Chalk Paint vs Regular Latex Paint- TEST What is the difference? Chalkpaint verses Regular Latex!

Chalk Paint vs Regular Latex Paint- TEST What is the difference? Chalkpaint verses Regular Latex!

Chalk Paint VS Regular Paint Left side: regular latex paint Right side:Chalk Paint Second coat of chalk paint… Second Coat of Regular Latex Paint Some electric sanding and some hand sanding… A little more texture comes through the chalk paint. The chalk paint goes on thicker I think that is why it shows more texture and brush marks Which is the classic look of chalk paint The regular paint has a flat look but it looks good Hand sanding now so I don’t destroy this table with the electric sander. The chalk paint was a little harder to sand But both sides look the same on the edges after sanding The regular paint sanded off easier so the same pressure took off too much paint This was 120 grit sandpaper. I would use 220 grit for regular paint The fact that chalk paint is harder to sand means it is more durable The results… Not the big difference I expected The chalk definitely looks better and is more durable Chalk Paint looks more weathered and has more texture CHALK PAINT WINS! PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!


  • orquidea love says:

    Nice 🙂

  • jazzimomm1 says:

    What kind of chalk paint did you use?

  • Theresa Satton says:

    Do you have to sand it?

  • Barbara Camp says:

    I'd rather save the $$$ & time since I like constantly change things.  Not to mention there's also waxing that has to done on chalk paint.

  • Scot Fenn says:

    The main reason I use chalk paint is that you can paint over waxed and/or shiny surfaces.  You don't have to strip or sand the furniture first. Other than that, i think regular paint works fine.

  • leslie marshall says:

    The chalk paint is much prettier!

  • Maryam Ulhaq says:

    Chak paint is looking bueatiful then others paint.

  • jdogg661420 says:

    they look the same except the fact stated the texture. people dont want to see brush marks in their high money woodwork. also the latex would be better also if wanted to do a new paint then sand it to make it look used also. easier to sand by hand ect. but truthfully this paint trend is in which i think is lame because you hide the natural wood underneath and with stains you can have a lot better looking piece of furniture then a painted one. unless you are going for a antique old look then the paint would be the better option. but a nice stained piece of furniture will outclass the painted furniture almost always. to me paint is the cheap way to make old cabinets or furniture look better with a lot less work then stripping the old finish and doing it right and bringing out the real wood again.

  • Joyce says:

    Do you use wax on the latex paint when distressing?

  • Rene' Barry says:

    When I see distressed furniture, I always think… why don't they paint that???? Has anyone tried mixing Flo in the chalk paint to help eliminate brush strokes? I'm going to do that this weekend on a few bathroom cabinets.

  • Fred says:

    I would rather use Chalk paint and use a Polyurethane for a top coat.

  • Deanne Maria says:

    I do not use chalk paint. I use water based undercoat/primer, water based gloss and a sealant to finish. I always sand between every coat and apply my paint with sponge rollers; thus my finish looks professional. I stopped using brushes over 1 year ago.

    Update 05/07/18: since I wrote the above…

    Thought that I'd share this with you. Please see below this message.

    Last week, I contacted Harris Paint Brushes and rollers and conversed with Joanne Webb who deals with marketing/customer services…

    After chatting with her, she sent to me these roller "T-Class" samples, which I have now used for my final coat on my wardrobe doors and drawers. The result is amazingly smooth and I shall be purchasing these in the near future.

    Foam rollers are great, but not too good for that final finish and these are fantastic and do just that.

    I now use a foam roller for my primer/undercoat and for a superior finish, I now use the T-Class fabric roller.

    You can find this at this website:

  • Deanne Maria says:

    By using foam rollers you can obtain the professional finish whatever paint you use.

  • Michael Jeffs says:

    thanks for posting, this is informative.

  • Mz Alter Ego says:

    What color is chalk paint did you use ?


    Does chalk paint mean you can write on it with chalk like a chalk board? What's chalk paint anyway? Hmm

  • Minda Kahn says:

    I got fed up with chalk paint. I use latex and I wax and dust. It looks great and costs dimes.

  • TLEE S says:

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience. However, Chalk paint is only more durable IF it's sealed w/wax which is labor intensive & expensive. Annie Sloan's YouTube channel she explains all about her Chalk paints, how they work, the waxing process etc.

  • onzkicg says:

    Ah.. this is the look I’m after.. I’m gonna hack my IKEA laminated stuff lol.. they look to flat. I like that rustic look at right. By the way, how’s the odour?

  • Patti Ryan says:

    Well done. Answered my questions about the two paints.

  • Mac & Cheese Show says:

    I painted something with Rustoleum chalked paint. I want to paint accents over it. Can I use latex or oil based paints over top?

  • Bette Gregory says:

    Wait a minute! There are many cheap quality latex paint. Be a little picky here. I always use Valspar Reserve. Never dissapoints

  • Bette Gregory says:

    Chalk paint is NOT more durable. Color'll change in less than 3 years and it is more scrubable. You use cheap latex. Always compare apples to apples. Throw that damn chalk paint away!

  • Diane Vitale says:

    Several yrs ago, I painted two pieces of furniture in my bedroom, prepping well, using Valspar water base paint. Had asked someone in the paint dept of Lowes first which paint would give a durable finish. When all finished and completely dry.. quickly each time I opened and closed a drawer there was chipping at edges. Went back and asked the same guy if I should have used some type of top coat. He nixed that thought. Well, I lived with the flaws, however sometime in the near furniture there should be several pieces including kitchen cabinets to paint. I'd rather not have to wax as read once should with a chalk paint. It's important in the upcoming small house renovation to have a good look and durable. ???

  • Tammy Csicso says:

    If chalk paint is too thick water it down smoother finish
    Don't spend too much on chalk paint make your own way cheaper

  • Living Life with Momma Wendy Waeghe says:

    You can wet distress the chalk paint, just use a wet scratcher and allow to dry.

  • Shanna Salvatore says:

    I refinish furniture and I specialize in southern rustic pieces. I only use regular flat paint. As you can see, it gives a better distressed look with half the effort and time, and you can put a clear coat in matte finish over it (spay can) and it it hold better then chalk paint. I hate chalk paint, more expensive, more time consuming, and the wax to seal it costs more and takes more time. I personally thought the regular paint side looked better. The top didn't look no where near as patchy as the chalk side and weathered looked on the bottom half was beautiful compared to the chalk side.

  • Aariyan Googe says:

    I love chalk paint you do not have to prep as much…you can also dilute it with water and choose your own consistency. If you use a foam or sponge roller or just a sponge chalk paint comes out nice and smooth especially if you thin it out some first. #feelthroughyoureyes @feelthroughyoureyes

  • Valarie Edwards says:

    I appreciate the side by side. Usually these versus videos omit vital information. Thanks!

  • HumbleHalfAcre says:

    Chalk paint has calcium carbonate(chalky). That's the texture!!!

  • Tracey Huish says:

    Can you use emulsion over top of chalk paint on wooden dinning table and chairs please

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