Can I CONQUER my ENEMY art supply?! – Paletteful Packs | OIL PAINT

Can I CONQUER my ENEMY art supply?! – Paletteful Packs | OIL PAINT

I’m scared. I’m excited. It’s time for another Paletteful Pack mystery Unboxing and let’s see what mystery supplies are in this month. As usual, Thank you so much to Paletteful Pack for sending me this box. All right here… we go. Oh nice grey little wormies. I… I like the dull color. What can I say? Alright, let’s get all of these little worm guys out of here and then get our supplies. So here we have three tubes of paint and this could go either way. They could be gouache, they could be acrylic or they could be oil. I am terrified to check. Let’s see what these are. M graham artist’s oil color (ivory black Payne’s grey and Titanium white.) I actually really do love Payne’s Grey ’cause it’s kind of like a really dark bluish gray color. However, wheew. Not a fan of oils. So to be honest, I am quite terrified. We had oils in a box a few months ago and I swear I put it on so thick it is still tacky to this day and I’m thinking about unfortunately throwing out the painting. It’s very sad. I like how they said “Oil paint can require a little bit of patience as you build your layers.” and you guys, I don’t have patience. Alright next up. We have M Graham walnut oil. So I suppose this is something to do with how to use oils. Let’s see what it says The addition of walnut oil to your oil paint will slow drying enhance flow and increase sheen. Let me tell you one thing. I don’t want to do is slow the drying time. Alright, next up is our paint brush to paint with. We have our Robert Simmons white sable brush. Let’s see that point.
Nice and fine. Nice and long, too. Next up is the art alternatives pallet knife. So here it is without the packaging and I actually kind of thought what they said in the back of the packaging was kind of funny. “Flexible steel blade. Solid hardwood handle. Solvent compatible!” and “Mix spread and apply color. manipulate paint strokes and texture.
Ideal for scraping and cleaning up.” So there you go. And for our final art supply. I think they forgot to give me… everything because it looks like we’re supposed to get an 8 by 10 stretched canvas. Got it. An 8 by 10 Canvas panel.
Don’t have it. But we do have the 5 by 7 Canvas panel. So it seems like they forgot to give me the 8 by 10 canvas panel, which thankfully, I don’t pay for this box So I don’t care that I didn’t get everything in the box but if I were paying for it, I’d probably be very sad. I guess it just means I have one less art to do, hah. All right. So let’s swatch some colors, play around with these oils, and see what we can make. Have I mentioned I’m terrified because I’m absolutely terrified of oils. So even though our colors are literally black, Payne’s gray, and white, I thought it would be interesting to go ahead and swatch them just to see… I don’t know. Who knows. What what they might look like. So we’ll just get a little dab there and I’m gonna be stupid and use my fingers so… There we go. I’m pretty sure oils are like the most toxic paint ever, but guess I’ll die. I’m actually excited to see the Payne’s gray because I just really like Payne’s gray. Paints gray is actually the color I use to color my aunt’s so let’s see if I resist making an ant illustration. Okay, that looks like that looks more black than black did… Actually I’m really curious to see what white and Payne’s gray looks like, so… I’m just gonna mix some of that up. So I guess I see a little bit more of a blue tone to it now that it’s mixed in with white, I suppose. Anyways, I wanted to do some some thumbnailing because I don’t really know what I’m going to draw and because this is pretty much going to be a black and white illustration, I wanted to kind of get an idea where I was going to do. So keeping the whole black and white situation in mind, I was thinking maybe we could do something with the moon and have it fade to really dark around it because they’re known for their ability to blend I suppose so… That would be interesting if we just had a moon and then maybe we could play around with some sort of creature or someone… I wish we had black White and then a color just to have a pop of color. Payne’s gray isn’t really doing it for me but I suppose… that does give us a little bit of color. I mean it’s not black or white, So… I kind of want to try to mix not realism but just a more blended style in with my illustrative style just to see what that would look like, I guess. I wonder what like ghost fish would look like we could do ghost fish. See, I wish we had red. Red it would be so cool for the fish’s eyes. I might be in love with those ghost fish. I mean, they’re just so silly. This kinda reminds me of my inktober 2017 cover page. Let’s see… You could fade away and then little ghost fish could be sticking out of her hair! No, I don’t know. I really think I do like the ghost fish Situati- I don’t really know what this is. I think it would be maybe ideal to do a little practice. Maybe we could do like a really loose oil painting on this one And then on this one, we really try to go for it, I guess. So I’m just going to roughly kind of lay out everything and like I said, this is just going to be the sketch. It’s going to be sloppy and messy to get a feel for the oils. I’ve used oils in a previous video, but I did not get the hang of them. So I feel like I could definitely benefit from a little trial run to just kind of see how this goes. Still scared. Still terrified, but I think we’re gonna have fun and… You know if I do anything completely horribly wrong you guys can just make fun of me and there you go it’s a Win-win for sure. As usual, does this seem like I know what I’m doing because… Tricked you. I absolutely don’t know what I’m doing. Oh, no, I’m mixing with the brush. I forgot you’re not supposed to do that. You’re supposed to mix with your palette knife, but I’ve already ruined that so… whoops. Seems like you kind of have to Pat the brush on the canvas to get into all those little holes to fill them. Actually, would this look more like clouds if I Patted around it? Would it look like fluffy clouds? I did say I wanted to do something a little less Illustrated and more… faded and stuff but I don’t think I like the way that looks at all. Oh no! I want there to be a glow around the moon. I just… destroyed that by painting it black around it. Well, this is what a practice round is for. Oh gosh. Okay. I think I would definitely do a lot better if I was painting on a surface that was smoother. I think that might be what my main frustration is coming from. I did want to play around with maybe looking like there were little ghost bubbles floating around on the water. I mean that could be interesting if I played around with it a little bit more. So really quick I actually poured some oil into the paint and the reason why I didn’t want to use it at first was because the whole The drying time is extended thing which really scared me off from using it. But it does make the paint a little more thinner and easier to use so I’m definitely going to have to keep that in mind because… this is a lot… A lot easier for me to use for sure. It’s not… Still not the best. I still don’t like Oils. Okay. Well still very hard for me to use but I think I can definitely get a smoother result using this. Using the oil rather than just using the paint dry. So… something to… consider and play with it. So we’ll see. I don’t know. So… Okay. Sure. I can maybe deal with that. So somehow I am actually feeling a little- Wow that was a lot of white. Well, you know, it wouldn’t be a Kasey video without a little regret. So I’m actually feeling quite motivated to really try my best with these paints. I want to try to give oil a really good try even though I really don’t like them. I’m gonna use a lot of oil because I feel like making it thin is the best way but that was that was a lot a lot of oil. And I want to give the moon a glow.
So the moon’s gonna be right here. About. And I can already tell you right now that adding oil really helps with me being able to use this a lot easier. So that’s good. I’m glad I… used all the supplies. As I should’ve. Just adding oil really scares me because I know it’s going to extend the drying time, which is something I do not want to do. So, that’s absolutely terrifying, but we will figure it out. Also, I’m obsessed with painting the sides. I just don’t like it when a canvas has white sides. So, please excuse me while I paint the sides of the canvas. I do want it to be rough. Definitely. You can tell if there’s brushstrokes because I think that’s the fun thing about working in a traditional medium is that this was done with brushes. I don’t want it to look like a smooth digital painting. I want it to look like I used a brush and there are strokes and actual paint. I want you to be able to tell how I made this painting. So I think it’s really fun to see all the brushstrokes. I feel like I would be more confident if I was working really big or if I just had a smaller brush. This brush isn’t even big. I just feel like it’s just going to be really easy to mess up. Also probably should be referencing an actual picture of the moon to see what its crater-y spots look like but here we are. Making stuff up. Paint our sea… Actually I do want to paint the edges of our canvas because like I said, I’m obsessed with the edges being painted as well. So I will be right back. Okay, so I have… I’ve painted the edges of the canvas and I’ve made quite a disastrous mess over here adding oil and… it’s just… I have no excuse. I don’t know what I’m doing. I do not work with oils. This is a disaster but we’re just gonna try to… you know, have fun and see what we can create. So. So far I feel like I’m having a lot better of a time than I normally do with oils. I think the sky for me looks really good. So I’m happy with… how that has turned out so far. But now it’s… oh it’s gonna get intense as I try to create shiny water over this white that is not even close to being dry yet. So wish me luck y’all, ’cause I’m going to need it. With how hard it is to even do something as simple as shiny water over wet white paint, It really makes me scared for how I’m going to add the ghosts. I might have to revisit this painting tomorrow and try to get this to dry as much as I can. I don’t want it to be completely smooth. Like I said, I do like to embrace the brushstrokes in the paint and all of that but there is too rough and I don’t really like that You can see the texture of the canvas as I try to make strokes. I don’t want that. But maybe I should embrace how rough it is in the sense that I’m not going to get as great of a smooth Shiny water effect as I would like, so maybe I should just embrace it and see what happens. No matter how much I try to avoid it, I’m probably gonna have oil somewhere in my room at all times now. It’s like sand. Oils are like the sand of art supplies. I’m actually starting to like the texture of the canvas as stupid as that sounds because I’ve been talking about not wanting it this whole time. It kind of adds like a little Sparkle and shine look to it. So I’m starting to like that I think. Okay, that was a big blob of paint. So RIP the drying time on this. Let’s see. I just wanted to be a little bit darker on the edges. Some of the light was kind of creeping in. There’s probably too much white. I’m just afraid to get rid of too much white. Because then it’s just going to turn into a very sad looking ocean. Okay, so I may have gotten rid of too much of the… The moonshine. But that’s okay. I think it looks all right. You know for someone that doesn’t work with oils, I think I’m… I’m hanging in there. So I don’t know how much this can dry between now and tomorrow, but I’m going to give this 24 hours to dry and see if it won’t make it easier to add our ghost fish and our clouds on top and maybe some stars and some sparkles and details, so I will see you guys in 24 hours when this dries or It dries a little bit because it’s not going to ry. Okay, so it has been 24 hours since I put this coat on and to no ones surprise it is still very wet. So I’m just going to do my best to put the clouds and the fish on as best as I can because I know it’s it’s still wet. It’s tacky. It’s probably just going to mix in with the previous layer, but we are just going to try our best. Do you guys want to watch a disaster? Let’s do it. Let’s let’s make a disaster here. Okay. So first off I do know that I want to put clouds… over the moon here. We’re picking up some of that gray. Oh boy. The disaster begins. And because I’m so scared to press down too hard I’m afraid that our layer of paint is going to be so thick it’s just never going to dry. This cloud is definitely a lot more gray than I would like because it’s picking up so much great under the cloud, but you know… But because I am painting on wet oils, I’m going to go ahead and just say that it’s still successful. One thing I do kind of regret is that I wanted to make the fish sort of transparent and it’s going to be kind of difficult with painting over the background. But the reason why I didn’t do that is because I knew if I painted around These fish and cloud shapes, it would only make it more difficult to do things like the water shine and the background gradient. I’m not skilled enough to do that sort of thing. Obviously, I just don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to oils, but we’re going to try our best. So… Oh my gosh, I’m scared. But here we go. Actually if it’s a ghost fish, it might just be really interesting if their eyes are just empty holes, so I might just leave it like that. Maybe I’ll try to give him a scaly texture and that could help with Making him look a little clearer because I’ll be picking up the background color a little bit. Does that look like a ghost fish? It kind of just looks like a weird… a weird thing. And because I want to use the pallet knife to do some painting, let’s use the pallet knife to create The water shine… Oh My gosh, that’s so bad looking. That was a lot of paint too. Holy heck. I didn’t mean to put that much paint down. That’s never gonna dry, is it? Oh, no. I don’t know how I feel about that, but it’s not as disastrous as I thought it was going to end up being so let’s just continue painting some more ghost fish. Oh, I forgot their eyes… Well, let’s just say as the ghost fish thing to the background they lose detail. Yeah? Great. Okay, I’m just going to add some additional wavy details in the water to make it look less…. Plain? Stagnant, I guess. Oh, you know what I should do? My classic birds in the sky like a five-year-old. Let’s do it. Oh my gosh. Wow. Great. Is that it? Are we done? Oh my gosh. I’m afraid to touch it. So I know the edges are still wet, but here we go. All right. Guys, thank you so much for watching my oil painting disaster. I… I don’t know. It’s oil painting. I feel like I just don’t have the patience for it and I never will. So I hope you enjoyed this Paletteful Pack unboxing and oil painting. Thank you so much too Paletteful for sending me this box. If you want to get your own Paletteful Pack, check out the link in the description. Thanks for watching. Stay golden, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye! And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches ,coloring pages, early access and more. check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! Is it sad that I like our practice painting more…? Oh well.


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    You can mix oil paints with turpentine to make it thinner instead of oil, it doesn't add sheen but it does dry a lot quicker (you can bring back sheen with a shiny varnish though). Oils dry because they form bonds with oxygen, not because the oil evaporates, like alcohol or water based art supplies do, so if you mix it with a solvent that does evaporate it will dry more quickly 🙂
    If building layers you should put more fatty layers over the thin layers that are mixed with turpentine, otherwise the difference in drying time will cause top layers to crack. You can also use acrylics as a base colour and do the oils on top when they are dry.
    Another tip: oils aren't entirely opaque, so adding white on top will work as a highlight, not as a pure white. Oils are great for painting transluscent and shiny things because of this (and because of the drying time, you have plenty of time to blend haha) 🙂

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  • Bronwyn Alayne says:

    loved this. this box is also my first time working with oils and im actually enjoying the process. ive found that if you do a layer then wait about a week then its pretty much dried and you can do the next layer. im trying to do a portrait for my nan for christmas.

  • QuotePilgrim says:

    You don't need patience if you learn the wet on wet technique, which is what Bob Ross used.

  • Not My Rodrick says:

    Do a challenge where you can’t swatch

  • bonnie lavender says:

    you know, good red oil paint, without the right medium, can dry for even six months!

  • Crowycawcaw/ Television says:

    I actually don't like clay because it always cracks and then it just breaks over time

  • Bluebythehour says:

    kasey: nice and long to

  • Stellar Evolution Designs says:

    To help dry oils you can bake the piece in the oven! I was able to do it to a piece I needed to take to a comic convention!

  • Gacha Luma Rose says:

    My art enemy is ink.

  • Mr. Krabbs says:

    Like so she can see

  • carolina rojas says:

    Using a lot of oil yellows the canvas but it turned amazing on your painting

  • sour cream says:

    How much do you think I should charge for art? I’m in 5 th grade and everyone asked me for drawingd, but I don’t want to give away free art

  • Idalia May says:

    Lol, you need gesso to help with the surface texture. Personally, I hate using canvas for oils. Wood panel is way better and way cheaper.

  • Wolfie Wolf says:

    Reminds me of the album “o my ♥️” from Mother mother. Love your vids!

  • Cheri Nuchell says:

    I feel oil paints are a completely obsolete medium. I understand before plastic and air tight seals, why they would need a medium that stayed wet for days or even months.

  • Mango chan says:

    my art enemy is acrylic because they dry TOO fast 😀

  • Kyla Crawford says:

    They did not give you a proper oils kit. They should have added a solvent and a medium (they speed up the drying) instead of the oil. Store bought canvases need to sanded and gessoed for a better surface. If you try oils again remember fat over lean. You’re first layers need to have more solvent and then you add the fatty medium in as you build.

  • Guilherme De Almeida Silva says:

    Please legends Portugues sou de BRASIL🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😋😋

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