Basic Oil Painting Techniques : Basics of Color Transition in Oil Painting

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Vince
Fazio and I’m here to talk to you from the Sedona Art Center about one session oil paintings.
From this foreground bush to these bushes back here and then back to this space there’s
a transition from warm colors. I see reds and oranges in the shadow here as well as
greens and blues. This area is mainly violet and green, and then there is a shift to blue,
light blue in the distance. So I’m going to bring into this violet, some warmer color.
Some alizarin crimson. So see, that’s a much warmer color; I’ll come back with green. And
see how that shifts. I can see how that shifts this shadow in front of that one. Now I have
more of a receding space. This is a warmer shadow area. This is another dark but cooler
shadow area and this area is a pale blue.

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