Color Theory: Mixing Paint Colors : Color Theory: Pigment Strength

Color Theory: Mixing Paint Colors : Color Theory: Pigment Strength

And you can see, the more that I mix this,
the duller it’s getting. I mean it’s, you know it’s hard to believe that that is, comes
from that which is so much brighter. But that’s the thing you got to remember. Every time
you mix two pigments together, you are going to lose, lose some pigment strength. You know.
It’s just not going to be as bright a color as it was. So we’re going to put that. See?
It’s like, it’s getting a terribly dull pink. And I am going to add in like coming to the
white, instead of adding into that, because I do that forever in a day and just see if
I can get a lighter pink. Now obviously with this, it looks like we could get, we could
get lighter even than that. But, there we go. So you got this gradation of pinks. We’re
going to go in the other direction and get dark. And all you do is take your red and
you start adding black to it. And black can change things really, really fast. And it
does certainly darken the color. I mean, the first thing everybody does is go, “Oh, I got
to have a dark color, I’ll add black. You know. Again, its really going to affect the
brilliance of your color. Dark, black especially kind of dulls colors. After all, it’s usually
made from you know, a carbon which is nothing more than a soot from your candle really.
And so it’s literally you’re dirtying your paint. But you can see that you get darker
and darker and darking and how darker can you get and still say that it’s red. And here’s
the last one I think. This is dark, as much black has I can get it and still say that
it’s red.


  • El Moñoñogo says:

    im jealous -_- i cant make such nice colors

  • Sharon Teal-Coray says:

    You would mix nicer colors if you used the complementray color to darken your color, black makes things look "muddy"

  • KevinMcCainStudios says:

    Black doesn't necessarily makes colors muddy,no more than green or voilet, it how you use black, which kind of black, which type of colors they are mixed in. How clean your brush is and so forth. Black used correctly is a beautiful color. Most of the Great Masters over the last 600 years have used black.

  • 1414mwh says:

    Gahhh!!! I'm so sick of people making a fuss over black. I use black all of the time. In my opinion it is absolutely essential. Not everything should be painted in vibrant, saturated colors. I've watched so many of these videos and they sit there and say the same thing, yet it takes them about ten minutes to mix color I can mix in thirty seconds breaking their rules. It's about the color you're trying to get, not how you get there, and you're not always going to get there like that…

  • 1414mwh says:

    …Oh, and good luck painting anything of depth at all. If you don't decrease saturation into the background you're not going to have a background. It's going to look completely flat. Dirty colors will bring out your brights. Dirty colors are a good thing people.

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