Hey guys Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Just a quick disclaimer before I start anything These are not real airpods these are not real hairbrushes or spoons this is made with 100% real ingredients please DO NOT eat real airpods DO NOT eat hairbrushes and DO NOT eat spoons that would be very harmful so what I am eating is 100% real ingredients Yeah so today we have hairbrush airpods chocolate spoons which I have never done before on this channe l and I have never made chocolate spoons before so they’re not the prettiest I apologize and then we also have some popping boba bubba bopa boba? I think it’s boba and I’m going to scoop those up with the spoons um I also just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Colton Martin you guessed the correct number of Trumps that were gangster rapping around in my world’s largest hair brush video so congrats Also make sure you guys go to my instagram, follow me and the first 20 people that give me the sickest video ideas low key, I kind of need video ideas the sickest edible video ideas I will respond too so you have to be the first 20, ok ok and of course our beverage of choice is in our Coldest Water and the link for this is in the description Alright guys lets gets into this I think I’m gonna do this one alright yeah it might not be the prettiest but it’s still cute of course Let’s get these Okay Have our

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