Chinese Calligraphy BRUSH PEN +INK review 【 Cheap Art Supplies from Aliexpress 】

hey guys I’m Anastasia and welcome to a
Chinese calligraphic refillable brush pen review I have just received it from
Aliexpress and it costs me only 4 dollars including shipping it’s supposed
to be in a gift wrap like you can see on the picture but it was
without it and this is a synthetic brush and I really like how it look but I thought
that it would be wooden and it’s not it have just a sticky tape with wooden
print something like that and this brush pen was already with ink inside and it’s
coming with this refill ink bottle by the way the ink bottle was tightly
closed so non of ink spilled out you can see that to use it you need to pierce
the lead of battle here is ink the bottle is totally full and to refill
it you need to open it and you feel like that now let’s tell the brush pen on a
paper I think’s not very black it looks like dark grey and to make it really
dark like black you should add two or more layers and it’s not very cool for
line art and inking i prefer to use very dark black color now I’m drawing a tiny
sketch to look how this brush pen works and they really like it you can make
headlines and wear thin lines too and now let’s try it this inks
alcohol-based markers proof or not at that moment I’m pressing very hard and I
can see the ink is smearing but not too much I think the inks are almost marker
proof and maybe I can draw on top of it if I am NOT going to press too hard and
the second test is water resistant and the ink is totally failed
but anyway you can use it on top of watercolor painting or you can do ink
wash with it or something else and for the last I will do some
calligraphy test I’m not a professional in it but anyway I will try to draw some
words as I said before these inks are not totally black theyr more to dark gray and maybe this kind of inks are not very good for
calligraphy so in my opinion this brush pen is very nice I really like that it’s
refillable and I really like that it’s very cheap only four dollars I was
ordering it for inktober event but it took too long to deliver so I receive it
only now and I think I’m totally gonna use it for line arts or inking on top of
my colored drawings so that’s all for now thank you for watching and by the
way this video wasn’t sponsored I ordered this brush pen for my own money
because it cost only 4 dollars and I can afford four dollars yay that’s very
sad so I’ve ordered some more cool stuff from Aliexpress and maybe in future I
will do more review videos and if you want to see more reviews about such
cheap art supplies please leave comments about that and put thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel to not miss next video I love all of you see you next
time bye bye

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