Bear Spray vs. Pistol: Which Is Better for a Bear Encounter?

Bear Spray vs. Pistol: Which Is Better for a Bear Encounter?

We are going to talk about some bear protection
We have a pistol and we have bear spray The age old question is what do I bring to
the backcountry Some situations are better for a pistol some
are better for a bear spray There’s been several study out there that
bear spray is more effective Which is probably true I’ve never had to use
bear spary I’ve never had to use a pistol either
They kinda each serve there purpose for there given situation
As far as hunters are concerned you always have the right to protect yourself out there
So we really recommend that people carry bear spary
One of the big advantages of bear spray is it
Shoots out 25-30 feet and makes a 4 foot cloud So you don’t have to be very accurate with
it With bear spray you can still protect yourself
and you don’t kill a bear That’s exactly right
Obviously wind is an issue with bear spray especially in this country
I think it’s been windy all week I aways have bear spray anyway
On my hip and ready A pistol is probably even less effective
Hey bear Big difference from going to the range shoots
6 or 10 shot on a target at 30 yards but when your in the moment
And you literally have 2 sec to shoot a charging bear way different
Yeah so a bear coming 40 miles an hour And you got to pull a gun and shoot it in
a vial Good Luck
I would say that 50% of the time people still get injured
Before the bear leaves the area or they are able to kill it
I sleep with a pistol in the tent just cause you never know
I don’t have bear spray in the tent ButI have bear spray with me every time I’m
out moving around I think most importantly don’t put yourself
in a situation were your vulnerable to a bear encounter
Worst off a close bear encounter Those aggressive defensive encounters we see
that bears are protecting 3 things they are protecting a food source, their club
or their personal space 90% of encounters end with the bear just leaving
the area and everyone goes about their way we average 2 serious human injuries a year in Wyoming
When your are moving around this country alway like to be able to see ahead of me at least
100 yards I don’t work through close cover really
So I don’t go in the jackpots of green timber in less I’m in the middle of hunting elk and
bulls are bugling probably can be okay by going into that cover
But anytime I’m just traveling or cruising I don’t go busting through the creek bottoms
i don’t go through the thick cover I don’t get into tight places I like to stand
in the open and scan for bears so Once again Pistol bear spray both serve there
purpose for their specific use Bear spray probably has the edge as far as
effectiveness and the ability to stop a bear with out precise aiming
keep that in mind Most importantly bear encounters should be
prevented if possible don’t put yourself in a situation were your vulnerable to a bear
encounter That’s the goal
I never wanna use have bear spray I never wanna have use a pistol and lets keep it that


  • Unoriginal Cunt says:

    Pistol by far

  • Christopher Johnson says:

    Carry both. Use the spray first, pistol as back up.

  • Grant Johnson says:

    Pleasantly surprised by a video that actually has good accurate information in it. Not always easy to find on YouTube these days.
    Well done.

  • Bryan Dehart says:

    Good luck stopping a 45 MPH charging bear that you just startled. Even if you're lucky enough for a heart/head shot, they don't just drop dead. It'll keep mauling you as it dies…then you're both dead. Give me a 10 oz can of Counter Assault any day.

  • James Evans says:

    All about wind. I love bear spray but as soon as the breeze picks up it’s worthless.

  • Leonel Alvarado says:

    i agree with bear spray being more effective than a pistol in most cases. Bear spray is advertised as a deterrent and thats exactly what it is for to deter animals. A pistol is used to kill. So if ur not a seasoned or experienced shooter that means you are more than likely to have a harder time killing an animal so its way better to just deter it away.

  • Romany1111 says:

    00:35 you just showed why you should not be anywhere with a pistol. You finger is on the trigger. Great way to shoot yourself. Stick with the spray, Nugent.

  • ron hat says:

    bears are good for target practice.

  • TJ Jones says:

    Not any expert but…..i would carry both of the walk was an extremely long one. Bear spray is a good tool against animals….but a gun is a great multi tool. It can be used to stop a charging animal (if shot right), signal for help or locator (3 shots in a row), an intimidator (warning shots….may or may not work), if you are stranded out there you could kill an animal to eat it if for whatever reason your main weapon isn't usable, a gun could also be used to stop other 2 legged beasts if the extreme case of a human coming after you in the wilderness with a gun where they are staying more than enough away so pepper spray doesn't reach them. As long as your not in need of ultra light carry the extra pound and a half gun with yeah

  • Harry Carrey says:

    This was a great video… I never knew that you could hunt with Bear Spray .. I thought it just scared them off. I didnt realize it killed the bear. I would much rather spray a bear then use my bullets. Also its not as noisy … no matter how many times I shoot my gun it still scares me.. I may leave it at home next time and take my can of BS.

  • Woahtakeiteasyman says:

    All these keyboard warriors choosing the gun over the spray would be the perfect prey for a bear lmao

  • Mark Kerns says:

    A professional guide was just mauled to death in Wyoming on an elk hunt. They found an empty can of bear spray near the body….

  • rbodell says:

    5 shot 44 mag. 4 for him and 1 for me

  • Scott Wall says:

    Bear spray is good to add seasoning for each bite they take. These Hillary supporters are anti gun. Sorry Mr. Ranger, you are 100 percent wrong. A warning shot from my Colt Python sends the bear away before they charge. Bears cannot see in the daytime but they smell and hear, and they run away from a warning shot.

  • IRIE4IPIER says:

    What do I bring to the back country? How bout both.

  • Rich Felon says:

    All you really need is bear spray, high caliber pistol , a visable tattoo of RAMBO on your forearm and a picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders ironed on the front of your shirt or jacket and you all good in the woods.

  • Dying DNS says:

    I live in Wyoming and they are crazy. We shot a bear that was charging when we were cleaning my elk. It ram off. The next day we went back to show the game warden and one more charged.

  • boedude says:

    the devil is in the details with spray. the big study always cited is very skewed and misleading. spray works well for non aggressive bears, not so much for the ones that are actually going to attack. there is no 'backup' to spray as by the time you realize its not working its too late for anything else. with a pistol you can start warning/defensive shooting much further away, 50 yards or more. but the choice is yours

  • srt8creations 370ci says:

    Wene I’m in bear country I always have a couple of cans of bear spray but I always walk with my 338 lapua semi auto

  • Deaf Smith says:

    If you ever see the show, "Alaska State Troopers" you will notice about 8
    times in the series the game wardens have to enter bear country to
    check bear bait stations, reports of wounded bears, poaching, etc… and
    you will notice NOT ONE OF THEM HAS BEAR SPRAY. And you will notice
    they carry either Remington 870s with sights and Brenneke Black Magic
    slugs or Marlin 45/70 rifles. That is a hint. These guys encounter bears
    often and they don't use the PC bear spray unless it is just to make a
    nuisance bear go away. Then they go to their vehicle and get a can of

  • Alaska WoodBooger says:

    Would you spray a knife wielding attacker who is running at you from 30ft away or do you shoot him? Do you spray a 700 plus pound grizzly charging at you from 30ft away or shoot him? Or both? Seems like many here prefer taking a human life over an animals life. Sounds like a bunch of coward liberals to me.

  • Jay Miller says:

    I would bring Both.

  • Master Omega says:

    Personally I’d bring both

  • Patrick Pin says:

    I saw a brown bear wonder into a cave once and I wanted to get a closer look 👀, feeling pretty confident with my bear spray I went crushing through the woods. As I got about 15 to 20 feet of the entrance to the cave I herd the loudest and deepest growl come out of the dark cave that shook me down to my soul lol it didn’t take me long to get outta there as fast as I could😂

  • MLBson09 says:

    imagine 3 1000lb grizzlies coordinating an attack attacking at all three angles. I know the odds are literally zero percent of that happening but what a nightmare. I'd just use the pistol to kill myself at that point lmao

  • David Deleon Deleon says:

    Hmm sleep with pistol but carry spray huh sounds suspicious yeah im shooting the bitch

  • Henry Meguess says:

    Watch The Truth about bear spray versus guns on UTUBE by Student of the gun

  • Brandon Faria Nogueira Taborda says:

    Pepper Spray paintballs?

  • O R says:

    You have to be very skilled with a gun, and able to stay cool as ice under extreme pressure, if you are to be able to put a charging bear down by shooting it. Best bet for most people is bear spray, and perhaps a shotgun with slugs rather than a hand gun.

  • Cisco4kid1990 says:

    yea shooting a bear and not killing it only makes the bear worst but at least with bear spray it does hella more stuff than just hurt it for a min and you can spray any animal with it aka moutian lion or bobcat

  • Danny Wilson Jr. says:

    As someone who can’t legally own a gun. Bear spray is what I use to defend my home 💀😂 also had to use it on a rabid rottie that charged at me and the dog stop immediately!

  • Beautifull stranger says:

    I would use both.. double protection

  • Anthony Parker says:

    Lmao yeah no way I'm using no fucking spray I'm emptying the clip

  • Anthony Parker says:

    I can tell all the ppl who Prefer spray are all white lmao

  • Shane Haney says:

    "Don't put yourself in a position where you are vulnerable to a bear encounter." Like going elk hunting in bear country? I'm a hunter myself but you have to admit that your statement is very contradictory to your actions.

  • ferarzo says:

    How about firing a warning shot at a bear who is looking at you?

  • ferarzo says:

    Also, is being accompanied something that will scare a bear or make it think twice before charging?


    Idk why I love watching these videos , knowing my black ass is not going in any woods to encounter any bears 😂

  • Thor A. Sic says:

    (1.00) Wind is an issue with bear-spray. Not as much of an issue with bullets. Nobody ever talks about this. Glad you brought it up.

  • Stephen Green says:

    In the UK, the worst we usually face in the wilds is an inquisitive sheep. (Apart from farm bulls). I think I'd want a flame thrower in bear country

  • dharma sangha says:

    Quit hunting and you won't have to worry about it…stupid

  • Sigma Glock says:

    Who care if you can shoot bear spray 25 feet. You can kill a bear with a pistol at 100 yards. What is you going to do if you spray that can of bear spray and ten minutes later the bear comes back? And if you had so much confidence in that bear spray why are you carrying a gun?

  • 6 6 says:

    The spray allows bears who don't fear humans to go attack another one. Use a gun.

  • Montana Mike says:

    It's often very very windy in areas I hike with grizzlies. Wind can increase your odds of running into a bear a it dulls the sound of your movement, surprising the bear when you are right on top of him. I've hiked in bear country for 6 years now, this year I finally bought a gun and will carry both spray and the gun. I ran into my first griz a few months ago and it was not a fun experience. I can tell you however, a gun does a lot for peace of mind. I wouldn't go in certain areas with my spray…now I feel like I can go anywhere and I feel much better.

  • Jack says:

    Never used either, but I'm the expert!

  • Clawbytes says:

    They need to come out with a pepper spray mount on guns.

  • TheAmazingKerbster3 says:

    Or maybe just don’t Fuck with the Bear and their habitat and you won’t need either.

  • Overman says:

    Reality is this, 90% of the time you encounter a bear in the woods it literally you stumble across each other's paths.

    Bears are as unsure as to what to do with humans as humans are with bears. Reality is if you encounter a bear the bulk of the time just yelling is enough. Especially with black bears,, if you get bum rushed by a sow protecting her cubs, good luck and use whatever you got.

    If it a curious bear pretend you are wild bill and spray it with a gun pointed it at. A great many of encounters can be solved by you having bear bells anyways. What is best? A hiking partner and talking. Things that talk in the forest are deadly and don't particularly get hunted.

    Also side note, in a great many places you can't legally carry a handgun and bears are endangered in others, if you shoot the bear you had really best had no other choice.

  • Younqin List says:

    A rifle is a good idea by far. Your standard 5.56 can shoot very accurately and if you’re aiming at the bear already you can definitely scare it away or have it stopped before it closes in. Usually you’ll only have to shoot near the bear if it starts getting too dangerous and the dirt cloud along with the noise will scare it. I don’t see why you’d carry a crossbow and a revolver when you can have a ar-10/15 do the same better.

  • Michel Nadon says:

    i would go for dog and rifle whats wrong with a good bear carpet

  • Bassin’Assassin says:

    Gonna get some just to have it handy.. not gonna rely on it though if I’m getting charged ima bust its ass with a g20

  • Russell Kastner says:

    Perfect world where the WIND isn't BLOWING or blowing the perfect direction…, never happens. I've sprayed myself before…….not much and NOT FUN!!!

  • Ryan Salladay says:

    “I’ve never used either. Here is my analysis.”

  • Alexander Roberts says:

    Neither you only need one Russian

  • Juan says:

    I have a little tiny can of pepper spray thats on my key chain, I thought I would not have to use it, but my neighbors dog (blue nose pitbull), was attacking another dog, and I tried to pull him off but he had him by the throat, then i got out my pepper spray and sprayed him in both eyes and nose and down his mouth, and he let goes and ran away the other dog died from the injuries and the neighbor put down the pit once they got a hold on him, btw not pitbulls fault it the owners.

  • Frissdas1207 says:

    Why the FUCK is this dude walking around with his finger on the trigger? Take his guns and take his hunting licenses.

  • Joshua Xiong says:

    Will Sabre pepper spray have that much effective regardless of range and cone?

  • SuperSix Delta says:

    Alone without medical resources and no communication. I'm going with the 460 S&W magnum first.

  • Rodney Falls says:

    What bear runs 45 miles an hour? Bears do coke now?

  • Christian says:

    It's refreshing for once listening to hunters speaking common sense when it comes to contacts with bears. Instead of giving the animals no chance but to get killed; it's good to hear some hunters and outdoor people really like the ideas of bears still being around and respected for what they are. The use of the anti-bear spray is certainly a good first choice for protection if weather and situation permit.

  • Jeffrey Collier says:

    I was in the Bob Marshall Wilderness a couple of years ago. I was hunting a thickly wooded bench where there had been fresh sign. Around lunch time I decided to cross the river bed but had to work my way up river a ways where the bed was basically dry. There were, of course thick willows and alder along the river bank and I had to literally bust my way through. As I came to the river bank, I noticed a game trail that ran along the bank. I looked down at my feet, and about 18 inches was a steaming, huge pile of grizzly shit! I've seen bear sign many, many times in the Bob, but this was by far the biggest and freshest sign I'd ever seen. I estimate either the noise i made pushed him out or he had literally been there moments before. Be careful out there….

  • Chris Cube says:

    That's not a pistol

  • Joseph Postma says:

    You don't need to choose with a tsar cannon.

  • D S says:

    Carry both duh

  • B Lo says:

    If you don't like the person, like a leftist, feminist, antifa, tell them bear spray is 97% effective. If you like them tell them bears usually attack by charging to protect their young in which case bear spray has never worked. But there are unbiased studies made by sane people showing calibers as small as 9mm fmj are very effective. But bear spray is great for road rage incidents.

  • Chairman Meow says:

    Why not both? Option A (spray) and then the backup Option B (gun)

  • Michael Brohl says:

    Both !

  • crazywilly333 says:

    THANK YOU. There's a lot of very arrogant YouTubers who who are deluded enough to think that a firearm has a clear advantage over bear spray. To be fair to them, the few studies on the matter were limited in their abilities to gather reliable data. But that's no excuse for this one-sided, paranoid, hyper-masculine thinking. I even saw one guy become frustrated with certain authorities because, he believed, certain people who had died in a recent bear attacks could've been saved were they allowed to carry a firearm. The imbecile didn't even stop to consider what is quite arguably the most important factor in carrying a firearm for bear protection: The user's marksmanship under duress! He knew nothing of these complete strangers and yet he still felt news of their deaths was enough motive for him to begin to speculate that the Alaskan government had an anti-gun agenda. Mors Kochanski has almost certainly spent more time in bear country than and of these fools and he's never felt the need to carry a rifle for bear protection at all.

  • -RII - says:

    i would rather use SHOT gun

  • james_gats says:

    What about a taser gun?

  • Jay Jay says:

    1:27 wtf bears can run 45 mph?!!

  • Mike Studmuffin says:

    How about a whistle? They sell those.

  • Young Brats says:

    1:15 when he said hey bare I thought he was going to shoot it

  • Meme Boi says:


  • Sam Li says:


  • Jared White says:

    Nice paid product endorsement lol.

  • Jordan Rice says:

    Kinda hard to give advice when you have no first hand experience. I'm guessing you're next video is going to be called "what to do when you're on your period" lol

  • Torris Smith Jr says:

    I'd spray first then shoot them I'd have 2 meats to choose from… The meat I was hunting for and finally feast on bear too..

  • NoStress90s says:

    the guy with the yee haw hat, has he ever taken his horse to the old town road and rooooooode til he cant no more? does got the horses in the back, with the horse tack attatched?? are his boots black and yeehaw hat black to match??

  • A.A.A says:

    humans: *go near bear *
    bear: * attacks human*
    humans: :O * kills bear*
    also humans: OuR PlaNeT iS dYiNg

  • Crash BanditLoot says:

    Real men

  • Sailor.X says:

    What about I don't know a shotgun. If it was good enough for my grandfather it is good enough for me.

  • Les Rosin says:

    "a bear coming at 45mph" Try 35mph max, Usain Bolt clocks 28mph max. Bear wins, a bare fact.

  • Quantum Cookie says:

    why am I watching this, I live in a desert

  • Casper in HD says:

    "never used my pistol either" next shot hes walking around carrying a pistol with his finger on the trigger swinging it and flagging his thigh yeah.. i want your advice

  • J says:

    Pistol everytime, shut the Bear in the face. Also bring rifle like a 45-70 you will destroy a fucking bear with one.

  • Ed Doug says:

    Haven't you thought about talking nice to the bear? I saw a German Shepherd once and it looked mean but I was talking to it nice and it came over to me and started acting friendly.

  • Willie says:

    Both – you bring both

  • Dave says:

    If the wind is blowing agenst you, bear spray won't be effective, but I bet a 500 magnum would be

  • fpineros22 says:

    like others have said bring both..

  • kira yoshikage says:

    Why not both yeeehawww spray them so they are dazzed then shoot em

  • Nick Lee says:

    I once had my butt pumped by a bear. Old Yogi went to town on my pooper like a dirty hobo behind a gay bar dumpster. To my shock it turned out to be a Frisco queen in a bear suit. Makes sense now why the bear was able to say "poppa likey" during the pump session.

  • Slick Pickle says:

    gun and gun only, spraying them only works if they're not adrenaline pumped.

  • The Dominator says:

    no way they got the red sniper on here

  • Doc Fischer says:

    I like that Optifade! 🙂

  • Doc Fischer says:

    How 'bout using a road flare to scare off a bear? Does it work? (don't all animals fear fire?)

  • Stac Master says:

    Bears can not. run at 45mph.

  • HeightProdigy says:

    Lol. Bear spray needs to be stronger. Like pepper spray. Who cares if you kill a bear it’s about to kill you. People are stupid.

  • Meghan Jessup says:

    No youtube video is safe lord

  • pablo jimenez says:

    That is not a pistol is a revolver, which is more efficient than a pistol since rarely jam

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