BTS Run! [Bölüm 7 paintball türkçe altyazılı] (BTS Run! Ep.7 paintball english subtitle)

BTS Run! [Bölüm 7 paintball türkçe altyazılı] (BTS Run! Ep.7 paintball english subtitle)

[BTS] [Run BTS!- EP.7 SURVIVAL] [The staff pounced to BTS who were getting
ready to be filmed]
SG: But why are we going to film here? [Uneasiness detected]
S: Eh? So, where are we going? JM: We are not going to a mudflat, are we? [We aren’t..say we aren’t… / Denial of reality]
JM: It doesn’t seem like it JM: It’s a picnic, isn’t it? [I won’t believe it…] [Gangwon-do..?]
V: Where is Gwangwon-do? [They just calm down and gathered]
[Silmi-do special!]
Staff: Guys, it’s Run BTS! Staff: Silmi-do special! SG: Silmi-do?!
JH: Silmi-do special?! Oh my… [(JM) Will we do like this stuff?]
[(JM) Playing Silmido alone]
Staff: You will go to Gangwando Inje and [Feel the fresh air and the good view of Gangwondo Inje^^]
have some fresh air and good views of Inje. JH: Let’s start with a teleportation, though it’s
pretty childish. JK: do a teleportation?
JH: do a teleportation? [Really…rhyme?]
RM: Now shall we go to Inje?
BTS: 1!2!3! [Are you happy guys]
[Arrived at Inje in a sudden!!]
SG: Now we arrived to Inje! RM: Its air is fresh but I don’t feel fresh…
JH: I know right RM: I don’t feel good about this…
SG: There is a bungee jumping… [an ominous sign 1] [an ominous sign 2]
[a vague fear from the title, Silmi-do Special] JH: Yeah what is this?
JK: There is something
RM: The background isn’t good SG: Now what will we do here? [Boys… Don’t worry…]
Staff: Well, the title is Silmi-do Special, but
actually is an autumn picnic. [Huh….]
RM: How could an autumn picnic and Silmi-do
be together?
JM: Never. It can’t [Yeah… RM you are right. It is about Survive laws!] V: Survive?!?!?! JK: Now it is all settled, let’s set a team. SG: Ah..Yes… RM: The team that will be together the survive and the hell. [Heaven or hell]
[cautious de-den ggi for setting the team ] BTS: De-den ggi! Up. Down. Again, de-den ggi! SG: Our balance is good, right?
JM: Not bad. [a war of nerves started already]
RM: I think height balance is nice.
JK: Oh, height balance is nice! JM: Then let’s get started!
[Let’s start! Go!Go!GO! ]
BTS: Go! Go! Go! [Here is a X-game resort in Inje]
[Why BTS is wearing a pad?]
RM: Well, now everyone is wearing a funnel… JH: It’s real…
RM: What is this?
Jin: What’s it… JK: This? We wear it when we do Taek-Wondo.
RM: ah… [like this]
SG: We are here to play a survival game! JH: Shoot me and go! [no one cares…]
RM: I did interview in advance… RM: V said he is very good at survival.
[serious] [V?] [good at survival?]
RM: He said himself that he is very good at…
how do you thinnk of it, V? V: I will record 0 death and 40 kills.
[V’s expecting record] Jin: 0 death and 40 kills?
JH: Oh, I will be looking forward to your
performance. [I’m a lonely killer…]
RM: It’s a general game addict’s symptom. RM: It’s a general game addict’s symptom, RM: confused with online and offline. V: head shot, double kill, multi-kill
[game pain V?] SG: Now our team needs one more member.
JH: We have 3 but you have 4. We are disadvantageous. V: So we prepared…
RM: We prepared. It will be a big handicap for red team. Really.
[Who is the man that will be a big handicap for red team?!] [Who is the man that will be a big handicap for
red team?!]
JK: A great reserve force! RM: Who is in charge of body, he has better
body than me, RM: Sang Yeon hung!
[BTS manager hyung who has a better body then Rapmon!] V: Our Sang yeon’ss!
RM: I think you guys will have never seen him. [Joining black team with different height!]
RM: Our new manager.
JK: Look at his height!! RM: By the way RM: what survival will we do? [30 minutes limited!]
[red and black, occupy opponent’s side] [each team will process the game by defending and attacking opponent] [If they hit by paint ball, they have to go back to their side and do respawn to do the game again. [If someone go into other’s side alive, they’ll win] [What is respawn?] [To be relocated after the user’s character
dies on game] Staff: If you couldn’t occupy other’s side, the team has more respawn will lose. [Let’s GO GO GO to the real game!]
SG: Let’s get started now!
BTS: GO! JK: One for defending.
RM: He means one for protecting the camp, [they make a plan carefully]
JK: One for the bridge, the others will go and attack [How about black team? Just rush?]
Manager(M): At first stage, let’s just rush
through them. JM: Just rush through them at first….?
M: Yeah. JH: But what if we die? [This is red team’s teamwork!]
V: Let’s do this! JM: Somehow…I think we can win… [Red team VS Black team]
[Who will be the winner of the survial game?] [Round 1] [Starting the game at the same time, red team runs actively] [Black team starts with defending.] [It is as serious as movie shooting.] [Suga is hiding like saying ‘shoot me’]
[RM>attacking>Suga] [hit on target]
SG: ouch… [I thought I was hiding well….T.T] [the first respawn is SUGA] [He shoots like it is a real situation] [One shot for one kill! A good shooter Jimin!]
JM: Wow! It worked! [I’ll do our team’s revenge]
[serious] JM: It is very painful… [a long time hiding, Suga moves] [Grim Reaper RM comes to catch Suga] [Your mine♥]
[Joins for the hunt of Suga♥] [Everyone’s target♥]
[Why do you keep on hiding in the same spot…]
SG: Ah!!…Ah!! It hurts!! [I’m the lonely hunter of this war place…] [Only chasing out for one man]
[You who reborned…
I’m going to catch you again…] [Is it the plan?]
[A kind man who couldn’t shoot at all but get hit]
SG: Ah! @#$% Shoot again?! [Recieve my gun shots bang bang!]
[Red team’s never ending devastating attack] [Save J…J-hope!!!] [Red team surrounds a weird atmosphere] [V checking his bullets] [No wonder he shot too many times..] [Red team fails to control their bullets since it’s the first game!] V: Ah.. I have no more bullets
[Suga examining closely] S: Hey they have no bullets anymore!
JH: Don’t come!
[In a sudden turned the tide] [Forget the J-hope who has been only hiding
and been hit!] [What… Is this situation?]
[Ah… I’m feeling angry] [What’s this What this]
[They actually had bullets?!] RM: Is there nothing? RM: There are no bullets? SG: Hey Soso go go go
[Translate: Although they don’t have any
bullets, I’m still scared so anyone just go] JH: Try and shoot me! Try and shoot me! [Never knew they used all the bullets..]
[Red team is frustrated]
JH: Try and shoot me! SG: Hey they have no bullets! [Red team who was leading is just frustrated]
JH: Try and shoot me! SG: Hey just run!
[No longer can wait.. Just run!!] [Er.. It can’t happen] SG: Run Run! [High height manager hyung]
[Runs straight with all his strength [Tries to stop him but doesn’t work] [Thanks to manager hyung’s superior height,
black team won the first round!] [Take me too..!!] [Was it really their plan]
[Black team achieved victory while receiving
bullets with their body] [1st round Black team’s victory!!]
[Tired] [Tired] [Tired] [RM’s 1st round analysis!]
RM: You have to hide hide your body more than
you think. RM: If you can’t hide your body, then you have
to run!
V: Okay Okay RM: Also the front person needs to take care of
the back members
V: “Okay Okay” JN: Yoongi at the right! Ah just use impolite
speech~” V: Ah it’s variety so let’s use impolite speech”
[Slowly uses impolite speech] RM: I pretended to be cool a lot before V: From now on I’m going to pretend to be
really cool a lot. [Got the feeling!]
[2nd round Start!] [From the start, red team pressures black team] [Suga is hidden tightly]
SG: Run just run, go to the tree, the tree x2 [I am a shooter..] [A vibe that he is the target outright]
[J-hope runs to the tree like what Suga
commanded] [Staff SAY]
[Oh It’s dangerous.. The members are too into it [Give me bullet]
[Black team’s provocations continues]
RM: Hey use it wisely. The bullets will be gone. RM: Hey we will have to go on a long battle so use your bullets wisely. RM: Run.. Run!
[annoy] [annoy] [I am going to really shoot that hyung..] [It’s not enough although he gives it]
[A bullet baptism maknae is giving to Hobi hyung] [Hobi hyung.. have you received.. my bullet well..? RM: Where are the black team members?
[Here] [Sc..Scary.. (shiver)] [Where are.. our hyungs~?] [Shooting suddenly starts] [What is it..? If it’s not us then..?]
[Hahaha] [Hahaha] [V] [Jungkook] [Save J-hope~!] SG: Hey run! RM: Hyung there is a lot there, hyung look there! [(Although I’m going to stay)]
[Hope run! For me!!]
SG: Hope! RUN! [Ru.. Run..?] [J-hope running with a monstrous scream]
It’s too sca.. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!! Red team Jungkook doesn’t lose the timing and runs!
[However manager hyung is protecting the area] Manager hyung who was protecting black team’s area succeeds in defending! [Who are you?]
[Hobi listens to Suga’s words well] [Now we don’t know SPREE!!!] [Suga is out to respawn] [RM out] [Jin out]
[Red team’s respawn is increasing fastly] (JM: Nice♥) JM: (laughing) [I wanna be with you always]
[Suga wanting to run with J-hope]
SG: Hey Hope! Run just run! Just run! [It’s funny but scary]
[Suga urging J-hope and J-hope running making
weird noises] [What’s wrong with those hyungs?] [At last.. J-hope loses his cool]
SG: What are you doing! Hope! [You look poor.. Hope just rest..] [Keeps on staying in his spot]
[Suga’s plan success]
[You were good in taking the bullets.. J-hope..] [Only can hear gun and breath noises here in
Gangwon-do, Inje..] [These friends.. Haha.. Guys it’s a variety..] [Black team states for surrender??] JK: Do you not have any bullets?
JM: No? We just came here JM: No? We just came here [Jimin shows his back and goes off after
imagining a cool drawing] [Why do you guys,] [Just concentrate in shooting..] [His name is Jun. Jung. Kook.] [When everyone forgot what the mission was
Jungkook ran!] [It’s too late too late]
[Can’t aim him just shooting him now] [Jungkook’s chill goal!!] [Both teams tried their best]
JM: You did good [We were cool]
V: You were cool JM: You guys were cool x5] [Our hyung was cool♥]
[Maknae Jungkook’s feelings are really UP] [Game’s aftertaste continuing]
[Talking about how he got shot]
JM: I had the last bullet so I ran but.. [I got hit here]
[The paintball hit V’s thigh] JM: Let’s look at it. You can cure this in order to check it V: No.. No..
JM: Don’t you need to check it? JM: Just for your safety?
[Jimin wants to check V’s status for his safety?] [Ah why.. Are you doing this here embarrassingly?]
V: Ah this guy.. [Naturally] [Naturally]
JM: It can be really dangerous
[Really it’s for you] [Just get cold water] Staff: Well how was it guys?
[This episode of ‘Run BTS!’ was more spectacle
than any other episodes] RM: Ah really.. Sudden Attack! With feeling
really sorry for the Sudden Attack characters-
[Apologising] JH: It really hurts!
RM: Ah.. really
[J-hope who received most of the paint balls] SG: You think you won’t get hit when you go
but you get hit
[The reality of survival differs to game] V: When I see hyungx2, you look like your
wearing designer clothes”
[Paint is also fashion for Suga] [Staff is ashamed too..^^…] [BTS did a really good
JM: Ah.. I feel ashamed I felt something- SG: If I die once I get hit four times RM: To be honest, we tried our best although
it worked or not worked Staff: I will announce the result
[Result announcement!!] Staff: Now first round, Black team wins!
[Different reactions] [excessive, arrogant, timid
reaction] [1st round>Black team wins!] Staff: Red team wins the second round!
2nd round>Red team wins!
RM: Woah JN: Wow we won? We won!!
JK,RM: Wow daebak! [The team who has the most respawns loses!]
Staff: Black team the number of respawn is 36 JM: U..Us??
SG: We did a lot, 36 times JM: We did 36 times Staff: Red team! 3..
“How many respawns for Red team?” [Which team will win the survival?] Staff: 3..1 times
[Red team’s respawn: 31 times] [Sad moments interchanged with hours of merriment] [Excited] [Excited]
Staff: At the first round [The winning team achieves four wheeled bikes for the next round in]
Staff: a penalty Staff: respawn has been found so fairly
the bikes will be decided by scissor paper rock in
the nextround V: No.. But scissor paper rock is-
[Trying to use an excuse..] SG: No it’s not, I’ll tell the truth. He got hit 3 times and he also got hit 3 times RM: No no I don’t know I think we died more
than that
[Jimin, J-hope laughs] [Staff can’t get in..]
[The members are in a fuss at last] V: No Namjoonie hyung did it wrong JM: That’s it! Just do it there!
[At last Jimin cleans it up] JM: Let’s not do it smelly
[The aroma of Gangwon-do smelt with the wind] JH: Oh poo smell! Staff: Now we will transfer to the ‘Treasure
Hunt’ place BTS: Go go go!!
[Hidden plot twist][Also look forward to the next episode of Run BTS! ‘Treasure Hunt!’] [Next week’s Run BTS!]
[A treasure hunt will be opened in [a Gangwando mountain with good air and view!] JN: Jeon Jung Kook so unfair!
JH: Wow daebak! RM: Here it is idiots!
[BTS’s real self revealed?!]
[Betrayal and evil plans.. “Consecutive plot twists!”] JH: AH I’M SO SCARED!!
[Silmi-do EP.02 Treasure hunt]
[Look forward to the next episode!] [TRANSLATION BY KAYLA JOO]

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