[Coloring Process] Silk Paint On Paper

[Coloring Process] Silk Paint On Paper

The blue brushes are the “Aquash Brush” by Pentel. The back of the brush is a water tank. The skin color isn’t silk paint. It’s “Art Acryl Aqua” by Goya. There’s no “flesh tint” in silk paint. And I like the tint. For Noél’s skin I use a regular Brush. Because his skin tone is a bit darker. Without the water tank the color doesn’t get “washed out” Yes, this is a hairdryer. A regular one. I mix the acrylics with silk color for the skin shadows. Those colors work well together. There’s no water in this Aquash brush. Dare to lay(er) down some really dark shadows! You can keep drying your layers with the hairdrier. This looks awfully dark. But when the other colors are added it’ll be ok. This is all _one_ blue hue. Yep. Still the same turqoise blue. Multiply with: green. Pearl-Ink. I knew I’d have use for it someday. And last highlights with white… wall paint.


  • Nuriya says:

    Wow riichtig cool den Prozess so zu sehen <3
    Und die Farben scheinen dir echt richtig gut zu liegen! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Sieht klasse aus!
    Schรถnes Video

  • Evelyne Park says:

    Das ist so die perfekte Geschwindigkeit~ Man kann alles erkennen ohne dass es zu lange dauert!
    Und badass soundtrack XD

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