ARTIST ART CAKE Tutorial with fondant crayons scissors paint brush pencil and palette

ARTIST ART CAKE Tutorial with fondant crayons scissors paint brush pencil and palette

hey happy bees its amanda and in this tutorial
i am going to show you how to make an art artist cake roll out some edible modelling
paste 5mm thick and leave it to the side to dry a little bit while we make our paint pot
to create the paint pot I am using some happy bee templates you can find the link in the
description below for these templates which includes templates for everything you see
in this video so i have traced a rectangle shape and now I am using a quilting tool to
create some stitching brush a tiny bit of water around the outside of the circle then
place the rectangle around it and leave to the side to dry now we are going to use our
scissors template and the modelling paste that we previously rolled out i find it easier
to cut out the templates when the modelling paste is slightly dry trace around the outside
and i am using 2 circle cutters here that are the same size as the circles inside the
scissors going to create a line down the centre and a small bolt leave to the side to dry
along with your paint pot overnight this is the next morning and as you can see they have
dried out really well trim the bottom part of the scissors going to use some edible dust
i have put links in the description for the materials as well creating a paint brush now
we are going to use some brown modelling paste roll it out into a sausage shape use the template
as a guide to size and insert a skewer for extra support going to use some white modelling
paste now and we are going to create a little indentation in the centre use the same silver
edible dust again roll somw ehite modelling paste into a teardrop shape and create indentations
to make it look more like a brush pop that on top of your brush you are going to create
your pencil in exactly the same way so i havent showed you that part but I will show you how
to create the tip of the pencil use some light brown modelling paste and Ihave rolled it
into a cone shape if its a little bit fat at the bottom you can trim off and paint some
black on the tip every artist needs a paint palette so I have marbelled a little bit of
brown fondant here i do have a video on how to marble fondant it will be in the link above
now you can leave this plain or use a rolling pin that has a wood grain in it create some
paint for your palette by rolling out some fondant into a snake shape then wrap it up
into a spiral shape we need crayons now for around the outside i am using the template
as a guide and cutting the crayon to shape looking to see where the tip of the crayon
is and I am going to put an indentaion here with a knife then use your fingers to create
a tip at the top of the crayon trim and keep working with the shape of the crayon this
is a great way if you are creating crayons for around the outside of your cake to make
sure they are all the same size just for a bit of fun we are going to create some paint
splodges for our cake as well click this video on your screen now if you want to see more
videos just like this one and Ill see you over there thanks for watching

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  • Byron Chandler says:

    Hi, Amanda. Your art cake looks so cute and adorable, just like you, darling. What did you enjoy about making this cute little art cake? Take care of yourself, sweetie. <3

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