Basic Oil Painting Techniques : How to Define the Edges of an Oil Painting

Basic Oil Painting Techniques : How to Define the Edges of an Oil Painting

On behalf of Expert Village, my name in Vince
Fazio and I’m here to talk to you from the Sedona Art Center to talk to you about one
session oil paintings. So, we’re at a stage where we’ve got the stage set. Each painting
has a focal point, and the focal point of this painting is the figure in the landscape.
So what I’m going to do now is start developing this focal point, and create some harder edges,
fine tune the gesture of the figure, get the contrast between the figure and the background
developed while at the same time I’m developing the edges. So the contrast of the hat with
the background, the brim of the hat, light hitting the shoulder a bit of light on the
waist of the coat… so that edge is starting to be developed against the background. And
now I’m going to have to work a bit on the shadow within that basically light area, so
it’s not going to be anywhere near as dark as the shadows elsewhere in the painting because
that’s picking up a lot of reflected light.


  • kludd28 says:

    HI I was checking your videos out to see what others are doing ( I am trying to film a series of painting) and liked it but think it really need numbers to show order of clips. I had hard time figuring them out and never did find some steps

  • SarcasticBlasphemer says:

    The "experts" at expertvilliage can't paint and have no business teaching others to paint. end of story.

  • KodakII says:

    I thought it was good. Not a masterpiece, but for the beginner I believe this would be useful…plus it's free. The "real experts" probably charge a good deal for their "expert" advice.

  • Jus Roales says:

    Apart from using contrasting values of light, I learned how to define edges from by:

    1. The extent of blending brushstrokes (softer edges) or a lack thereof (harder edges)
    2. Using intermediate colors to transition from one edge or value to another, rather than blending (think Hassam and Vermeer)
    3. Applying both blending and intermediate colors.

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