B3D Sneak Peek #15 – Painting, Pies, Cycles Freestyle & much more

B3D Sneak Peek #15 – Painting, Pies, Cycles Freestyle & much more

hello and welcome to a new episode of the plan the developer sneak peek my name is Thomas Beck am I present you in the series the newest features for blender that are currently in development and this episode is a bit of special special episode because I was very busy writing my book in the last time so I didn’t quite catch up and I will in this episode as planner will be released today or tomorrow catch up all the features that i missed since the last time and therefore it will be a bit more than usual but i hope you enjoy it nevertheless the first thing is the google summer of code 2013 and 2014 project from anthony really otakus it’s the google Summer of Code painting editions and now we have a look at those before we’re starting with the google Summer of Code features I’d like to give you another information and that is that the screencast keys add-on is now being removed from panda and that means that you have to switch to other solutions and I switch to key one that’s for a program for linux so if you are interested in it just check it out it’s shown here so let’s look at the new features for our painting things first of all you have to switch to the texture paint mode and then you’ll see object didn’t have UV map manual you unwrap recommend it and that means that it’s automatically unwrapped already and if you would start to paint now you would see it immediately and that is a big difference from blender 2.01 where you couldn’t paint f as easy as you could hear but as you know manjula unwrapped is really important so let’s do that switch to the object mode insert a new object let’s take Suzanne here and do a quick unwrap why are the you smart UV project so that should be it and now let’s switch to the texture mode again and then let’s immediately switch to the slots and slots tab here and then you see that there was an texture painting slot created automatically and this texture painting slot is called material diffuse color and then you would say ok there are surely more than only to diffuse color and that’s right there is a diffuse intensity of alpha translucency specular color and so on and whenever you add a new texture painting slot here let’s for example at a specular color slot then you can define the size and then a new texture is created here as you can see here that the diffuse color is this one the specular color is this one and when you select those and you’re painting on it for example a white paint here and there and you change it then you see that it’s automatically changing this layer this paint layer and that is already really cool but what really cool nevertheless apart from that is that the blend type is settable so if you got an alpha texture painting slot and you’d like to multiply it as I do normally then you would just set it here and it SAT there automatically when I choose the alpha see so that is the death is the texture painting slot stuff and the next thing I’d like to show you is here in the tools panel we got many many Prussia’s the soft brush smear draw and the normal Prussia and apart from that we got color palettes finally when you click on new here and you got a color like blue and pink and you’d like to switch between those two permanently then you would have to take a sample those colors every time you’d like to paint on them with them and so it would be very convenient to have a color palette and Anthony implemented that so just hit this plus sign and you get a new color palette here the color swatch here when you need a new color then just hit the plus sign more often and when you like to sample a color from your mesh here then just hold down s and click and the sample color will immediately show up here so let’s just sample of you and then you see that the color palette is working great and as you can see here we got many colors now there but there are still two color swatches here and you’re wondering what is this and what is it and that’s like in the the GIMP or Photoshop or wherever else it’s the foreground and the background color so it could def different define a blue bluish color for the foreground and let’s say red color for d for a background and when you’d like to switch switch between them when you are painting then just paint and then hold control and paint and you can easily paint with foreground and background colors so that’s another improvement then I’d like to show you the cook the stroke panel dammit troponin and on the stroke panel there are two new cool modes align modes where you just drag your line and it gets painted easy very easy but very cool em and I like this this mode mode very very much it’s the curve method when you like to paint curve then you just have to control click a curve and hit enter and it gets painted and if you like to move the curved and just grab all those control points and hit enter again or rotate them or scale them with s so all things that you possibly like to do are available and when you don’t want those etra curves like I have here then just hold shift while using the your left mouse button and you have control handles that are influencing the curve so this is a data type 2 so a data block 2 so if you’d like to have another curve then you just click new curve new one and then define a new curve like this and when you saying okay I’d like my other curve back then just use this curve at this data flock and you got your other curve again so that is very easy and very cool then let me just look if I forgot something yeah I forgot something and they less this are deplane the blend modes you get 16 different blend modes now and all those memos are the same as in Photoshop or GIMP so that shouldn’t be very new but it’s cool to have nevertheless and another thing is if you are using your let me just define that as the space or get a space mode and if you’re using the F for the size or shift F for the strength then you would have seen that normally you don’t have a precision mode so to say if you’d like to have a very very small in treatment of this of this strength or this size then you wouldn’t be able to hold shift but in the new version you can help chip hold shift and you see that it’s very slowly increasing or decreasing so there are precision modes now for those things and I think I covered many of the new features for the painting Google some of painting additions if you like to know more than i would say consult the release logs there is everything written down there and we are going to have a look at some new features now let’s now look at another long-awaited feature and that is deep i menus pi menus are official ship with glenda now and here as an ad I have to admit because many of you were complaining why is it an atom that’s very simple because now you are able to write your own pie menus very easily and if it it would be bound to the core then only the core developers would be able to extend the pies so just enter pie here and you see the pie menu official enable it and you can your pies working just hit tab and there is a new prime minus pies are working like this just hold the pie button whatever this button is then move your mouse in the direction that you’d like to select and let the pie button go like this and when you’re used to it as you can see it’s very fast and the coolest thing about the mode pie is that you are now able to select different modes and not only the object or the edit mode and that’s you don’t have to choose this to choose this mode via this selection box and that is the first pie that I’d like to show you up what I almost forgot those numbers here enable you to select them still via your num pad or you or a number when you’d like to select the object mode then you could own always press for and it would be selected equally with the world explode vertex paint mode yr 7 so that would be another way to select mode and there are there is the queue menu that is changing your view left right perspective everything is there then we got a manipulator mode pi minus via control and a space that is very cool too then there is the set shading pie that enables you to easily select the shading mode of your viewport like the rendered view and that is a bit new I know but when you enable it and you’re getting used to it you are so much faster it is really incredible so I am really happy that we had so much complained complaints from our initial pi creators via Vai an add-on then Anthony that took his heart and implemented it right away and I’m really happy to have it in blender now so just use it and give feedback let’s now look at another feature that I know many of you are waiting for and that is the Freestyle feature for cycles so let’s first switch two cycles there and the Freestyle feature is extremely simply to enable just like this check box as in the plan internal and increase the line thickness if you’d like to end render and you’ll see that is Randall with cycles and freestyle address so nothing new here but one thing is new and that is if you got two objects like I’ve I’ve created here and you have two materials let me just make them separate but here you’re one and material too and there is a new panel they are that’s located here and there you can say okay I’d like to have my free cell line that you’re drawing around my object in pink and this one in brown brown color brownish color and when you now head over to the Freestyle render layer panel again and then switch to the color then you can add this modified in material militia and when you’re rendering now then you’ll see everything is done as you’d like to so that was the second thing I’d like to show you with the Freestyle feature but there is a third one and that is textured strokes and for this I have to let the node editor show up and there you see a new type of data and shade a new shader tree that you can activate via a click and that is the line style a shaded tree and there you should just enable use notes then you then everything is set up for you already here you can load up a new image existing image or as I am doing it like now and creating a new image and drawing something on it like for example a circle a crappy circle i have to admit or let it be and I crappy flower wish whatever it wont getting it won’t be better if I obtained any more now and then i’m using this image texture here and just render and you’ll see but pretty tiny let me increase the freestyle line thickness with more and then you see hopefully that it’s textured and so in this manner you’re creating textured strokes so let’s now look at the next feature let’s now look at the array modifier in the recent build as you can see here that Splenda 2.71 and the array modifier was completely rewritten so let’s just first have a look at the old one I’ve gotten field of cubes that is 150 x 150 parts and when I changed this counter here so too let’s say to 149 then you see that he’s calculate calculating quite a bit before the viewpoint is updated and the operation is successful and now let’s look at the new version that is this one and we are equally the same 150 x 150 and when I now and increase the number then you’ll see how fast is actually it’s in recent measurements it’s 100 times faster than the old one so if you for example would like to have 400 and you could easily just to 400 and as you can see we’re now out of the view viewport clipping plane so that’s really awesome how fast this and that was the new array modifier in the new build next feature is concerning masks in blender so I’ve rendered something then switch to the mask mode already and create a new mask novel and as you can see that’s nothing new that’s as as before so and when I’m now setting the math display to oh well a combined then you’ll see everything is working and previously you would have marked all those control points if you’d like to grab and transform this more this mask and then you would have pressed G and everything would have worked but the problem is that when you have and select an existing selection like this already then you always had to lose this election because you have to mark everything before you could grab the mask and move it now that’s not needed anymore you could for example mark those control points and then use this little track dot here in the middle via left mouse button and then you could track the complete mask so that’s very easy now thanks to Sergei let’s now have a look at some minor but nevertheless important features the first one is there are new drag handles on panels as you can see here we got those little squared drag handles those are functionality wise no not different than the than the previous one but they make the draggable area a bit more clear and so we use them then we get a 30-percent speed up in the ocean floor note that is a huge performance gain for all those of you that are using those notes then there is new to the intersect tool and for that let me just do a short demo like this we are searching for intersect I have searched before I’ve searched after it before they are for you seeing it here then you select it and tell them to cut me itself intersection out and when you now delete this or end the cup old piece then you’ll see that it is cutting out all the geometry where it is intersecting then last thing that is maybe not not visible at first sight is that the volumetrics the volumes are now enabled for GPU but not smoke and not fire so for those two you still are relying on cpu and now let’s come to the hsl Rams that is the next feature i’d like to show you for the ages el Rams i prepared a simple scene really very simple scene that i’d like to render permanently in the rendered viewport shading mode and as you can see here that’s very simple i generated text coordinate as an input in the factor then it’s ranges from blue to and lighter blue and then it’s feeding the diffuse be SDF color socket and then it’s rendered out so you get a nice ramp from there to there and when you now select the hsl or HSV or REM color mode then you’ll see immediately a rainbow is generated and that is perfect for all kinds of motion graphics when you when you get particles of something like that flying around then you will use that really often I love it really since the day one that it was introduced here so I’m sure that it will of you extremely and another really cool feature has been implemented by the planner deaths lately the sunbeams node and the sunbeams node does the following she analyzes the image the lighter portions of the image and then generates a flirt sunbeams like version of it and this can be viewed easily when we connect the viewer node with the sunbeams now and you see okay those streaks are generated and when you add that back to the original image like this then you can see those have an effect like God raised or sunbeams and when you are when you’d like to have a different direction here then you would just change this those two parameters and everything would work and that is the zombies note last but not least there are some cycads features changed the first one is located in the light paths panel and there is he it’s now reflected caustics and refracted refractive caustics enabled previously we had one check checkbox here that confused many users including myself and that was titled no caustics i think and now we got two caustics become separately enable or disable the reflective component of the caustics or the refractive component of the caustics and that is really helpful for different scenes the next thing is the feature set for GPU is not only supported but experimental is there too that is for all of you that like to test new features and this feature set will contain many things that are not considered stable or feature complete so previously we were compiling many versions for you guys that like to test new features and now you could just switch to experimental and tested right away in your normal build and the last one is when you are under cycles and you are looking at this ratio setting here then you see that with this setting you can do anamorphic lens pookie and to make it a bit easier for me i just opened the plan the code website and there you can find examples for this and let’s just look at that here you can see the this roundish normal bouquet and when you use the ratio then it’s stretched and this is very visible let me see where was it I think here is it very visible it’s stretched along this this Frank character and here you can see with normal values 1.0 then it’s not stretched at all so that was everything for the new plan to develop a sneak peek I hope that you liked this sneak peek if you had much fun than share this video I really appreciate every share and I really appreciate that you guys are giving those much comments and positive feedback and Edison’s with a Google+ or Vimeo and we see us next time bye


  • Plasmasolutions says:

    Blender Developer Sneak Peek Episode #15 is out

    A new #b3dsneakpeek is out now.. Watch and share it!

    This is a special edition of the development videocast (since Blender 2.72 has been released yesterday)…

    In this episode
    – GSOC Painting additions by Antony Riakiotakis
    – Pie Menus
    – Freestyle Rendering for Cycles
    – Rewritten Array Modifier
    – Dragging Masks with Handles
    – New Drag Handles
    – Intersect Tool
    – HSL Color Ramps
    – Sun Beams Node
    – Cycles Reflective and Refractive Caustics
    – Cycles experimental GPU Kernel
    – Cycles Anamorphic Bokeh
    What's it all about
    In this series I'll present at least once a week new and (hopefully) useful features for all of you outside the Blender 3D development universe… all those features are brandnew and will be available in the next official Blender version 2.72.

    We're always keen on knowing what you think of those clips, so keep telling us!

    Greetings to all of you and thanks for all the nice comments!

    Video Link: B3D Sneak Peek #15 – Painting, Pies, Cycles Freestyle & much more

    Download fresh builds at http://builder.blender.org (Attention: there will be bugs in it for sure!)

    Happy Blending,
    Thomas Beck

  • Alex Silver says:

    Great news – really brightens up my day to go thro yr sneak peeks! – Thanks a lot for creating these.

  • Damien Monteillard says:

    Thank you a lot for this sneak peak
    Blender is Amazing !

  • David Boura says:

    All Freestyle menus should be at the same place, that's very confusing especially for beginners!
    Btw, all improvements are ultra good news, thank you Devs

  • ProvidenceSion says:

    Stroke Curve feature and their usage of data blocks is a very very powerful and welcome addition! 😀

  • Garrett Williams says:

    I've been suspecting Blender might replace Gimp for me, but now I'm expecting it to. Blender's compositor mimics Photoshop's layer styles very well(a tad bit harder to use, admittedly). Gimp doesn't even have layer styles, you have to generate drop shadows with no preview. These paint tools make it several steps closer to being a viable Photoshop replacement.

  • TheNoChimpsBus says:

    6:37 "Damn it!"  LOL!  16:02 "It won't get any better if I paint any more now."  HAHAHA!!!

    Great video.  Thank you.

    However, as for that screencast replacement you used, honestly, it flat out SUCKS.  🙂  The old screencast keys Python script can still be used (it's just no longer bundled with Blender by default):
    And there is a spin-off one that looks nice:

  • Karlis Stigis says:

    Array modifier speedup is just incredible. This shows how things always can be improved with proper attention and funding also of course.

  • Susan Arango says:

    Thank you for the tips! most helpful!!

  • Rombout Versluijs says:

    Wow to bad they removed the screen cast keys. 

  • Void lon iXaarii says:

    thank you very much for this great presentation video! aweeesooome!

  • RAW TEE says:

    What happened to the Mist in the World Settings????
    I can load an  Older .blend file an it's still there…

  • 罗捷西 says:


  • Ben J. Nima says:

    Really cool new features !
    Just two things, i don't understand why the screen-cast keys option is disable, as it's very useful for all tutorials maker ?
    Then, a suggestion about the array modifier, it would be great to have a random option, i know that a guy worked on a great add on to do that, but i believe he is no longer working on it. So it will be great to have a feature like this ! 🙂

  • shabu220 says:

    Great work, thanks. Didyou say "Keyon" is a replacement for screencast key addon?
    I am using Ubuntu and would like to find it but could not.

  • MaGs VFX says:

    why no screen cast anymore?? bring them back :{

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