[Clip Studio Paint] How to export/import color set [Tutorial][TH/EN]

[Clip Studio Paint] How to export/import color set [Tutorial][TH/EN]

go to color panal , here let me resize 🙂 click here ‘Import color set’ select the color set file (.cls) and… finish 🙂 but.. how to find the color set file? try search in the internet website let pick some website in this video I choose ‘Deviantart’ website click here then ‘Add new settings’ and.. rename then use the eyedropper tool
by press ‘Alt(hold)+click’ right click then ‘Add color’ however you can use ‘Auto-regiter color in eye dropper’
can easily and fast add the color set save your time 🙂 ‘Export color set’ let try Import the personal color set thank you everyone for watching
if you have any question,don’t be shy 🙂 i hope this helped
see ya in the next video ! 😀


  • Malthe Reuber says:

    Good tutorial, but what tool do you use for shadow? Like do you make the opacity to about 50 % and color over with a dark tune color?

  • Zero Zero says:

    ทำไงให้เวลาวาดเส้นมันหนาและเรียวครับ และ ทำไมผมวาดเสร็จซูมเข้าไปเส้นมันเป็นพิกเซลอ่ะครับ (ช่วยบอกวิธีแก้ได้ไหมครับ)

  • Tsuenica says:

    I wonder you can help me with Color bar or color picker or just "Color" I just to edit the custom color but every single color slot box is black? I have screenshot of it. https://sta.sh/0rpls2da69v

  • Punika Suwansa-art says:

    ทำใน ipad pro ยังไงอ่ะคะ

  • Ember says:

    whenever i click add color instead of adding the selected color, it adds a new blank color box at the bottom

  • Daniel & Teo says:

    i deteleted the entire color palette, how do i do now?

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