Attempting to paint each other // Jessie and Claud // AD [CC]

Attempting to paint each other // Jessie and Claud // AD [CC]

– Hello, lovely people, and welcome to what I hope will be a beautiful, calming video for you. Maybe you want to do something
while you watch this. Maybe you want to paint along with us. Maybe you just want to find out what on earth we manage to paint. I’ve recently been
approached by Skillshare, which if you don’t know, is
an online learning platform. They have a variety of classes that teach you really a
whole range of things. My God, I had a look at it. Some of it terrifies me. It’s about how you could do better in your career and productivity, or graphic design, which
also could be your career. But also fun stuff, like
hobbies and that type of stuff. And the reason they came to talk to me is because where they
didn’t have captions before, now all Skillshare originals, and many of their other
courses have captions, which is very exciting. But I didn’t want to
just do a little like, boom, spot and talk about it. Instead I thought, it
would be really exciting if Claudia and I actually gave… There’s now a dog in this video. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. So instead of doing a little
spot, where I just say, “Oh, Skillshare is this,
you should join up. If you click the link in the description, you’ll get a two-month free trial,” although you do, instead, I thought that Claudia and I would take on one of these tutorials and challenge each other to
see who could do it best. So, we picked a course that is all about watercolor painting and we’re going to try
and paint each other in a, as close as we possibly can, whilst also being inspired
by this beautiful, beautiful bunch of flowers. Stay watching until the end to find out what beauties we create, and have your say on
which is actually better. I mean let’s be honest, I take five times as
long to do everything, so probably not mine. (crickets chirping) In the meantime, don’t
forget that you can join 7 million other creatives
who use Skillshare to enhance their career, better themselves or their hobbies, generally be awesome human beings. If you want to up your
Instagram game for instance, there are all types of courses on that. Photography, they’ve got that. Editing, they’ve got that. Just lovely fine arts
stuff, they’ve got that too. Even gardening, which we really need, because our garden’s a waste land. (light jazz music) – Well, this is a nice activity. – You’re happy I pulled you
in for this kind of a video? – Yes. Right, I’ve got some paper. – Yes. – That we can sketch our initial– – Okay, beauty
– plans. initial drawings, and plans. I’m not the tidiest of people. – [Claudia] Yes, but you’ve
got very controlled hands for small detail.
– Yes! – You love that kind of stuff. – I’m weirdly good at drawing. – Where is I’m way more where like, I love stone carving. – [Jessica] Yeah, massive things. – [Claudia] Acrylic
paintings more my thing. Watercolors, I’ve always botched up. It’s just like I just
get too carried away, I’m too impatient and
the water and everything just merges. – (laughs) – It’s not like a nice watercolor bloom. – Matilda, I have to say, I do actually use my right arm. There we go. – I put this in
– Get the dog down. Just to look at for an inspiration. – Oh, yeah. – This we bought in Malacca in Malaysia, which is a very artistic
place and they have lots of artists live there. It’s got these old nyonya, which are kind of quite
influenced from, like, the Dutch. – When was this,
– Yes. when they went there. Then they’ve got the shutters and things, but you can see it’s quite still, like penciled marks here. And so on, and then
they’ve just sort of done this kind of wet wash kind of look, which is a bit different
from the video we watched which was more controlled,
– Yes. like, what is it, wet on dry? This is, I think this was done, look at me, talking like an expert now. – Oh, she knows everything now. – Oh, wet on wet. – Oh, yes, okay. – This is the watercolor
paper that I’ve got. – And they’re obviously
recommended acid free stuff. If we want to cheat, well it’s not cheating but I have got watercolor pencils. – [Jessica] For sure. – [Claudia] So you can like– – Always an option. – Get some really fine marks with that. – Yeah. (light jazz music) – (laughs) – (laughs) (light jazz music) – I’m kind of drawing as I go along. – Uh huh. – I mean I’m planning
as I draw kind of thing. – I feel quite stressed about this already because I know that you’re going to go, “That doesn’t look, do you think that really looks like me?” Like when I did the Sims of you. – You did hilariously! So we made each other in the Sims. Claudia made me look like a drag queen. Can you look down but at me? Sorry, no (laughs) – (laughs) (light jazz music) – [Jessica] Oh, I’m putting it down. – Okay, fine. (laughs) – (laughs) – [Claudia] So, what we call pans… – [Jessica] Yes, have you got tubes? Okay, we’ve got pans. – And tubes. – [Jessica] That’s a pan. These are tubes. – [Claudia] Should be like an art exam. I’m going to be hungry soon, it’s 1:30 already. – You’re always hungry. – 45 minutes, darling. – 45 minutes. – We’ll just do as much as we can, doesn’t need to be finished. (laughs) – Did you make me look like a drag queen? – The placement– – She gave me flower boobs. – But the placement of them was… – Starting now. (urgent cello music) (boing, boing, boing) (urgent cello music) – (laughs) – Every time, I look… – Literally just staring in one place. Please, please. – I’m trying, I’m looking at you. (urgent cello music) – Okay, we have 30 minutes left. – Oh my God. – Do me a favor. Put your head in a position and just keep it there. – I’m trying. – You don’t have to rub out the whole… – It’s happened. – (laughs) – [Claudia] But the
idea is that you draw it and then very lightly rub it all out, isn’t it? – 25 minutes to go. – Oh my God. – That’s it, this is just one of our many sets of watercolor paint. We came into this relationship with like two sets of each type of paint, each. At least my Dad would be proud of this video. My Dad is an artist. He is amazing. I will never be as good as him. I realized that when I was like, three. – Aww. – I had a little breakdown about it. – So you were, what, three,
– (laughs) so he’d have like how ever many years he was that old to practice like that. – Yeah, yeah, no, I’ve
lived with an intense, intense, “My art will never
be good enough” feeling. (urgent cello music) (alarm rings) – Oh my God. – What? No, no it’s my medication! – Oh, gosh. – It’s fine. – I was like, “What!”. – Okay, not a lot of time left, honey. To be fair, I’ve not even
started painting you. – You’ve just been leaves. Am I just leaves to you? – (laughs) – [Claudia] Guess the
whole idea, as well is that we’re so used to things
being so instant now, with digital processing
and like Photoshop. “I want it to be like
that color” and it just like fills the whole thing. Like, having to do things by hand, the reason it’s rewarding is because it takes patience and time and like time actually is, you know, a really special thing
that we should value. You know, we see someone’s artwork – Yeah – Or craftwork, the reason we value it and like it so much, I think, is because you realize how much time went into it. It’s like– – Right, wonky cakes taste better. – Yeah, I got that. – Their made of love, not by machine. – [Claudia] I must say,
having watched that video on Skillshare I do feel
a bit more confident with my technique of watercolors. I’ve always struggled with watercolors but just having watched
that, and like watching someone do it and taking
the time to sort of have it explained to me– – [Jessica] I’m pleased with
these overly detailed leaves. – (laughs) Unfortunately, none of
Claudia remains painted. – (laughs) But– (alarm rings) Oh, no! – No! – Let’s give ourselves
an extra, we started at twenty-five til,
– Yeah. Let’s give ourselves an extra 10 minutes. – Ten minutes. (urgent cello music) – Why don’t we both be like,
“Hey, let’s paint a flower.” – I know, well I did say that to you. – (laughs) – This morning, to be fair. I did say, “Why don’t we
both just paint a flower?” and you were like, “No,
we’re going to do portraits.” and I was like, “Christ,
that’s like the hardest thing you can probably do in a watercolor.” – Yeah, I hate me, too, right now. So, we’ve eventually reached
the point where we have to be like, “This is the
end now. We have to stop doing this.” We’ve definitely pushed over the limit of when we were supposed to be going. But, you know what, I’m
actually kind of calm with that. – Yeah. – I’m quite chill with it. – I’ve had a lovely time. – Because I feel very relaxed
about this whole painting. I would like to, I did say
at the start we were going to get you guys to choose
who had done the best portrait but I really think (laughs) there’s no point in that. – Maybe it should be– Because there’s no contention. – Maybe rather then the best portrait it should be the best painting technique. – So, there’s my painting in which Claudia’s face does not feature, or there’s Claudia’s painting which wins. It’s amazing! Look how good that is. – [Claudia] Aw, thanks. – [Jessica] That actually looks like me. I’m so impressed. – [Claudia] I think yours is lovely. I really like your painting technique. And we just stamp them–
– Wow. With your Chinese stamps. – Oh. – We bought these in
Malacca, back to that– – We didn’t buy them, we got given them. – Oh, yes, there was– – as an engagement present. – Yes, from my auntie that apparently you started to draw a little bit.
– (laughs) It’s all starting to tie in one another. – Yeah, yeah, look, there we
go, that’s Claudia’s auntie. – So, I’m a rabbit as I’m
the year of the rabbit. Chinese zodiac sign. And then what was inside? Is it rabbit? – [Jessica] No, it’s your Chinese name. – Oh, is it? – Because you have a Chinese name. – Yeah, yeah, Gum. I knew it was– – [Jessica] And mine is
like an attempt at Jessica. (light jazz music) – There you go, I hope you have enjoyed painting with us. Obviously, one of us was
much better then the other. But it’s fine, it’s fine. And don’t forget, if you’re
interested in Skillshare, which I’m kind of obsessed with now, click the link in my description and you’ll get a two month free trial. It’s very good, again, lots of videos have captions. Yay. And after that it’s
only 10 dollars a month. If you’ve liked this
video, please subscribe, hit the like button, join
The Kellgren-Fozard Club, all of that goodness, and if you have other
challenges that you would like Claudia and I to partake in please, do let us know in
the comments down below. And I shall see you next time. (smooch) (urgent cello music)


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    P.S. I can't believe you remembered that you got them from Claudia's aunt!!!!! Small win!

  • Rachel Creel says:

    I really love them both. I like how Jess ended up doing like an outline of Claud but you can totally still tell who it's supposed to be. And obviously Claud's is a gorgeous interpretation of Jessica. You should both be very proud.

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