Brush / Stroke / Bulge / Swipe Test⎟Knee Swelling

Brush / Stroke / Bulge / Swipe Test⎟Knee Swelling


  • Physiotutors says:

    In this video, Andreas places the patient's leg in full extension. Be aware that the test is done on a healthy individual. In practice you might encounter excessive swelling and the patient might not be able to extend the leg fully to 0°, as the knee joint will adopt the Maximally loose packed position (MLPP) of 15 – 25° of flexion. By doing so, it allows for equal distribution of the synovial fluid within then joint capsule.
    Take home: Conduct the test in extension, which might mean to do it in 25° of knee flexion if further extension is not possible!

  • walzaher says:

    u guys are awesome thanks for all the videos u have so much hard work into them

  • Sophie D says:

    Do you maybe also have an article that validates this test? I need it for scripture. Or even where does the evidence for the test come from, i can look for it myself.

  • Fawad Marwat says:

    Plz video on treatment of deformity

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