Change Color of Leather – Paint Vinyl – Outdated Contact Info

Change Color of Leather – Paint Vinyl – Outdated Contact Info

Rub ‘n Restore® is a professional
waterborne system that allows you to recolor leather and vinyl with a sponge. We will be changing this loveseat from
dark green to a beautiful tan. Let’s begin by wiping the surface with a
cleaner like 409® or Greenworks® to remove any loose dirt, grease, or oil. Exhaustive
cleaning is not necessary. That’s what Rub ‘n Restore® Color is for. We will be using a cellulose sponge to apply the dye. Dampen the sponge with
water so that it doesn’t drip when squeezed. Keep a spray bottle of water
handy to periodically moisten the sponge. Thoroughly stir your Rub ‘n Restore® Color until evenly dispersed. This can take up to two full minutes.
Pour a small amount of Rub ‘n Restore® Color directly onto your sponge or the
working surface. Spread it evenly across the area, massaging into cracks and wrinkles. Notice how little dye we pour onto our sponge, maybe a tablespoon at a time. Don’t worry if Rub ‘n Restore® Color looks streaky and transparent. The first layer is always the most work, because it primes the surface for the following coats of dye. Remember that many thin layers are
better than a few thick layers. If any coat of Rub ‘n Restore® Color is applied too heavily, you may notice small cracks form as the dye dries and cures. Thoroughly dry each coat with a hair dryer before
applying another layer, but avoid getting the surface too hot. The color will darken as it dries. It
will take several coats to do a dramatic color change like this one. Second and
third layers will get better coverage but may still look streaky or uneven. Any
additional coats should remedy this and leave you with a professional result. You be the judge. Just let the entire
process be fast and easy Don’t spend too much time or use too
much Rub ‘n Restore® Color on any one area. It took five coats of dye to color
change this sofa which is demonstrated on this cushion. Surfaces with lots of wrinkles and folds, like this one, will use more volume of Rub ‘n Restore® Color. We did the tops and sides of the love seat with just under 8 oz. but we did not dye the undersides of the
cushions or the back of the loveseat which are not visible. We usually would recommend 16 oz. to perform a dramatic color change such as this. However, using a color similar to your
surface will achieve the same great results with far less volume of Rub ‘n Restore® Color. For more luster and to deepen the color, you can apply our Clear Glosser. It also provides an extra layer of protection from the elements. Apply it the same way, with a damp sponge, ideally the following day. Your surface is ready for use as soon as Rub ‘n Restore® Color is dry. It will not rub off on clothing. Allow 48
hours for the dye to cure to its full strength. During this time avoid getting it wet, as water or other liquids will reactivate the dye.


  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Hmm… Rub 'n Restore would not solve this problem, and using on it such a surface is not recommended, only because we can't guarantee good results or longevity. Try cleaning it with 409 or Windex. You can also try a q-tip with a little mineral spirits or lacquer thinner in an inconspicuous area. This might strip off whatever is on the surface, but be careful, because it might just make the goop goopier, depending on what the source of it is. Good luck!

  • RunRun Shaw says:

    can i use this product to dye my leather shoes from black to brown?

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    @ mtmt88: While Rub ‘n Restore™ works wonderfully on leather and vinyl shoes, color changes are strongly discouraged. The constant flexing of the shoe leather paired with the general abuse and contact with dirt and water causes Rub ‘n Restore™ to wear much faster than under any other circumstance. If you want to use Rub ‘n Restore™ on your shoes, we recommend sticking with the same color. Thanks!

  • BirdgirlMongol2 says:

    can this works to my leather bag?it`s yellow and i wanna turn the colour to blue

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Yes, absolutely. If you're rough on your purse or it endures a lot of wear, you may have to touch it up occasionally. The hardest task will be in properly masking or removing the dye from any unwanted buckles, snaps, trim pieces, etc.

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Thanks very much!

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Currently price for 8 oz. bottle of color is $21.95; 16 oz color is $36.95. Clear Glosser is $11.95 and 18.95 respectively. This doesn't include tax for folks in California or shipping.

  • SG says:

    Will this work on leather car seats I'd like to go from tan to black

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Absolutely. Might take a few layers to completely conceal the tan. You might have to touch up the high-wear spots every once in a while, but it's an easy fix to keep your interior looking sharp.

  • SG says:

    Very cool! How about running off on clothing? I wear white shirts everyday, would hate for black to be all over it.

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Rub 'n Restore will never stain or rub off on clothing once it's dried and cured. It's dry in minutes after application, but it takes a few days to cure (i.e. to not be reactivated by water or other liquids). Even as you eventually wear through the dye, you'll never see it on your clothing.

  • SG says:

    Ok, one more question, so if there's a spill on the seat it will reactivate and rub off? Real world things here. Kids lol

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    No, liquids will not reactivate the dye once it is cured in a few day's time. Before it is cured, take care not to get it wet or spill anything on it.

  • Jeff Reese says:

    the couch was ugly before and just as bad after?

  • Dave McDonald says:

    Can it be sprayed on?

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Yes, in fact we usually apply it with a spray or detail gun. What makes this product unique to other dyes and coatings like it is that it can also be applied with a sponge (and still get a spray-like, professional finish).

  • alwayzblessed25 says:

    That's so cool can u do any color dark color light or vise versa

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Pretty much. Bear in mind that the more radical your color change, the greater potential for future touch-ups, especially if the piece encounters a lot of wear like (liquids, wet boots, dog claws, etc).

  • alwayzblessed25 says:

    Okay good deal.

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    It never fades, but it will gradually wear through in the same way the original leather or vinyl did. Simply reapply to touch up those areas. You may have to touch up more often depending on the type of use the piece gets (lot of wet boots, dogs and cats, food and drink) or if you did a radical color change. You can read testimonials on our website (listed under the video description). Thanks!

  • Lisa E says:

    Will this crack or peel?

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Never. It may gradually wear thin, requiring touch-up, but it permeates the surface, behaving more like a dye and less like a coating.

  • ZCmum says:

    Hi thanks for this.. cool idea and video

  • NinjaLlama says:

    How do u stain it?

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Thanks! Check out our "tips and tricks" page on our website for more cool ideas.

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    With a sponge or a spray gun. This product is technically a coating but permeates and bonds like a dye.

  • DarthVirc says:

    Can I dye tan from black?

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Yes, you can go from light to dark or dark to light. This video describes how it will take more layers to do a color change than a similar-color restoration. Lots of other answers on our website. Thanks

  • Ron Smit says:

    where can you buy rub and restore

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Hi, Ron. We are the exclusive manufacturers and retailers of this product at the moment. The goal is to make it available in stores nationwide. Please refer to the video description above for the link to the website. You can also call us at 1-888-704-5571. Thanks!

  • 421moondog says:

    Will it take care of soaked in stains that darkened the leather? I don't know what was spilled on it.

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Is the leather fuzzy like suede or more smooth like an aniline? If it's the latter, our product should work. If it doesn't, you can always send it back for a refund (minus the shipping). You can also email pictures to us for a more concise answer.

  • Claire Smith says:

    Can I buy this? I am in the United Kingdom.. 🙂

  • Lesandre Holiday says:

    You can, but the freight to the UK will cost more than the products themselves… more info can be found in our FAQs and on the "shipping information" page on the website (the link is on the navigation at the bottom of the site). We're still a small family business so we're not yet distributing internationally. One of these days…. thanks!

  • Shive Vox 84 says:

    How to you "weather-proof" the coloring process…? I would like to use RnR on a motorcycle seat…but obviously, it would get wet…does RnR offer an oil based dye for outdoor applications? Thanks!

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    We don't offer an oil-based version, but be assured that our product can get wet after it has thoroughly cured. How often it gets wet, how much use it gets, etc, will affect how often you have to touch-up, but touch-up is so easy (like shoe polish on steroids), that it's no big deal. We do offer Clear Prep+Finish as a "sealer" which behaves as a protective layer between the color and your bum. It adds a satin shine and deepens the color. Thanks!

  • Swag bitch says:

    Can i use this on leather seats in a truck?

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    Hi Tromac,
    Absolutely! We first used this product in the auto industry 25 years ago. The only issue is that you'll need a custom color (unless it's a black interior), as we do not yet have a standardized automotive line.You can read more about custom colors on the website: rub n restore dot com, on the "product info" page. Thanks!

  • Swag bitch says:

    the seats are tan right now and i wanted to turn them black

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    A color change is more work–especially in a truck–but certainly doable. Just remember that the high-wear spots, like the leading edge of the driver's seat where your butt and lumbar slide in, will wear through over time and require touch-up, which is no big deal considering how easy it is to apply. We do recommend a plastic primer like Bulldog or SEM Plastic Prep for doing plastic pieces (the frame of the seats, panels, etc).

  • Faviola Rangel says:

    Can I use this on a faux leather headboard??

  • Big Price says:

    im going to try this on my shoes

  • fabiola aragon says:

    that could be recommended for a leather bag ?

  • LaTanya Battle says:

    It looks really nice & simple something that I don't think I could do but I need to know how much to change the the color from peach to a darker color like a Carmel kinda orange look it's a sectional & chair

  • Adrian Palomino says:

    Can I use that for car dash?

  • Clara-Marie Wright says:

    Will this work on faux leather ?

  • Hove 131 says:

    Is this an actual leather dye? Will it cover mild dark stains on lighter leather that can't be scrubbed off?

  • Barbara Jerabek says:

    Hey there, So I snagged a huge, white vinyl 1960ish sofa.  It is very cool but has stains, not to bad at all, and a few very minor rips.  I think the springs/horse hair are worn but decent.  Do you think a novice can tackle this beast?  Are there some cool vintage greens or maybe I could tape off a pattern of block and white or ??  Never heard about this product until tonight.  Pretty excited.  Thanks! BJ

  • issys21 says:

    Can you use this dye to dye a leather jacket from a olive green color to black?

  • issys21 says:

    Thank you!

  • Caroline Winkler says:

    Would I be able to dye my horses leather bridle with this? Its faded and I want to dye it black….think it will work?

  • The Fakey Cake Maker says:

    This looks great!  Can I get this in the UK?  Also does it work on faux leather? xx

  • Isela Famiglietti says:

    Can I get this kit on Usa? Texas??

  • Larry Crockett says:

    I have a leather steering wheel that I simply cannot get clean or get to look good. Rest of the car is reasonable. Might this work?

  • Jana Sali says:

    how many bottles needed to cover a three-seater (as opposed to this two-seater)?

  • pappysprite says:

    It looks like too much work and to be honest, I still see a tinge of green on the final shot of the finished sofa, in my opinion.

  • deathtopnies says:

    Does this work on jackets? Like if I used a purple on a black leather jacket, will it turn to a dark shade of purple?

  • MatosandFrancisProd says:

    will this work for changing a black leather jacket brown?

  • Sara Chaudhary says:

    This looks fantastic. I will strongly consider doing this to a new leather chair I am about to acquire.

  • January Lee says:


    I'm just curious, but is there a white color dye? Thanks 🙂

  • 96NightRider96 says:

    will this product work on faux leather?

  • Lexus Chardanai says:

    this is probably dumb but do you think it'll work turning leather from black to white

  • Rub 'n Restore, Inc. says:

    @LexusTownsend It won't let me reply to your comment, so I'm posting here. Not a dumb question! Black to white is the hardest color change that we generally discourage, just because it requires double the dye and will require more routine maintenance than other color changes. If you're working with a high quality leather, it's worth considering. If you're working with a synthetic like vinyl or a bonded leather, I would opt for a medium color, rather than a pale color. More info here:

  • James Rodgers says:

    Can I buy leather punch tools at a hard ware store ?

  • Cindy Gonzalez says:

    I have a white leather sectional, and I would like to change it to chocolate or black, can I achieve this with your products ?

  • TJ S says:

    Is this product hydrophobic or hydrophilic? I'm considering spraying it using a preval sprayer system in order to cut down the time needed to apply it. I have been painting for a long time, and have sprayed leatherique in the past, but that is thinned with water. Just not sure if this product can be thinned with water the same way in order to be sprayed. Thanks for your time.

  • Jordan Freak says:

    can you recolor black leather to beige with this product? ( Car seat)

  • Fucknuts says:

    If you're not doing a light sanding to remove the topcoat from the original finish, your "dye" will be all over my clother every time I sit on it!

  • Danny says:

    hi! I'm actually looking for this exact style set of sofas or loveseats if anybody may have some or know of where. Color wouldn't matter at all, since I'm on this video and all and would definitely do business with Rub n Restore to change the color!

    if you know of anybody with some of these exact or close to sofas, let me know! thanks

  • Jake Keiper says:

    Would something like this work on car seats? I wanted to try this but they are also heated seats as well with components in them. Wasn't sure if it would work. The seats definitely aren't real leather.. some type of synthetic

  • Lyric Ballard says:

    would this work on pleather clothing? and does it dry shiny?

  • Seventy8 says:

    I have a wonderful old orange wingback chair found at a garage sale. I'm pretty sure it's vinyl since the wear on the arms shows a fabric underneath. It may be naugahyde, I'm really not sure. Definitely not leather. My question is, the wear on the seat and back have made the vinyl dull and worn looking and whoever stored the chair did nothing to prevent it from becoming more weathered. I love the color, but it needs some serious lustre restoration and it would be nice to refresh the orange. Does your product do any lustre refreshing? It doesn't need to look "plasticised" but I'd like it to look "fresh".

  • Luz Pagan says:

    mine is wine color i really want change this color what color i can change i think mine is leather im not sure

  • Khan Cross says:

    it looks good but it is not scratch resistance

  • Charlie Dillon says:

    I have a very large beige thick leather corner suite would black be easier to do than any other color I'm afraid to do it as value of suite was about 5 thousand euros but it is going off color due to coal fire dust would you advise to attempt it

  • Charlie Dillon says:

    Thank you for your rapid response and I will take your advice and go dark, I now am confident it will work thanks to you, you saved another sofa from being destroyed , keep up the good work, Sofa's all over the world owe there lives to you.👍

  • Charlie Dillon says:

    Thanks again I will order online the extra cost is worth it In the end thanks ,I will post my results when its done, sofa now thanks

  • Kman says:

    I would call into question the longevity of such a treatment 1st off.  Secondly, I know the demo was done with the cushion still resting on the love seat to provide a more dramatic finish & look, but nobody in their right mind would begin the process with the cushion resting right on top of the furniture like what was shown.

  • Elisha Pearson says:

    We have a large corner sofa that is a deep red. We are moving house soon and unfortunately the colour of the sofa just does not fit with the new house I'm desperate to get rid and just purchase a new one but truthfully the sofa is in great condition and the cost of a new sofa isn't cheap! I would like to dye it a deep brown but I'm unsure of the cost of dying such a big sofa and also is it easily maintainable? Please can you advise! x

  • Beth Baxter says:

    I want to bring life back to my sofa in the same color. Would you suggest this product or another one (since I'm not changing colors) If I was to use this product, how much would I need for a full sized sofa?

  • Thời Trang Da Cao Cấp Net says:

    vedeo is great Please allow my author to reproduce the posters for the Vietnamese view

  • Megan King says:

    This was exactly what I needed to see. My couch is literally that exact color, dark green, and I'm changing the decor of the room and looking for a DIY way to dye the couch a lighter color than it is. I didn't think it was possible and thought I was going to have to get a new 3 piece suite set. Thankyou for this video! ❤️

  • America Bless God says:

    That couch went from lively to dead. Sad.

  • Donna Newsome says:

    When you said "water or other liquida will reactivate the dye" so you mean later on after it has dried or soon after application has initially dried. Like it can never get wet?

  • common logic says:

    It seems that this is a paint or a coating and not a dye?. If this were a dye, I would not understand why areas that bend would "wear" as you replied in a comment below. The leather itself would show distress, but the pigment of a DYE should penetrate the surface.

    I want to change the color of a quality piece that should last MANY years, but If the "finish" is going to fail (unnaturally) over time, I think I'll suffer with it's original color. Also, will the breathable properties of my thru-dyed leather be compromised by this product? Not hating here… I'm actually hopeful, but extremely skeptical.

  • Gary Alcorn says:

    Is this a wind up? Lol

  • Gary Alcorn says:

    Can still see the green coming through lol

  • Neash s says:

    I used this the color came out beautiful, but after a couple of months the color has faded and looks bad.

  • Janah says:

    can i make black in to white ?

  • Mermaid ArtistQueen says:

    How many bottles does a couch take??

  • Claudina Schweitzer says:

    Can you dye your purse red

  • David Kennedy says:

    Notice how they only show you 2 like seconds of the end result, the end result is everything.

  • Leonie Diana Francis says:

    great channel

  • Barb 0013 says:

    Holy shit 5 coats, Easier to just buy a sheet and dye that to cover it.

  • Trigger Toes says:

    Looks like its covering well. I want to take a red huge half of a sectional to a light blush pink
    Can that be done ecinomically?

  • Pete Mccarthy says:

    So it’s not dye, it’s paint .

  • Jasmine Chaudhry says:

    Will this work on a leather which is peeling? Ot should I sand it first?

  • Timothy Smith says:

    Love seat? :/

  • bettyboopgal says:

    Would this work on a red leather couch? I’m trying to lighten it to get it pink

  • Gaby Weast says:

    I think was more easy to buy a cover for the sofa

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