Colors For Painting Black Hair

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna give you some pointers on colors to use for painting black hair. I’m showing you some royaly free photos of people with black hair that I downloaded, and I want you to notice that in none of them is the hair pure black. A lot of them have gray or brown, or even blue tones. In this one, the blue is very bright in fact. This one is outside, so the colors you see in her hair are being influenced by the sun. In fact, any hair in real life is gonna be multiple shades. So, don’t paint anyone’s hair all one color, unless, A You’re painting a cartoon, and even then you should probably use a few different colors, or B, You’re painting someone with a really bad dye job. I just wanna show you some photos of some hair I’ve painted, so you know what I’m talking about. Here’s some footage of me working on my painting of Kit Medina from 2015 As I said earlier, you can see me adding bits of blue, specifically blue/gray, into the black of his hair. The thing is that you don’t want the blue in this case to be particularly bright, but you want it to be noticable. I know I’ve emphatically stated that you shouldn’t paint hair just black, but by the same token, you shouldn’t be afraid to actually use black. The first layer that I painted on Kit’s hair, I used dark brown because I was scared to actually use black, But the brown looked weak and when I took the plunge and used black, I saw that it was the right way to go for that painting. So, use black, if your subject calls for it. Just don’t use only black. I hope that makes sense. So, to sum it up, in addition to black, black hair is typically gonna include some combination of blue gray and brown. It might not necessarily include all those colors, but it’ll probably include at least one of those. I did a hair painting tutorial a while ago. It was more just how to paint hair in general and it was more about shape and texture than color. So I hope you learned something from this video. Give a thumbs up if you did. I post videos Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So if you haven’t already, you can subscribe by clicking this button right here, and for now, thanks for watching, and goodbye.

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