Basic Paintball Tactics : Basic Paintball: Do’s and Don’ts of Tactics

Basic Paintball Tactics : Basic Paintball: Do’s and Don’ts of Tactics

This is Robert Stewart with Now
we’re going to talk about a couple of tactical dos and don’ts. They’re very simple but especially
with the first issue, it’s a common mistake for new players, and that is avoid tunnel
vision. You’re wearing a mask, you have an inhibited field of vision. So it’s a lot easier
to feel isolated from the action, and focus just on what’s happening right in front of
you. This is the quickest way to get eliminated. You have to remember that everything is happening
all at the same time. All of your team mates are moving, and all of the opposing team is
moving. You have to listen and you have to keep an eye out. If you get focused on one
guy in one bunker, someone else is going to come along and eliminate you from the side.
And you’re not going to see it coming. The next thing is a definite do, and that is play
crazy. Do the unpredictable. Do the unexpected. If you can manage to do that while employing
the tactics with your team mates, the sudden unexpected change on the field is sometimes
the thing that will win the game. You’ll see a lot of players walk off the field, shaking
their heads with paint all over their goggles saying I can’t believe he did that. Sometimes
it is that one element that can turn the game.


  • Northern Gunman says:

    this vid is soo true i was playing with 4 people and 3 of them were newbs and i told them there was 2 guys 2 my left and one guy about 45 yards away on the right and they start shooting at the dude that is 45 yards away and so i get shot cause no one would cover me man i had playing with newbs

  • shook213 says:

    i got hit from the side like 8 times because of freaking tunnel vision. back when i was a newb

  • olirain says:

    this guy know what hes talking about. good vid

  • Luke .Kennedy says:

    i'm a bit of a noob lol, i was playing speed ball and i saw a guy in front of me but he kept snapshooting so i missed a couple times and 2 guys behind me were suppose to be covering but the sucked and i got nailed in the ribs

  • stevarius says:

    I almost got bunkered once by a rather nooby friend who got to my side, but I barely recovred by jumping behind a bunker after I lit him up for yelling "SURRENDER!".

    ^Don't do that, you'll only get shot if the player has SOME experience.

  • idntevenpic says:

    when he said to be unpredictable next game i had (2 days ago) the opposing team was at the fort (3 of them) we had to attack them(worst comment ever) we had 5 peaple on are team so we had the 3 oldest get behind tires and barrels and stuff and distract them while me and my freind were suppose to pinch them well he didnt want 2 so i said i would go behind instead he did try to pinch them he

  • idntevenpic says:

    (read my last one first) did pinch them bout to get out cause he didnt go far enouth so he like 45 or 55 ft. away good thing i was there so i did a bonzai charge into the fort got 2 of them out then the third one came out of hiding surprised and shot me in my leg hurt like crap cause he got me in my inner thigh but we won thats all that matters

  • Neodar says:

    one time it was a 6 vs 5 game, i was in the team with 5 players.
    we came to the field in pairs of two so two went left two went right , unfortunaly my mate had te do last-minute repairs :P.
    so they said i should go through the middle, i did that and it worked xD,.
    the other team only went left and right and wasn't paying atantion to the middle of the field so i could shoot everyone in the back 😀

  • iTroLLxEpicFail says:

    that works most of the time

  • LoLVIDEOS12321 says:

    ur videos r tooooo short… LIKE IF YOU AGREE!

  • Jacob deHooge says:

    click f4 to skip ad

  • Seem Legit says:

    Unpredictable like my friend doing a run through and painting up my brand new dye i4's? Yeah that sucked.

  • LSUTigerFan7 says:

    Wow thanks dumbass never heard that before, oh wait that's because it's common sense. Deeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  • Callum Harris says:

    Just shut up m8 he was tryin 2 help u like u would ever play crazy u sound like ur about 8 so shut the he'll up

  • Phish N' Chimps says:

    I never hide directly behind an obstacle. always a few feet-10 feet back. as long as you know where the other players are, you can increase your field of vision but just backing up. you are still hidden, but you see more field. also, if people are moving to your left/right. think of it like sitting at the tip of a pie. balls start flying, fall forward and bam, you are out of their field of view. all pies are cut differently though…

  • Bucket List Badass says:

    This one time, at band camp, we were painting each others balls…

  • RogerwilcoFoxtrot says:

    Everything he says could also be said in general about real tactics

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