Basic Paintball Tactics : Basic Paintball: Overbound Example

Basic Paintball Tactics : Basic Paintball: Overbound Example

This is Robert Stewart with,”.
Now we’re going to go to the board and we’re going to look at the concept of overbounding,
and how it can be employed to deliver a constantly shifting set of shooting lanes, suppression
fire, and then opt, at the end, flank the opposing force. What we have here, is the
red team and the green team have met each other in a set of, of covered elements which
are described here by straight black lines. At this moment, the green team decides that
they don’t want to let the red team break and change their field of fire, or shooting
lanes, and they want to try to bunker these two players behind this cover. And so what
they’re going to do, is they’re going to move in concert with one another, and have their
shooting lanes constantly changing with force, meaning more than one player. Both players
are going to move. Now if you both break cover at the same time, and no one is providing
cover fire, it in all likelihood, one of you is, is about to be eliminated. So, what would
happen is while, “we’ll call this, the back player, and this the lead player”. The back
player begins delivering his covering fire to the lead position, to try to draw a line,
and make these two players, remain in their position. So, he’s going to concentrate his
fire on this side to try to prevent them rushing out. At that moment, the lead player will
move to the next piece of cover, and now his shooting lanes have changed and he’s going
to be able to backup, the back player, with a new shooting lane. The moment he arrives,
the back player, once the lead player stops firing, will then make the same move and come
to the same location. As soon as he’s there, he will then, begin delivering covering fire
and the lead player will move again. This move, executed quickly, with plenty of covering
fire, while the man is on the run, ultimately ends up with your two players, the lead and
the back, having shifted their lanes of fire to the point, that they can now work on eliminating
this first player.


  • Smokey House Productions says:

    ridiculous 20bps dont stop shooting and walk it simple.

  • kaneda956 says:

    wow your good… very informative..thanks. i now have the element of surprise

  • Sgt. Rackhamm says:

    What they forget is that most people know this tactic. In the end, if you were fighting my friends they would use one man for suppression (usually the one with most ammo), and have 1-2 guys move as fast as they can around the enemy position. Immagin that you are the O and my buddies are the X. They would have one guy move back and advance on a position that we think the O would move to. There he would wait then when the O move up in force he would unload from his advantages position.

  • Sgt. Rackhamm says:

    Also the idea that an opponent would ever move directly forward of perfectly sideways is ridiculous. An opponent will advance in a diagonal and will retreat in order to flank.

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