COLOR CHANGING JUICE?? | Painting with Pomegranate

COLOR CHANGING JUICE?? | Painting with Pomegranate

*music* *crinkling and squishing sounds* *music*


  • ArtWithEm says:

    No voice-over in this one, I just had major surgery so my throat is a little but the worse for wear (intubation is not fun). Other than some hoarseness and the expected amount of surgery-recovery pain, I'm doing quite well. Thanks to those of you that expressed your concern and well-wishes! <3

  • Rocket Shawk says:

    I've already seen stills of this one. On a related note, put a small bit of red wine in a glass and allow to sit for an hour, then add water. The water will turn the wine blue, because the anthocyanines that make wine purplish red turn blue under a different ionic gradient. Odds are, your tap water contains high amounts of magnesium, and a moderate amount of silver. the same can happen to pomegranate juice, but it requires a steeper gradient.

  • Peyton Leathem-Boe says:

    Love it! Love the idea of using pomegranate juice and seeds. It would be a ton of fun making a garden based on getting interesting colors from the plants…

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