Best photoshop brush settings for painting with a wacom tablet

Best photoshop brush settings for painting with a wacom tablet

A super quick Let’s Draw for today I was playing around with my photoshop brush settings and I realised that there’s three major tips that I reckon everyone needs to know especially if you’re like a beginner and you’re just starting out or maybe you’ve just bought your brand new Wacom Tablet and you want to know how to get a more natural feel out of your tablet so that you can make better art and just be happy here are the three tips let’s get into it How do I blend colours? ok First of all I need you to know what opacity is So right now we’ve set it here to 60% which means that if I select a red colour it’s not going to paint it that full bright red it’s going to paint it at 60% the transparency of that red so like this ok so let’s put a bunch of that down there we go nice and red and you can already see how it’s starting to blend with the white on the edges see around these lighter areas but we can take it a step further so let’s say we have a bright blue and we want to paint that here and it’s not fading in with the red right? what we do is lay it down and then we can use the colour picker tool to select this little new colour that’s been mixed between the red and the blue now that we’ve picked that we can paint that down and then, again repeat that process and pick now this new colour between the red and the purple then go back to your brush and keep painting and you can see how there’s a gradual fade happening there Now this process is really annoying over the long term so if you’re doing a really complex piece you don’t want to keep having to go back to the eye picker and back to the brush visa versa so what you need to know is the shortcut if you push alt on your keyboard it automatically turns the brush into the eye picker but we can make this even faster so what you need to do is set your eye picker tool or the alt key to a hot key on your tablet somewhere or on the pen itself so at first I set it to this button right here um until I started getting cramps in my index finger from doing this all the time so maybe don’t do that and it also wore out the button so much that it actually fell out of the pen so I would actually recommend assigning it to one of these buttons right here on the side it’s worked out so far make it feel better so you’ve just moved from a mouse or tablet so you’re probably thinking this already feels amazing but it can get better, trust me what you have to do is go to the brush panel and once you’re in there you’ve got to click shape dynamics and then select pen pressure from the dropdown so what this does is when I draw a line and press really lightly it only creates a really thin line and then if I press lightly and then I press harder and harder and harder see how it becomes thicker? and eventually to the entire radius, or diameter of that brush that you’ve selected you can get some really nice flowing lines and see at the edges they kind of taper like a real brush just to compare when that setting is turned off it doesn’t matter how hard or how light I press the width of the brush stroke is always uniform so this really helps simulate the feeling of a paintbrush where let’s say you had this really thick bulge of hairs at the bottom of your paintbrush as you push deeper into the canvas a bigger splodge would appear so it just feels great Final tip for the day that’s going to make your digital painting experience super amazing you have to go to the brush menu again and select transfer and make sure that it’s set to pen pressure so what this does is it sets it sets the pen pressure to the opacity of your brush so you see here I am drawing really lightly not pushing too hard but as I push harder it gets darker and darker until finally it hits that 100% opacity now if I set that to 53% for example I go light light light light and then when I push the hardest at my highest pressure point it’s never going to go past 53% so yeah, up to you how you want to set that but yeah you can see how combining that with shape dynamics you can get some really amazing brush strokes look at how natural they look they look really wet and inky just beautiful and great for painting so if I turn off those two settings compared with our normal brush see it’s a huge difference there and you’re definitely going to feel it when you try it with your tablet ok so I’m going to wrap it up now a super quick video for today those are the three photoshop brush tips for Wacom Tablet beginners so number one tie the colour picker shortcut which is the alt key to a physical key on your Wacom Tablet or on your Wacom pen number two Utilise shape dynamics to get a a nice variable width brush stroke and number three use transfer to tie the pressure of the pen to the opacity of the brush in photoshop and with all those three things combined you’re going to have a really great digital painting experience if you liked this video you learnt something please like it comment and of course, subscribe and yeah, I’ll see you in the next video see you guys


  • Dan Gaming says:

    Thanks for the suggestion it helped.

  • Michael Piper says:

    Thanks for the tips mate, im primarily a vector artist but have been very keen to try more digital stuff!

  • VNIMAL says:

    Every vid I watch the person is left handed (me being a lefty too). So odd, anyways thanks for the vid, it helped me out!

  • Igor K says:

    How can I blend colors if this line will be too narrow with light pressure or too dark with hard pressure?

  • AMR says:

    Officially trying how to draw in AP 😀

  • Christian Schmutz says:

    hello guys. i m an experienced artist looking for a great (maybe pressure sensitive) graffiti brush set for photoshop. i got a professional pen display. it should look natural like a real spray can. and i don´t looking for this spraycan/splatter/mist effect brushes u can find everywhere but for unique custom sets. thank u for your help

  • Cristian B. Tabor says:

    Still relevant, thanks!

  • StrangeLove says:

    Is there a way to set it up so the touch ring can be made to cycle through different brush presets?

  • Off To Road says:

    I'll try this thank you… i can proceed cuz when I brush the default we appear

  • Fernando medrano says:

    For blending you just need to superpose one color over another color in two different layers each. Then you just set your eraser to a soft brush with low opacity and will blend muuuuch faster

  • Pyo fruta says:

    this channel is so underrated!! i really love your contents and you're so good at teaching, can't wait for the next video!

  • Kipzi says:

    Out of all the painting programs Ive tried, this is the hardest one to paint in. Yeah it makes badass shit, but I wish it built up brushes more naturally like some programs do. A traditional feel.

  • David Malachi says:

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