Building Defense ► Magfed Paintball

Hello guys JONES here, this time we had to defend a building which contains objects the enemy team needs to capture, enjoy! teammate: they are comming! they did throw something grenade: boOM! if a enemy grenade explodes next to you it counts as a hit if you’re in the predefined kill zone However, walls and rooms count as cover damn, go go go! check the second stairwell! *lols* seems like a blind shell *lols again* teammate: hey Max how are you doin’ down there? enemy: f*** you, you damn b****** (sarcasm off) *lmao* teammate: do you want or should i? you can should i go back there? teammate: we have someone there the enemies have a hard time trying to get to the stairwell as it seems but at some point they will try something underneath the stairs! enemy: hit! yes! enemy: *lol* *lols too* revenge! enemy: i felt it! ouch, im sorry! *evil lol* enemy: damn .43! our teammates on the lower floor did a good job holding the enemies back after this it became pretty quiet and we decided to leave the building attention, a car? i hear one! where are they driving at, shouldnt we go back now? teammate: can we do it still? yes, lets go, maybe we can shoot them out from behind! looks like this wasn’t the best idea to leave the building after hearing a troop transport moving down the road looks like the enemy team placed a spawn point at this location now i have to be careful so they don’t see me attention its me! teammate: i look on the outside! oh s*** im so sorry! friendly fire, im so sorry for this! sometimes you just can’t tell if it’s enemy or not *applies first aid bandage* as far I’m aware of we managed to defend the building till the game was over thanks to everyone for this awesome day and as always, if you liked please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel Jones over and out

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