Call of Duty XP Walkthrough 2011 Event (Paintball/Scrapyard/COD MW3/Tournament/) Informations

[Music] hey I’m rubber bowling from infinity ward and we’re here at call of duty XT in Los Angeles were three days away from opening up the doors I mean this place is insane I just walked in its massive you guys are going to freak out here is where you’re going to play for the first time ever modern warfare 3 multiplayer we’re going to reveal the details on stage you’re gonna come over here and play that’s just the beginning we’re having a million-dollar tournament and most importantly you guys are going to be able to watch it live on the color duty XD facebook app with this in here playing the game that’s awesome we have modern warfare 3 multiplayer here we have spec ops playable over there the new survival mode but then outside we have a huge huge amount of live events we have zip lines we have the scrapyard from modern warfare 2 completely rebuilt that you’re going to run through we have the pit let’s go outside and check it out on the way over to the pit I just had to stop and show you guys burger town fully recreated you can come out here when you’re done before you head in and playing get a bite to eat it is massive and insane so if you played modern warfare two you know exactly where I’m standing here we’ve recreated the pit from modern warfare 2 we’re gonna have people lining up picking their weapon of choice running through here taking down targets sprint to the finish trying to get the fastest time seeing this place and realize standing here after playing it so many times myself in the game is just insane I can’t wait to run through this myself in three days and now let’s head over into the scrapyard this is it the full recreation of scrap yard for modern warfare 2 this is what I’ve been most excited about for over a year since we’ve been planning this in the see it here live to see the sight lines in person the cover points and I posts up that in the game it’s insane we’re going to have two teams of 16 running through here in three days playing paintball fighting to the finish it is going to be insane keep checking back all week because we’re going to be keep updating you with content from call duty XP this is the ultimate experience for any call of duty friend it doesn’t take the most powerful nations on earth [Music]

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