ASMR InkTober | Ink Pen Drawing & Spooky Story – Soft Spoken

ASMR InkTober | Ink Pen Drawing & Spooky Story – Soft Spoken

Hi! How are you? So, today I’m doing a little Inktober sketch
and telling you a spooky story. This will be similar to the Finnish ghosts
stories video I made a while ago, but with real time sketching and inking sounds. So, I’ll start with the story, which will
be a bit dark, and then continue by talking about the supplies I used and the drawing
and Inktober and finally I’ll leave you with the rest of the drawing and the inking sounds. I was inspired to make this ink drawing by
one of the Finnish folk tales from a book called Crowned snake and other Finnish folk
tales by Kirsti Mäkinen. That’s a loose translation of the title, I’m
not sure if this book has been translated into English or not. Moving on to the tale. There was a beautiful wedding at a rich household. But during the wedding meal a small bone got
stuck to the throat of the bride and she fell unconscious. No one had any idea she had gone into a death
like state of suspended animation, where a person seems dead, but is still alive. The wedding guests were terrified and thought
she had a stroke and died. And so the wedding turned into a funeral. The miserable groom gave the bride her expensive
engagement and wedding rings and necklace to the grave. This was talked about throughout the village
and even the thieves found out. And so on the first night after the funeral
the grave was dug open and the thieves were going to rob the bride off her jewelry. But then something unexpected happened. The engagement and wedding rings were stuck
on her finger and one of the thieves tried to get them off in vain. Finally he figured out he needed to lift the
arm up and press the woman’s neck with his foot to keep the body in place. And then the body started moving. The thieves were so shocked they almost fainted. They leaped out of the grave and escaped. The body got up and screamed after the thieves,
begging them to come back. The young bride would’ve given them a reward
for saving her life even if their intentions were bad. The thieves didn’t stop, since they thought
the woman yelling was a ghost. The bride got up from the grave as fit as
ever. When the thief stepped on her neck, the bone
had dislodged from her throat and she was able to breathe again. She came back to her senses and hurried to
tell the usher to go to the house to let them know what had happened before she would turn
up at the house. Alive. Ok, that was the story. I chose it because I thought a bride in a
coffin would be an interesting topic for my first Inktober drawing this year. Inktober was started by Jake Parker. The idea is to make an ink drawing every day
in October and post it online. If you need ideas for what to draw, there’s
an official prompt list in the Inktober website. But there are also many unofficial Inktober
prompt lists, which you can find with a google search. Also, you don’t have to make a drawing every
day, it could be even just once a week. This is the third time I’m taking part in
Inktober, but I’ve never done the full month of illustrations. I think I did seven two years ago and maybe
about the same last year. This year this one might be the only one I
do or I might do a few others, we’ll see. Would you like another ASMR drawing video
based on a spooky story like this one? I didn’t plan this drawing much, I made a
quick sketch in my so called ugly sketchbook, which you can see at the end of the video
and I referenced that as I was drawing the actual sketch in a bigger size. I didn’t actually look up any reference photos
for this one like I normally would. I just knew I’d draw the bride inside a coffin
shape with her eyes closed. Although I was thinking whether I should have
one of the eyes open a bit to show that she’s still alive. And I gave some jewelry and a dress and flowers
in her hair and a flower bouquet in her hands. That was mostly to conceal her hands so I
wouldn’t have to draw them. And finally I added some plants to the sides
of the coffin to break the geometric frame of the coffin, since I left the background
white otherwise. I started by sketching in my nicer sketchbook
with a blue colored pencil, which wouldn’t smudge as much as a normal pencil. And then I started inking with a dip pen and
a small nib and black acrylic ink. I’ll list the supplies below, if you want
to check them out. I made some inking mistakes and decided to
fix them by just coloring in the area with ink. I tried a bigger nib for the dip pen, but
then realized it’s easier to fill in bigger areas with a brush. I also started leaving strips of white as
outlines for the character, but I started doing that too late and now some parts have
the outline and some parts don’t. I fixed that with white acrylic paint after
filming and put the finished drawing up in my Redbubble shop. After I finished the inking, I erased the
colored pencil sketch with a kneaded eraser. I haven’t tried inking with acrylic ink and
a dip pen on this sketchbook before and it wasn’t a very good combination so if I make
another Inktober drawing, I’ll change up some of the supplies. The pages of this sketchbook aren’t very thick
so the ink bled through. I did have a scrap paper underneath the page,
because I was expecting it to bleed through. But the dip pen was also really scratchy on
this paper. Maybe part of it was that the drawing was
small and it’s hard to draw small details with a dip pen. But I do like
the varying line thicknesses. If you like this video, I do make both art
tutorials and tips videos as well as ASMR art videos like this and there’s a new video
every week. I will now leave you with the inking and drawing
sounds and I’ll talk to you again next week.

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  • Ivy Lily ASMR says:

    0:00 Lighting a candle and placing fall leaves and berries on the table to set a cozy atmosphere.
    00:50 Flipping through the Finnish folk tales book to read you a story and finding an empty page from my sketchbook.
    2:00 Sketching with a colored pencil and reading the story.
    9:39 Taking out the inking supplies and inking the sketch with a dip pen and acrylic ink.
    10:44 Talking portion of the video ends here.
    24:07 Filling in larger areas with a brush.
    32:03 Erasing the sketch, showing you the final result and gently tapping on the sketchbook.

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