Chalk Paint Cabinets | Cheap Bathroom Renovation

Chalk Paint Cabinets | Cheap Bathroom Renovation

hi I’m Jenni with Roots & Wings Furniture and in this video I’m gonna show you how easy it is to make over
your bathroom vanity. if you’re ready to get started let’s do this. your bathroom
vanity is often overlooked but let me tell you it’s a great way to practice if
you’ve ever thought about redoing your kitchen cabinets a great place to
practice and get started get the feel of it if your bathroom bathroom vanities
are so much smaller and more manageable and it’s a great project you can do in
just a day so that’s what we’re working on today and I want to show you how to
do it this is my bathroom vanity and if you have been following along with our
house projects at all you can see more on the blog at roots and wings furniture
com but we have been trying to banish oak out of this house we’re on that path
and in this room the vanity is one of the last things that needs a little
attention so this is just plain old oak builder-grade vanity that we’re gonna
makeover today a couple of things just to keep in mind and consider before we
even get started is your Hardware it looks like to me before we moved in
someone had redone the the countertops at some point and obviously these I
don’t think these are original hardware but I want to change them so what I did
was I picked out hardware that matches the same holes all you do you measure
the from screw to screw along the back that’s called the center to Center I
think these were 3 inches pretty standard on those cabinets it’s going to
be a standard measurement and then I found hardware that had the same
measurement on line got these in and these are what are going to be replaced
with now it’s good to do that now because in case I did want to totally
change it up I would have to fill the holes and sand it down so I want to know
what hardware’s going in before I even get started and then the other thing to
consider is what color you’re gonna paint it I these are going to be a
darker color this is gravel road from dixiebell that’s what I’m going to use
on these it’s a really Wurm kind of a mix between a brown a
black and a Greg I am really excited about this color it’s gonna go in the
room perfectly and it contrasts nicely with the countertops so we’re going to
get a nice contrast here which is something that I always really like and
it’s going to cover really nicely if you are doing a lighter color over your oak
cabinets you’re gonna have to prime that’s another topic for another video
so we’ll leave that for this video like I say we’re doing the darker color so we
don’t need to prime it’s gonna save us a step and it’s going to cover really nice
so let me get some prep work done here and we will get started alright let’s
talk about some prep here so first things first we’re gonna take off the
hardware that’s existing it’s usually just a couple screws I am going to
remove these doors and paint them in the garage and that will just give us a
little bit of a nicer finish now I did a video before where I left the doors on
you can paint them in place and you can definitely do that if you just want to
do it quickly kind of check your hinges and see where the door overlaps just
make sure you can get your brush in all of those places and you can leave the
doors on if you want for this we’re going to take it off take them off take
them outside and give them a really nice finish but either way is totally fine so
this is oak like we talked about it is rough as in it’s like it has maybe some
water damage to it at some point but grain is really raised so I’m gonna give
it a little bit of a sanding for two reasons one so the paint has something
to really stick to and the smooth place is and also to kind of knock down the
the raised grain that we have going on here this paint does not require sanding
beforehand to prep it but if you’ve got really smooth cabinets you might want to
do it just as a precaution so we’re going to do that really quick
I’m gonna do it with the doors on just since they’re in place they’re hanging
which is super handy I’m just gonna do circular motion
it only takes just a couple minutes to get
standed enough and then we’re gonna clean it with white lightning white
lightning is from dixiebell and it is a PSP product but it’s even better than
tsp it’s got some good cleaning agents in it it’s gonna clean it without
leaving any soapy residue I’ve just mixed it with water in a spray bottle it’s not there’s no scent to it at all
we’re gonna just take paper towels and clean it off really good this will get
the Stardust this is gonna get the best any dirt grime that’s on these cabinets and to rinse it I’m just gonna use a
damp paper towel just damp with water we’ll go over it one more time for a
full supply list of everything you will need to create this awesome finish check
out the description below this video alright the cabinet doors are off and
everything is dry so it is time to paint here is the color it’s really pretty I’m
excited about this and I’ve got my dixiebell brush I’m gonna start up here
and go for it remember dixiebell paint is really nice
and thick which means it has great coverage I am just trying to go with the
grain here as much as I can again since this is oak we’re gonna get some of that
grain showing through so we’re gonna take our paint along with the grain just
to give it as nice of a finish as we can since we took the doors off I am gonna
come in right here on all of the frames I feel like that looks really
professional but the coverage on this is fantastic and I think one coat might
really be all we need okay I’ve gotten the doors out here in
the garage to set up on sawhorses so I can get to them really well one trick
when you’re painting doors is just to get the paint inside the detail of the
door first just kind of squish it in there sure it’s getting all of the
cracks and crevices first and then once that’s done go ahead and
get some more paint and smooth out the flat surfaces that will just help you
catch any drips that might happen kind of gives a nice rhythm especially if
you’re gonna do like a whole kitchen worth of cabinets now what I’ll do I’ll
just paint this side will let it dry and I’ll flip them over and paint the backs
before we install them okay while the doors are drying in the
garage let’s work on top coat this is dry now dixiebell doesn’t need a top
coat however it is a very flat matte chalky finish paint so you probably
don’t want just that for your cabinets I am going to use Gator hide to steal
these Gator hide is their strongest top coat it repels water I might be able to
get away with not quite this strong but in a little bathroom it gets really
steamy and obviously the doors had a little bit of water damage so they need
something strong so we’re gonna use Gator hide I am going to use dixiebell
mini brush just a nice clean brush synthetic bristles it’s gonna give a
really nice finish so we are going to basically apply this the same way we did
the paint the trick with this is it dries pretty quickly so we need to apply
it in a nice even coat kind of go over it once with the brush and then leave it
alone and let it do its work of self leveling so we’re going to get it on
there as evenly as we can okay I’m just gonna let this dry see what it looks
like before I put the doors back on definitely give it at least two hours to
dry if you felt like you needed another coat then you can do it after that two
hour I’m gonna finish this up and I can’t
wait to show you what it looks like when it’s done thanks so much for watching
this video I really hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to check out my website
roots and wings furniture comm for more painting tips and tricks and DIY also
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  • EmmaMVZ says:


  • Lydia Fitzpatrick says:

    It's like you have a brand new vanity. It is beautiful and you didn't have to pay the cost of a new vanity! Great job. The color you chose goes great with the wall color!

  • Elizabeth Hamilton says:

    Love that color! It looks great with the color on your walls. I have the same cabinets in our house and have wanted to paint them since the day we bought the house. I've been checking out the DB paints, finishes and brushes but didn't see them used in a Bathroom until now. Southeast Florida is very humid and wet at times so I need a paint and finish that can hold up in our type of weather. Thanks for all the info and tips. Have a great day. 🌴😎💙😎🌴

  • Sally Dunn says:

    I want to paint my cabinet, kitchen and bath. When do I use denatured alcohol vs TSP?

  • Jamie McDonald says:

    This is so beautiful and I am excited to try this out on my vanity! How much paint did it require? I can't tell if you're holding a 16oz or 32oz jar 🙂

  • Jacqueline chavez says:

    Love it what's the color?

  • Gilbyfan93 says:

    I loved this! So glad I found you! Did you not have to sand it bc you used chalk paint ? Thanks so much.

  • victoria brown says:

    Love that color grey beautiful job

  • Robin Luich says:

    Is that leveling paint?

  • Jenny Martinez says:

    What color did you used

  • Geri Mitchell says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. Your bathroom layout is the exact same as mine! I have been dragging my feet for so long, but I'm inspired to paint the whole bathroom and to include the vanity.

  • Bobby Faulkner says:

    This is GREAT stuff! My wife and I love home improvement things. Great channel!

  • Casandra Marquez says:

    Does it matter what type of paint you use? (I.e. oil versus water based?)

  • Kimberly Miller says:

    Wow, what a big difference looks great!

  • Michele Morgan says:

    My cabinet is melamine or thermafoil type material…is there any way to paint it that will look goo or is it a through away? TAI

  • NOYB52 says:

    Any recommendations on a good paint brand and type of paint from home depot? Is chalked paint best for bathroom vanity?

  • Am Lo says:

    Love the color!!! Seems…easy… I'll try this. Thank you…🌺

  • sheeerii says:

    Hi there!
    I just bought white chalk paint to paint my wood cabinet. My question is, would the Gator Top HIdecoat discolour the white? I've been trying to find a good sealant/topcoat and unfortunately I've read that many discolour the white paint and turn it yellowish… if you could please help me with this I'd appreciate it lots!!
    Thanks for sharing your video!

  • Abcdedghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz says:

    Looks great

  • JCM JCM says:

    great job but my ocd kicked in a few times

  • halfpiint says:

    I have black chalkboard paint from a project and thought it would be fun to paint the cabinets with this matte look. What do you think? It won’t be in the bathroom so I wouldn’t need a top coat, but thought I might do some small glue art on one cabinet than paint over it with the same black chalkboard paint. Do you have experience with blackboard paint? Do you think I’ll regret it? 💕😂 I’ve googled it but only come with info related to “chalk paint” NOT chalkboard paint 🤔🧐🤨so, Any feedback is deeply appreciated. Thanks❣️❣️

  • Jennifer Dahl says:

    I just chalk painted my bathroom cabinet the dark gray. I love it! I ended up going over the whole cabinet with fingernail polish, followed bu alcohol to remove the glaze from the varnish. Worked great! My doors were similar to yours and I took a chance an chipped out the middle part that sticks out and added bead board to the middle. Bought a thin bead board panel. Trimmed where the bead board met the frame. Whole new cabinet! I want to chalk paint everything now!

  • Jennifer Dahl says:

    I added peel and stick floor tiles to the inside cabinet bottom and the drawer bottoms. Made them easier to clean. Tip from a YouTube designer I follow.

  • Brit Badd says:

    Hi i have a few questions where can i get this paint ? i want to try the method u mentioned with keeping the doors on

  • Tiffany Syme says:

    How many ounces was your gray paint?

  • Christine Tenuta says:

    I'm inspired and placing an order with Dixie Bell. Which brushes did you use?

  • Brit Badd says:

    Hi how long do you need to let dry before adding top gator high coat? Also do u follow the same method if u decide to paint with counter doors on

  • Brad J says:

    You should definitely sand cabinets for a better finish and longevity

  • TruthFLA says:

    Why do the specialty paint companies require you to use their own branded specialty paint brushes?

  • Lo Vv says:

    Thanks a lot !!!

  • Crystal Mora says:

    Well you were a very good instructor lol. Some of these videos on YT are lengthy and confuse the heck out of me!!! I feel motivated to do this by myself without my husband's help. Thanks for sharing.

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