Brush Set Review – D’Artisan Shoppe | Maestro Series XV

Brush Set Review – D’Artisan Shoppe | Maestro Series XV

What’s going on everybody? Brandon Schaefer here, thanks
for joining me for another episode this time its going to be a product review and I
have a brush set that I’d like to review so let’s get straight into it I’ve been
using these for about a year I’ve been meaning to do a review for quite a while and
I’ve kinda just been wrapped up in other things so I’m finally getting to that
now but it’s also good because I got to see how these brushes will hold up and
I’m here to say that they held up quite well. I like the carrying case, its
magnetic, it’s compact – the brushes are lightweight the wood on the brushes is
much lighter than some of the other brushes that I have so when I go out
plein airing I can save a little bit of weight. It was a different experience at
first but I got used to the nuances of the brush and things like that and just
adapting to it so it’s not a big deal anymore that they’re a little more
lightweight they’re also durable, they’ve lasted for at least over a year and
they’re still going strong for me. Also, I like that they’re long handled even this one inch brush has a very long handle. That’s usually very hard to find. I didn’t even know that a brush like this existed until they sent me this set and I was like
whoa this is really cool I didn’t even know I wanted one of these but now I do
so I really enjoy that this probably my favorite brush in the whole said besides
this medium-sized little bristle brush and I’ve been using for quite a while
and you can check it out on a lot of my time lapses I’ve done in the last year I’ve
used this brush most likely along with smaller bristle brush that’s from a
different set I also like the quality of these. These are pretty good quality. The hairs
are nice they’ve stayed a nice shape for a while and that comes with cleaning it
depends on how you clean your brushes and take care of them. The better you take care of them the longer they’re going to last and I do enjoy using some of these
other softer brushes from time to time that helped me to soften it soften edges
are just getting the lights feathery touch on the canvas sometimes I forget
even do that cuz I get into the zone when I’m painting and I forget to use
these softer brushes about when I do remember I do enjoy using these softer
brushes and also I did some watercolor here and there in the last few months and I
use these softer brushes for watercolor these would also come in handy if using
acrylics and you’re doing some glazing or with oil if you’re doing some glazing
I’m not really into glazing that much I tried in the past and it’s worked for a
few things here and there but I don’t do it as much but these are the brushes that I
would use my main problem or con with the set out of 15 brushes there are only
four bristle brushes now I I personally like using bristle brushes from my
painting like I was saying earlier with the softer brushes I only use those just
here in there for light touches or softening things or trying some
different technique and out of those four one of them is a fan brush which
ironically I’m not a huge fan of so I don’t even use like fan brushes I think I
don’t know me personally I don’t see a need for fan brush. I could if I wanted kind
of cut this and reshape it anyway I want so actually having this fan brush could
be pretty cool to have because then I can just customize the brush so that’s
something I just now thought of that I would do. Having just more
variety I like the variety of sizes and different shapes are some round brushes
here there’s a liner brush but I would like to see more just more balanced you
know maybe half and half bristle and half softer sable brushes other than
that I really enjoyed this set anyway check the links down in the description to find out
more about these brushes where you can purchase them and all that stuff hope you
enjoyed this video don’t forget to LIKE Share comment subscribe. follow me on
Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube don’t get discouraged keep on painting like I
said check out this brush set. and uh, take care of yourself, PEACE!


  • mooches says:

    Awesome, got the coupon!

  • D'Artisan Shoppe says:

    Hey Brandon – Thank you for your kind thoughts in the above artist brush set review. Having synthetic brushes allows vegans or acrylic painters to use them so we did our best to strike a happy balance as far as possible for all painting types and styles. That said, we do appreciate your time and am glad you've been happy using them for well over a year now 🙂 Thank you once again. Chloe from D'Artisan Shoppe.

  • Robert says:

    Those look like really good brushes. And that's awesome how they thanked you in the comments for your good review.

    There is something I am wondering about oil paints and I wanted to ask. I have heard Bob Ross recommend in his videos to thin down oil paint with turpentine to make it stick on top of thicker paint. He said that if the oil paint is the same consistency as the oil paint below it that it is being painted on top of, it will mix into it and create a muddy looking mix. So he said if you want to paint a bright color on top of another color, it has to be thinned down a little with turpentine so that it will not mix with the paint below it. But that seems go against the "fat over lean" rule where every layer of paint is supposed to have more oil in it than the layer below it to avoid the paint cracking when it dries. When he thins down the oil paint with turpentine it does seem to easily glide over the thicker paint below it without mixing with it, and it does looks like an interesting technique.

    But I have been wondering if doing that is technically breaking the "fat over lean" rule when he did that? Just wondering what your thoughts on that were because I have been thinking of trying out oil paints and of trying that technique to layer paint. I like to incorporate a lot of different styles and techniques, and I think I might want to incorporate some of Ross's brush stroke and painting techniques. But I'm not sure how sound that one is and if it could lead to the paint cracking?

  • Carla Bunn says:

    hi! I have really enjoyed your lessons. do you have any courses on which brushes to use depending on the painting?

  • Carla Bunn says:

    I have a hard time with the color brown. I only use primary colors and white, and my browns always look like baby poop, depending on what the baby ate.

  • FeralFlapjack says:

    Dude I love your stuff, you put a lot of work into your videos and it shows

  • Nathan JSWT says:

    Hi! I don't use too much the fan brushes too, but there is an interesting fact about them. Besides the Bob Ross' trees (just joking), fan-blender brushes can be used for blending, hence the name used in the past (fan-blender), nowadays just fan. I used to blend some skies in larger canvases, I don't think in small paintings they could be used for that purpose. I saw somewhere over the www that you can blend better with this kind of brush in your portraits paintings. Thanks for your video! Cheers!

  • Zayd Shaikh says:

    First video with no dislikes that I have seen😗😉

  • Liberty says:

    Fan brushes are great for loading with paint and creating for example leaf litter or even grass – put a darker layer at the back and then bring in different greens etc just by tapping the brush upright on the canvas. The brush covers a lot of the area because of its spread-out shape.

  • Marcus Cassius says:

    I don't like synthetic brushes. Hog hairs are the best especially with your style.

  • Canuklhead says:

    thank you for this review. It helped in my decision of your pointing out the variance of brushes. I assumed all to be bristle and back to looking for a brush set.

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