [J.H.] Woo! (rock music) – [Ricky] I lost, I just didn’t hit him. And then, once he turned
out and started shootin’, then I’m, like, oh you got me, you got me. (muffled yelling) This is not gonna be good. Like I haven’t been hit enough already. – [Man] Ready, aim, fire! – [Ricky] Ahh! (scratching)
(gentle, upbeat music) – Coulda been worse.
– Man. – It coulda been paintballs. – I know, dude, right. All right, now that I’m all wet, I definitely conquered Florida today. It was an awesome time playin’ paintball. If you’re in the Jacksonville
area, definitely come by. It’s worth your time for sure. A lot of fun. (slow piano music)

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  • Curtiss Lasserre says:

    Awesome video about my home field here in Yulee, FL! If you're in the area and want to have a great time with friends or other walk-ons, GTF Paintball is the place to go

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