Calligraphy Alphabet N-Z : Calligraphy Flourishes With Pointed Brushes

Calligraphy Alphabet N-Z : Calligraphy Flourishes With Pointed Brushes

Here are what I would call a liners, they’re
very, very pointed brushes. And again as with all these brushes that I’m showing you, they’re
all different varieties of liners. But basically what they’re used for is fine line work. So
if you take a peek over here, you see love, beauty, joy. Some of my favorite words. And
these little strokes here, which is I would usually refer to as flourishing, are done
with a liner. So the liner works on a thick and thin, with the thick and thin principle
also. So I can take this liner and I can press down about that much and get that thick a
line. But if I press down further, I get a thicker line. Now the important thing for
you to understand is that I have a sense of the center of that stroke. And that’s one
reason why I’m able to control it. But here’s a typical exercise. And of course I don’t want to run out of paint.
So that would be an exercise that you might want to do just to work on control. And same
idea, pointed tool. Slightly different.
Thin, thick, thin. So what I’m doing is I’m adding pressure and then I’m releasing. Yeah, you can letter with brushes like this,
in a slightly different way. Alright and then I’m going to show you a lot of times when
I’m doing documents for example. You know resolutions, this person is so wonderful.
We really appreciate you. And then you’re going to have some places on the manuscript,
where you might want to do flourishing around the letters similar to this.


  • WAW 870 says:

    this lady have such a lovely hand writing…

  • qualitatserzeugnis says:

    thank you for teaching us,, I have a question: what kind of brush are most suitable for this rounded shaped??
    I tried skirrel ones, polyamid, some used with sumi e (japanise), martha tropical, some martre Kolinsky, and for me worked much better for this activity brushes from winsor and newton made of squirrel hair. thank you

  • overlandpark15 says:

    Thanks for sharing-nice job. I thinking this is much easier using a quill pen (flexible pointed nib) to get thick and thins. The brush is too hard for many new calligraphers to control.

  • 45GIJKL says:

    KONY 2012

  • Mya Kiki says:

    Where do you get a Calligraphy pen? The ink seemed to never run out. Is it possible if I use paintbrush with paint instead? I think it'll run out though. Please reply and I love your art. Simply amazing. Very much appreciated. – Asian 15 years old.

  • Aimee Bethell says:

    Incredible brush control!

  • ρєтяαα ß says:

    I have been practicing for a quite time but no improvement it is disappointing to me

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