Clouds on a Night Sky Seascape, Oil Painting Techniques With Yovette

Clouds on a Night Sky Seascape, Oil Painting Techniques With Yovette

Clouds on a Night Sky Seascape, Oil Well good evening my name is Yovette
and I’m here to teach all you beginning new painters how to start a new project,
so let’s just go see what I got going! Well this is totally going to be an
experiment today because I have not pre done this before so I have no idea how
it’s going to turn out but we’ll see so my colors are white Prussian blue
Alizarin crimson Sap green Dark Sienna or Burnt sienna and Cad yellow and I
have an old scrubby brush for putting on the oil painting medium. If you don’t
want to use a brush and your canvas is smooth I prefer these blue shop towels
because they are wonderful. Okay so and then I have the scrubby brush then I
have a liner brush a filbert brush a one-inch brush I actually have two of
the one-inch brushes and large knife today today, and let’s see what else can
I tell you I guess that’s it for supplies. My canvas is going to be a
black gesso canvas and it is a 12 by 16 so it’s not real large but it’s not
small either. Well I quickly wanted to show you this
chart just so that you could see that you could do this painting in a
multitude at different colors you do not have to use just the colors that I’m
using so just pick a color that you love and go with that one. So I’m going to
take some of the oil medium and I am going to use my shop towel because that
is what I like and like I said if you don’t have a smooth canvas you’re going
to need to put the liquid like the liquid clear on with a with a brush but
this is this works very well for me I love this. So I’m just going all over a
little bit I’m not getting too much oil that’s not very much
oil at all and you’ll find a spreads very easily. One thing I want to caution
you and I have so many comments about this people put the oil on too thick and
what happens is your paint will just start sliding around the canvas and it
is so hard to control you just really can’t do anything with it so what I want
all of you to do once you get this oil on let me set this aside and cap this so
in case I tip it over which I’ve done it won’t make such a mess.
Get yourself a Viva paper towel and I’ve showed you this before but it’s very
important. When you use a medium go ahead and put this towel on and just wipe
across it just pick up any excess oil and you can’t see it but believe me it
is picking up excess oil and Viva’s nice because it doesn’t leave lint for this
kind of thing and so that’s what I like to use. So just going across the canvas
here just picking up any excess and I’ll set that aside. Okay now my canvas is
prepped and I’ve got my pallet right beside me and unfortunately you’re not
going to be able to, well maybe I’ll let me turn it maybe I can do it this way
yeah maybe you can see it that way. We’ll see if that works, let me move my
supplies here. Okay to start out with I’m going to start out with one of my
brushes and what I want to do is put some under color on here. Now you can
take your make your own choice of colors but for me I just decided I want to try
experimenting with some different color so I’m going to start with a little
alizarin just a very tiny bit I mean very tiny bit and you won’t be able to
see this I mean it’s just hardly going to show at all but I want to I’m even
going to tap it because sometimes it can get to bright. I want to
go right in here now this is imaginary this is going to be my moon area I’m
going to put a moon in here and let’s see next I want I’m just all I’m doing
is wiping off this brush just wiping it. Next I want to go into Prussian blue and
both sides of the brush and I want to start scrubbing on this outer edge I want to stay away from this little area
here kinda I hope this is going to be interesting you know like I said I
didn’t pre try this so I didn’t I didn’t practice it so I don’t know what is
going to happen! It may turn out to be a total disaster you know has that ever
happened to you a total disaster? I doubt it I’m the only one that has
those. Anyway just go ahead and make sure that you try and get all this under
coating here let’s even go down into probably the water a little bit that’s
good now just wipe that with see when I see out wipe that brush I’m just wiping
with a paper towel just back and forth just trying to get trying to get the
most of the paint off doesn’t have to be all the paint. Next I’m going into Sap
green I love Sap green you notice these are all transparent colors which means
you can see through them they’re so transparent that you can’t even see them
here how crazy is that? Anyway I’m going across just with Sap green going up into
where that blue was a little bit I think I want just a little bit more Sap green
and I can see again I have way more paint than I will probably ever ever use
it just takes such a tiny little bit and wiping off my brush again
on a paper towel and let’s go into some Dark Sienna you can use Burnt sienna or
any shade of brown or you don’t have to use these colors at all you can totally
use what your choice of colors whatever you would like. So down here I’m just
going to go in with a little brown down at the bottom I’m imagining what this
is going to look like what it really looks like I won’t know until the end
you and I are both gonna be surprised! So okay that’s all for that I’m just gonna
wipe that off. Next I want to take let’s see let’s do this one inch brush now
this is a pure this is a clean brush very clean so I’m going to go in I want
to put my sky in here but first I want a little misty area so let’s just go in
with some white tapping the brush both sides and that’s good that’s right there
is good. Okay let’s start out with this area here now this is where I put my
alizarin so let’s see if it even shows up oh yeah there it is.
I’m starting out in the middle and working out you know that I did this
tutorial a long time ago and I kept saying oh I’m gonna redo it someday
because I did not like the way the first one turned out I mean it turned out okay
but I always wanted to do it again with just a little experimenting so notice
I’m not adding more wipe white paint but I am going out further on the edges and I’m just going to keep going
I want to get a little bit over on this right side but I do want to keep this
area in here kind of dark oh yeah that’s looking very good I like
that that’s just a little bit of pink there okay. Now I just want to take and
just tap that brush out just get most of the paint. You know, do you guys know
Justin, Painting with Justin? He’s a fantastic painter! He uses a big roll of
paper towels and he just takes that role like if this is your roll and he just,
yeah that’s really cool you can do that too
if you have never looked at Justin’s website or Justin’s YouTube channel
you’ll have to check him out because he is very very good he paints some
beautiful paintings! Anyway with this brush now I’m just Xing around the outer
edge I just want to kind of soften this a little bit just soften. Okay that’s
looking good so far I’m hoping you’re not getting too much glare I am getting
a tremendous amount of glare so I don’t know I hope you’re not. Wiping off this
brush again okay what I want to do now I have a finger and I’m going to take
white and I want to have a little moon in here so I’ve got this I’m going to
put it right here and I’m kind of pressing and just going
in a little circle like that and with that brush no I just I mean very lightly
just kind of just blend it in you don’t want it shining real bright but you want
to know there’s a moon there and that’s good it’s not perfectly round but I
don’t care it’s fine. Okay next I’m going to take a filbert
brush I love the way a filbert brush makes clouds and so what I want to do is
just load both sides of my filbert brush notice I’m wiggling a little bit that
kind of gets it into the bristles okay let’s start right about here and I’m
going to just make circles no particular way I’m just kind of dancing
and bouncing around I just want to come by the moon here and just sort of
diffuse this bottom a little bit and wipe that brush and now with this
one-inch brush that I have wiped off on a paper towel I’m just going to start
making little circles kind of I just want to I just want to diffuse this
bottom and just sort of blend it right into the sky notice I am only touching
the bottom of the clouds I am NOT going up into this upper part here I’m not
going into the high part. Okay let’s leave that let’s do another one
loading the brush how about something coming in this way this just really just
kind of just right off the edge of the canvas and let’s go ahead and diffuse
that a little bit I’m just brushing back and forth
so black is so forgiving and these colors are so forgiving to. Okay wiping
that brush off again because I will be using it more and let’s wipe off the
filbert go into a little more white and let’s go into this area here let’s go we
got one coming down let’s come in here there oh I like that. I want to go off
the edge so your cloud should not end just right in the middle they should go
somewhere so let’s just have these go right here and this I have not got a
bright white edge because it’s further away from the moon so I’m going to wipe
that off and let’s defuse the bottom here, oh that’s looking very good and I
think let’s go up here a little bit yeah crazy crazy crazy. And I think we’ll have
one more maybe just a little tiny one coming in here whoops a little more here
let’s start down here because that would be close to the moon so that would
definitely be whiter there. Okay and let’s defuse the bottom of that one okay
that’s looking good! Wipe that brush off really well and let’s just sort of,
actually I would like to have something right in here just for balance I think
that looks good. Okay now like we’ve done with our other clouds in case there’s
high spots come down for first very very lightly I mean very
lightly just come down good wipe that brush off in case you picked up any
white spots and let’s just go ahead and start mesmerizing. Notice my touch is so
light and I’m just blending blending I’m trying to stay away from the moon but
look how those blend isn’t that neat? Let’s go down and this we want to blend
in pretty well I’m pressing a little bit heavier down here because I want that
right there to fade into more darkness and so that’s the way I do that. And you
just criss cross and roll these around and just mix it up until you love it and
when you love it stop! That simple. There now I think that turned out nice I
like that that’s a very interesting sky. Well gosh I have to change my camera
angle so I hope that you’re gonna be able to see this now I don’t know I
can’t my glare is so bad so anyway well let’s
go ahead and get started because our sky is done so now we’re gonna work on the
lower part. So what I want to do first is just grab your large knife and I want to
just go into white I hope you can see this I’m just pulling down pull down and
just get a little roll of paint you remember the old Bob Ross type roll of
paint is just a little one on the edge of the knife and I’m going to start by
going right in through this area. Let’s go right about here and right under the
moon and just a few little taps and as I come out the taps will get lighter but
they’ll still be there because this would be farthest away from the moon so
it would not show quite as much and some of us are going to be covered anyway, so
a little more roll of paint and let’s just go down under the moon heavier
under the moon then on the outer edges although you do want some on the outer
edges. A little more paint I’m just making little taps just little
taps and I’m going to stop right about here
and I want to come out just a little further in these areas because I want
some light just a little tiny bit of light out here. Excuse me. So the next step I want you to
do is just lightly come across like Seoul back and forth, oh look at that
picking up a little bit of that green isn’t that pretty?
I don’t know if you can see it on the camera but yeah it’s pretty! Okay just
back and forth, not too much you want you want to have that sort of a glazy glary
or unglary look sort of a glazed, okay I’m gonna wipe off that brush and I’m
going to set that down because the next step I want to do is to make a little
background Mountain, and I think let’s just do that brush mixing will take a
little brown or excuse me a little blue a little alizarin maybe a little green
and some Brown I just want kind of a dark color, I don’t know what this going
to be yet we’ll find, let me grab I want to get a little bit of white here on the
side because I don’t want to contaminate my big pile of white. So I just set a
little white on the side now I can scoop in there and I can add some color here
and I can see exactly what it is, and I want more green, that’s pretty and
more Brown and maybe even blue just a dark pretty color with just a little
hint of green in it yeah that’s good more Brown blue green and alizarin, and
play with this until you get a color you like just so it’s nice and dark. I wish
my glare was not so bad. Oh dear okay that looks I think that looks pretty
good. So what I’m going to do is start out here and I want to go at this
and I’m just going to start making a little bit of a mountain, you can make it
bumpy you can make it smooth you can do it however you want it, hopefully you’ll
be able to see this, maybe you can’t see it right now but you’ll be able to in a
minute. I’m just gonna go and make another part of a hill here just filling
in, and I think maybe even just a little dark blue Brown just mixing all these
colors together maybe back here we even whoops to dark we even have a darker one.
Yeah that’s good I like that. Okay so now I want to come down into the water a bit
because I want this land to come over here, so it’s dropped down a little bit
here. That should be good and just fill it in, now wipe that brush off just a
little bit and grab just a small a small amount of white I don’t have much at all,
and all I’m gonna do is just lightly whoops not enough wait a little more
okay just lightly just so this land shows up
because this would be the moon would be hitting here so you would see a little
bit, and a little more white and just little indication that there’s
some stuff going on back here so you can see the three right there okay.
Wipe that knife off or that brush off and at this time I want to get more
paint because I want to put something over on this side too,
so I’m going to go into a lot more blue a lot more crimson a little green and a
bunch of brown and I’m just going to brush mix that just so it’s a dark color,
now this I’m not going to why I will add just a teeny bit of white but just not
much at all, and get that brush loaded and I want to do the same thing on this
side with this side because it’s further away is going to be a little darker, so
we’ll just make our little mountain here however you want to do it or if you
don’t want if you don’t want any mountains don’t put those in. I shouldn’t
say they’re necessarily mountains but let’s say little back Hills. Okay and I’m
coming down into the water just a little bit, okay I like that.
I’m gonna go into some more of that color loading both sides of the brush,
this time I want to come up I want to come up a bit higher actually let’s make
this one just a hair bigger, I want I don’t want the sizes too similar. Okay
load that brush again let’s go in right about here and this this is a big one
and it’s coming down in front of this other one. Okay oh yes, and just make this
any shape or size that you want and I’m just filling in
this dark color here just filling this in, right down to about here, yep this
is good, okay I want to rough up that top just a little bit that’s a little too
smooth for me, there okay that’s cool. Anyway I’ll put that link below
for Justin so that you can check him out because you will enjoy his paintings!
Okay I like that that’s good let’s go ahead and I want to know highlight just
a slight bit on this right side Mountain, and I’ve got just a little bit it’s
almost like mm-hmm gray maybe, and we’ll just touch and sort of blend it in you
don’t want this too bright because remember it’s in the distance it’s far
away. There that’s good that looks pretty good and I
you can see both of them but not they’re not standing out in your face! Okay next
I want to do that same thing with the dark color I’m adding just a slight bit
of brown to warm it a little and adding the white little Brown little white to
that dark puddle that I have here, I wish I could see this, okay let’s go ahead and
just highlight this one so the light might hit right there just a tiny bit
and it might hit here and it might come down and I need more white I can tell.
Okay and right in here and probably down here probably some
across here to just wherever you think there might be a little something going
on just drop it in. There wouldn’t be too much back here
although you might see a little something, okay and I’m going to just
lighten this a little bit here as it comes down so this is a big old rock. I
like that one that’s pretty cool, okay that’s all for that, I’m going to wipe
off this knife, or the brush, the filbert brush, and next I want to grab my fan
brush now this I’m going to go into white and I’m going to start on the
ocean a little bit, and when you look for a fan brush for this part of the ocean
see if you can find one that’s really flat, my brushes are pretty used and so
they’re not real flat so they’re kind of they don’t make the beautiful strokes
that I would like them to, but I’m going to go into white and load both sides of
the brush, can you see it I’m doing? And I’m going to wiggle, that gets the paint in
between the bristles, okay so now I’ve got a nice load it’s nice and
flat if you can see that it’s nice and flat, and so what I want to do now is
start making like like ocean waves and as they get the further back they are
the flatter they will be so we’ll just do this, now notice the stroke I’m just
lightly going back and forth kind of like a banana stroke, back and forth, and if your bristles start to not behave
go ahead and reload your brush. Back down here, and I’m going to wipe that brush
get the paint off reload with white wiggle wiggle and stroke okay. Now as we
come forward we need to make these, the ocean would be getting more turbulent, so
we’re going to back and forth make your strokes wider and further apart this way,
and very lightly over here, you don’t want hardly anything to show
on the right-hand side. And as you get towards the moon you can
press a little bit harder, okay that’s looking good, just get that
one out of there okay. Okay I like that, then I wanna wipe that brush
set it aside for a second and now I want to just do this little mesmerizing trick
again just ever so lightly, see by hitting this here it brings that dark in
because you want the edges to be more dark. Okay and then just lightly and very
lightly go across, I love that green in there isn’t that pretty? Okay that’s looking very good now before
we go into the water more I want to go into with my small knife actually yeah
with my small knife, I’m going to go into a little Brown some of this dirty white
pull out a stroke here and I just want to highlight this mountain just a tiny
bit more, it would be directly under the “moon”, just kind of little strokes let’s
get some more here and a little bit on this one because
this would still be under this under the moon, and I want to do the same on the
other side just a little bit, it’s pretty cool isn’t it? Oh I hear my
husband in here, squeak-squeak-squeak, that fellow is so wonderful to me, he’s
building me a fire because where I work downstairs, it’s cold! And so he keeps the
home fires burning. He is so sweet I just love him, he is a doll! I’m cleaning up
this bottom edge a little bit here and in fact with this dirty white I’m even
going to bring this white in through here there. Okay that’s good maybe a
little bit of that dirty white right over here also, okay yeah that’s nice.
Okay now wiping off my knife set that aside and what I want to do next is with
my white and the the fan brush again go ahead and after you wipe off the tips,
reload with white and where you can see some dark area like this, let’s see
where’s a nice dark area, like here under the moon, how about right here, let’s just
tap keep your keep your handle up, tap and just bring a little water down. See
it’s like a little mini wave, and let me get some more here paint goes away fast, there, you can do let’s see would to be
another place, no there’s no place, well maybe right here. There and with this dark, this came down
too far I don’t want that to come down that far, so I’m just going to wipe it
out, that’s much better. This one’s pretty cool it’s more blue I
like that, you can highlight the top and it shows more that way, then just bring
it down. I think to maybe one more, how about a little one right over, how about
right here, a little one. Don’t get carried away with these
because you wouldn’t see too many of them and especially on this side they’d
be there but they’d be dark, so that’s good, okay I like that.
Let’s go ahead and I want to put in a rock down here because I think because
of the balance that would be nice, let’s just do some brown, a little alizarin,
blue, we’re just making a dark color but no green, just a dark color, more brown, okay and let’s go right in right about
here, and just make a rock. Perfect! Taking a little white on top of your brown
color, make a highlight color and just come down just like you were making a
mountain rocks are just mini mountains you know, that’s all they are just mini
mountains. Yeah that really sets it off, okay and
this one also came out too far I don’t like that, see if you make a mistake it’s
repairable, just go in and just block it out, and you can always wait till the
painting is dry and then go over it with other different colors and that works
out great too. Okay with the small knife I want to
highlight under the moon just a little bit more, so in that dirty color because
you don’t want pure white, I’m just grabbing a little roll of paint on the
small edge of the knife and I’m just going to touch here just a little bit,
and let’s do here, and maybe here. And with this brown I would also like to
add more white to it, come down and grab a roll and on this mountain let’s just
come down, it’s not working hold on let me get the
other knife. Okay there that should be pretty. And how about right here, let’s do a
little bit, and with the small edge right over here,
oh that’s nice but too dark, because that’s way in the back it wouldn’t be
that light. And with that dirty white make a little
bit of a shadow, or a little white right here where the water would hit the rock. Okay take a little white on your brush
and just hit right in here just to highlight this Brown a little bit, kind
of like there would be some land here. Okay well I picked up my canvas and I
looked at it and a little bit different light and then I could see some things
that I didn’t like so I’ve adjusted those. One of those things was I put dark
back in here because that that Brown was too light and then I also straightened
out these waves just a little bit so they weren’t quite so high, so I just
kind of leveled out the bottom, and that’s pretty much what I did right
there, but now the one last thing that we need to do, what’s the thing we always
need to put in a seascape? That’s right little birdies! So I’m dipping into my
thinner and I’m going into some white and I just want to make a thin white
not too not too watery, just a nice thin white and make sure that you twist, I
don’t know if you can see this you know I think you can, make sure you twist your
brush to get a nice fine point on it. So do you remember about making birds?
Let’s just do this like right here. If I want to make a bird so I just come
up and down, and as I come down here I give it a little push, and then I come up
and down, or out, and then you got to the little beak, and a little tail, so that’s
as simple as it is. So let me reload my brush here, we’re just going to make a
couple of birds and I think probably right here, let’s, in the darkest part of
the sky would be a perfect place for birds, so let’s go,
and I’m trying to find a place here that’s comfortable, alright cuz I need to
brace my hand for this, okay so let’s put one right here so I’ll come up and down
with a little push, then up and out, and a little beak right there, and a little
tail. Okay that’s good, I also put my hand in yellow paint!
Crazy crazy. Okay that’s nice but let’s do another one, this time let’s do like a
little one just way off in the distance how about way out here just a little one,
dupe perfect, how about one more always feels so good doing birds you always
want to keep doing more and more and more and more. Okay let’s do this the way
up here about that way so that’s sort of a little medium-sized one and I think
that’ll do I think that’s all the birdies I want. So okay, well thank you
again for joining me today, I just had a blast, if you would please share my video
with your friends I would love that, and also remember to give me a thumbs up
and I hope to see you next time. I think what I’m going to do next time is maybe
maybe I’ll do some clouds I don’t know we’ll see I’m thinking about it now.
So anyway well thank you for joining me today,
have a wonderful evening, bye bye


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    Very nice Yovette….a well balanced composition…leading the viewers eye to the focal point and around the scene.
    Also the color choice …'ve chosen a night colors that create a calm…mood…beautiful rendering of the clouds . . …

    May I suggest adding to the title of your channel…something like

    Oil painting techniques with Yovette…something that will come up when searching oil painting and or when seen the viewers will immediately understand your offering "oil painting "

    Or acrylic/oil painting lessons with Yovette

    Beautiful rendering of atmosphere…and mood…

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    Yovette try the "blue shop towels" very good for cleaning brushes while painting and using to wipe paint. .oil and as you did at 2:57

    There's really good books found on Ebay or Amazon by Helen Van Wyk. .. she talks about color and basics of painting. I learned from her….she used Turkish material for a rag used on hand to wipe the brush clean of paint without using anything like turps and such ….the importance of having brush clean in the process of painting to keep colors from being contaminated….she also talked about the wipe away method in Alla Prima .
    Saves money….I know that Viva brand paper towels have since changed and have alot of fuzz .

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    Wonderful painting my friend.Hello I am your new friend & new subscriber on your channel. I hope we stay connected with each other's channels.

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