Beginner (Budget!!) Bible Journaling Supplies- My TOP Ten MUST haves!

Beginner (Budget!!) Bible Journaling Supplies- My TOP Ten MUST haves!

hello beautiful Nicki here from crazy
simple truth ministries I’m so glad you’re here because I’m so super excited
about today’s fifty oh because I have been doing a lot of Bible journaling on
my channel and even though that’s not what my channel is all about kinda no
not really it’s about Bible study but you can meditate on God’s Word and spend
time with him when your Bible journaling so I wanted to give you my top ten ten
Bible journaling supplies for beginners and these are super inexpensive and so
even if you’re not a beginner I think you’re gonna want to stay tuned and see
what I got so this is going to assume that you have a Bible okay you don’t
have to have a journaling Bible but it does help there’s a link below for I
think there’s a link below for this one that I have I also have a prayer journal
Bible um and there’s a link below for that or there’s a link below for just a
regular Study Bible and you can use whichever kind you have or what so my
very first thing that you’re gonna need that you’re gonna love that you can
recycle is some old magazines and greeting cards so you know you have
those cards from grandma and you know uncle Edie
Uncle Eddie it makes me think of Christmas vacation okay anyway um you
have these greeting cards and your kids Valentine’s from school and you have all
these things magazines that you get in the mail and you you know you just don’t
really have anything to use them for and so my number one thing that you can use
for Bible journaling is this kind of stuff there’s a couple couple different
ways that you can use that I’m gonna do a video coming up very very soon so make
sure you subscribe to my channel and click the notification bells so you know
when it comes out but I’m gonna do a video very very soon and show you how to
do some basic beginner Bible journaling pages using these supplies so be
watching for that because we’re going to do some cool stuff with these a
difference okay so that is my number one so
basically junk mail okay number one number two we are gonna need a glue
stick and this is just a plain old Elmer’s glue stick doesn’t have to be a
special kind you can get them at Dollar Tree or Walmart and you’re gonna need
that to be able to put some of these things in your journaling Bibles the
next thing that you’re gonna need for a Bible journaling is a pair of scissors
so this is number three because you’re gonna want to cut things out you’re
gonna want to cut things out that you can glue into your journey journaling
Bible so number three number four and this is a really in no particular order
but this is such an awesome idea okay I actually just got these today but I have
some other watercolors that I use and these were still in the back-to-school
section for $1 so I was like I’m snagging those up plus they’re
inexpensive for you to buy if you’re a beginner or if you’re on a budget and
these make a beautiful background on a Bible page and anybody can use them
anybody in that video where we do a page be watching for I will show you how to
do this if you don’t want to cover the words in your Bible but you still want
to add some art the video that I do where I show you how to use these things
will also show you how to do that so you’re definitely gonna want some cheap
watercolor paints and it comes with the paintbrush you’re all set up and ready
to go so what is that one two three four okay number five you’re gonna need some
posting notes so these are probably things you have laying around the house
in fact much of this you might have laying around the house especially if
you have school-aged children you’ve got all these things laying around the house
so so far yet probably haven’t spent any money if so you’ve spent maybe one to
three dollars at Dollar Tree so here are some different posting notes these add a
lot of color to your Bible they stick in there easily without glue they remove
easily if you need them to and there’s so many different styles of kinds and
you can get them really expensively like these Dollar Tree ones these are posted
brand I think but these are Dollar Tree ones and I got like four in the pack for
a dollar all different colors and so you’re gonna need yourself some post-it
note so that is one two three four five
number five okay number six is going to be some colored pencils because colored
pencils you can highlight in your Bible you can draw you could color things in
you can shade you can just do a lot of different things with colored pencils
and they don’t cover your words so if you don’t have a journaling Bible this
is a great thing to use and it’s just a great tool for beginners and very
inexpensive and it may be laying around your house too so there it is now what
number are we on I don’t know one two three four five six we are on number
seven number seven is some washi tape so these are all all of these in my hand
right here are from Dollar Tree you can’t always find them at Dollar Tree
but you can get them discounted at lots of different places um
and washi tape is great because it adds color to your Bible journaling page you
can use it in between lines if you don’t have a journaling Bible you could put
like some color like right in here you could stick your postie note down and
let’s say you do have journaling Bible and over here you could take a little
piece of washi and hold the bottom of the Postino down and so inexpensive
washi tape is a great thing to have for beginner Bible journalist so that’s
seven right one two three four five six seven I have a de and I can’t remember
things seven so number eight is kind of audience and you’re definitely gonna
have one laying around your house and that’s just a black pen this is a fast
drying gel pen there is a link below for these and they’re one of my favorites
because they just have a nice Rolly feel to them and they also do dry fast they
do bleed through your Bible page though so you if you don’t want bleed through
you’re gonna want to write on your post a note with it for those okay so now
we’re on number nine and number nine is paper clips and you’ve got these laying
around the house I’m sure and there’s a couple different things that you can do
in Bible journaling with your paper clips one is to just tie a piece of
ribbon around it and another one is to take a cheap sticker or a
strap a piece from the magazine or the greeting card like I could cut out the
same shape of this flower twice so like cut it with the front in the back of the
magazine and glue it together on this paperclip and it makes a really cute
sticking out of the top of your Bible tab so you would have these sticking out
at the top of your Bible in different places super inexpensive you probably
have paper clips at home so that is number 9 number 10 whoop I better close
that pen number 10 are some cheap stickers so these are can
be like Dollar Tree stickers they’re what these are is planner stickers
planner stickers work great you can get them inexpensive and they work great um
I found what’s fun with these recently is that you can put like a little check
mark or an X by a Bible verse that you want to remember or highlight and these
look really cute in there also I have some planner stickers that are like
smiley faces and sad faces and you could use those tiny little stickers to put
next to scriptures too so there’s also this was all in one little kit Bible
journaling kits super inexpensive there were some alphabet letters these were in
there and these are the things that you can write like the days of the week on
and these you can make as tabs that stick out of the top of your Bible too
so you could use the sticker and make a tab and then just put a back on it and
make it stick out of the top of your Bible so that is number 10
um I guess part of that this was well because this can be free I guess but
really there’s 11 Nicki there’s 11 come on Laney um what can we count it with
let’s count it as junk now because you could use junk pile I just happen to
sell these in my Etsy shop but you do not need them in fact you could type
them up on Microsoft Word or something you could pick a cute font which is the
style of writing and type up a AAA BBB B cccc make them big print them off and
then you’d have it but I’m gonna count this as junk mail because you can trace
over these letters too but what you can do with these in your journaling Bible
is put them under your page and you can see them and so you can trace letters so
you don’t have to have that I’m gonna count it as junk mail because let me
show you what you can do say difference see the number 10 there well
let’s say we wanted to highlight the number 10 in chapter 10 of Hebrews and
so we could put this right down here and we could trace it if you can’t see it
just take a sharpie and color over it and make it nice and thick let me see if
I can find a word that we can use well there’s a really cute M so I could use
this M in my Bible I’ll have to use it on this side to show you and you could
use all different fonts and different sizes to see how you can see that
through there can you see it in the camera I hope you can see that through
there and you could trace it with your black gel pen and fill it in thick so it
looks just like that like how cute would these be traced and then write a
scripture over here and then trace these afterwards to super-cute tons of endless
ideas so be watching cuz I am gonna do a couple pages using these very simple
beginner Bible journaling umm supplies that I have here we’re gonna use them
I’m gonna show you how to do them and I don’t know maybe two or three videos
we’ll end up doing them with but we will be doing them and they will be coming up
soon so make sure you are watching and let me tell you
Bible journaling does not replace Bible study it does not but it is a way for
you to spend quiet time with God and meditate on his word especially if you
pick a scripture or a passage within the page like what I do in my prayer
journaling Bible I pick a certain verse so like right here I stick this certain
verse then I use my post II actually this is a really good example right here
of how you could use the different things so these could be cut out of a
magazine these are in my Etsy store but you could cut things out of a magazine
this is the simple watercolor background simple watercolor this was a stamp so if
you have stamps laying around that works um you could cut the letters out of the
magazine and use them like this this is some washi tape with my post E and you
could just use one of your black gel pens to write around this or a colored
pencil too and I actually use the colored pencils to add some depth to my
tree so that kind of pretty much uses almost everything I used there which is
great so that way I can kind of give you an example right offhand but um you do
not have to cover your words either hey and this is what I want to show you see
how the watercolors don’t hide it but it makes it beautiful it’s a perfect way
for beginner Bible study journal or the you know Bible journalist to get started
journaling in the Bible and making their page beautiful so you are beautiful you
are beautiful God loves you so so so much and I think you can end this video
you can turn it off and you can go in your house and find all of these
different things so that when the video comes out hopefully someday soon if not
next week you will be able to follow along with me and we will go
step-by-step through a beginner Bible journaling page so I’ll see you later


  • Rita Thompson says:

    I’m so excited! Love this video! Thank you you so much for doing these videos, I’m not creative but with you showing us step by step I may be able to do this. I love simple pretty things. Thank you again. Have a blessed day! ❤️❤️🙏🙏

  • Sandy Smith says:

    Thank you Nicki for the tips, loved your page in your bible, can you do a flip through

  • MLLatUtube says:

    Thank you for all of the ideas – I look forward to your videos using them – just a note – I have seen those Crayola watercolors bleed through Bible pages so if that bothers you be careful

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