Cinematic Paintball | Metal AF \M/ | BUT WITH FRIENDS!

Hello dog Do you have something to say you fat dog? ABORK (laughs) Map 1 Heart of Darkness Ah! Oh I died! Oh! Map 2! Cages! “Bruh!” Map 3! Tippmann City (chants) Bruh Oh shit Go up the roof Throw that! Throw that! Throw that! Throw that! There’s one right here in the booth Yo you’re out bro! How many times I’m
gonna shoot you my nigga? “You go outside I sent you mad time” Oh hell no, when? Nigga when, show me when? “Outside I sent you mad time” Show me when?
Show me show me show me show me show me show me show me come show me. “Nigga what you want?” show me you
show me where “Nope, I shot you bro” bro no you did it my nigga “Yes I did” you out already bro
you out bro. “I’m not out bro you buggin.” What the hell? Yo you’re out! You’re out! Yo this is fucked up New team acquired. New weapons acquired. Map 4: Circle City Why are you Naruto running? Yeah, keep it coming this way! You just follow me, go! Yo dude I almost shot the ref in the face Ah! God They almost shot you Jake. “Yeah where are the sniper people?”
“Ya no tengo my boy.” “I saw him too he’s the one that got me in the leg.” I don’t know man I still get anime bitches what do you get? “I get real woman?” (laughs) “I get real woman.” I get hentai bro, what do you get? Map 5: Tippmann Castle We will not let this castle fall! Ahh! Ahh fuck Woah (Jake noise) Is that smoke? “What?” Hi! Ahh fuck! Ah, fuck. Ow. That’s it Ahh, fuck Shit Does he have a time management of warranty? I don’t know, I’mma see Cover! “Aiming cover!” now let’s be honest you probably thought
this entire thing was gonna be completely different than my original
vlogs, hahaha that is if you want to hear the entire song up on YouTube let me
know in the comments section below I’ll put the entire thing without any cuts,
also you can find a timestamp to when the entire music video actually starts
in the comments section below this entire paintball vlog was recorded
within a year of each other the first one being in the winter and the other
one being late in the summer in August and without further ado here’s the
craziest of all crazy dogs I’m doing way too much fucking preparing for a YouTube
video and literally feel like I’m getting ready for an apocalypse right now. I went to the bank I took out money I filled my car full of gas yo everyone
cancelled on me like I’m not even kidding you, people make excuses to not be able
to hang out with you be like I can’t go my mom’s in the hospital, I
gotta be like, hey my cats going out too much he won’t let me go my horoscope says I
can’t go. Once I got back home. We’re getting all this shit ready, we got the mask. Let him go with that christmas hat. The camera stuff ready, as usual. And then the next morning 6:35 in the
morning and then realize that I’m just I’m just too nice
look at this I’m feeding all these niggas I don’t need to feed anybody I’m
always the one feeding everybody and the Mamas in my vlogs what the hell in other
news because last time I got so bruised up in paintball I decided to go extra
ready not only do I have a cup and my hot dog I got three pairs of shirts and
three pairs of pants how long until my nigga Carlito’s gets out of his fucking
house here we go guys we’re waiting! I got a tank full of gas for friends who
didn’t even show up fuck these niggas like the most flaky friends more flaky
than my dandruff be like “Quando yo-” “estaba de cuba” I didn’t have no flaky friends, my friends were dead. Alright now we.. you
got money? “Yeah I’m good. I gotta go pick up Ray.” Does he have dreads? “I’m going to shoprite first yo.” Let’s go. Hehe. I’m ready. I have to call my son, Ned. you’re ready with everybody in the
truck? “Alright man we out.” Out man This nigga think I don’t know Let’s order cappucino Come back We on YouTube, we on YouTube yo yo yo yo, is there everybody in the
hood that think they gangstas yo they hold a strap but we about to see it today. “KAPOW! Let’s see.” They’re crying for their mama. “Don’t shoot me yo.” (laughs) You see how wildin’ this man is? I hope it breaks yo. They go, AY CONO! Fuck you! We’re gonna do a pitstop over here in CVS because somebody over here needed to drop a massive neutron bomb. “Yo let me tell you right now, I gotta drop a nuke bomb right now.” Yeah word let me take a piss, let me take a piss real quick. “Bro you’re doing this here, bruh I’m mad at you. In the fucking bathroom, I gotta take the worst shit ever badly.” (Pink dog talks in spanish) “My nigga, bro.” (laughs) alright guys check out my new whip, check out my new whip He’s in the toilets man. “Use the toilets my nigga!” I left my sign nice in there.
so heading back to the paintball place me and Carlitos were talking about
future videos going to abandoned in the haunted places and I was like why don’t
we bring in a Ouija board but he’d rather get shot with a paintball gun in the face then using the Ouija boards so I was like I’m gonna just go in there and
talk to the ghosts. “Yo my homies, what’s up it’s me my boy” (laughs) “It’s your boy Oz!” So the entire point of this video was to basically edit a video in my favorite
style of genre the video game in real life
I really didn’t plan to show off any paintball skills or at least not yet I
still need a little bit more equipment before I do that but anyways hope you
enjoyed peace Like and subscribe to SoItWouldBe? for more updates and videos!

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