ARTEZA INKONIC Fineliners!! Are they THE BEST?

ARTEZA INKONIC Fineliners!! Are they THE BEST?

(funky bass and drum music) – Hey, how’s it going? If this is the first
time visiting my channel, I just want to welcome you here. My name is Karen Campbell, and I’m a mixed-media artist, but I love to draw, too, so I do a lot of art journaling, mixed media, and how-to-draw tutorials. I also do the occasional product review. Today, I’m going over
the Arteza Inkonic Pens. They sent me this killer 48 set, which I’m loving, of fine liners, but did you know they
also play really well with alcohol markers, as well as water-based brush tip markers? I have lots of Arteza
products to play with and demo for you today, but I really wanna be focusing on this giant 48 amazing pack of fine liners, which is perfect for coloring
books, art journaling, and cool other projects that
I’m gonna show you right now. So, yes, on first inspection, I was kind of impressed right off the bat. They’re… 48 is a lot of colors, so every color family is represented by between four and eight markers, so that’s a nice size collection you’re already starting off with. The tin is large and super sturdy, fits these all nicely in
these two individual trays. The first cool feature
of these fine liners is that they are totally water soluble, so they can be activated with water. You can use them dry
or wet like I’m doing. Look at that pretty array of colors! It really is quite a collection and some really nice colors in there. I know. I was giving you the slow-mo peek because you have to stop and appreciate all the colors
you’re getting in there. So, I like to use fine
liners when I’m traveling. I put just a couple in
a little pencil pouch and you can do… and a water brush and
my little art journal, which this is, and you can actually do so much. So, you can outline with them and use them dry all day long, which is awesome, and so I love that they
have the flexibility of being watercolor or just
a regular fine line marker. So, yeah, I travel, this is a little three-inch
square journal that I use. Some of the pages are just
straight-up watercolor pages, and the other ones, I
have collaged and gessoed. But you can see there, I’m just adding a little bit of water. If you want a different look,
you just simply add water, and it turns into watercolor. And how cool is that? So, they’re great for traveling. These are some sketches
that I had already started, and so I was just
playing around and adding and thinking, hm, how would these look if I had a little pack of
these in my travel pouch? And the answer is they
work really, really well, and they’re really fun to use. And I love that if you’re traveling and all you have are these
fine liners and a water pen, you can do so much because
you have so many colors, and just… It fits in your purse. It comes in a little packet. It fits in your purse. How cool is that? So, cool is the answer. That was really a rhetorical question. But, there’s another really cool use that I have for these fine liners and that is I love to couple them with my alcohol markers. So, Arteza recently sent me a big 50… Sorry, not 50 but 60 pack
of their alcohol markers, and also another huge
pack of their TwiMarkers, which are double-ended water… Sorry, not water brush,
water color markers. And all three products you
can use at the same time, and you can get some
remarkably cool effects because what happens is the alcohol in the alcohol-based
markers do not activate the ink that’s inside the fine liners or their little TwiMarkers that you’ll see me using, as well. So, you can use all three
products simultaneously, and they all have such different nibs, and you can get different effects that when you put them
all together in a project, the results are super cool. And I love that you can layer, and it doesn’t matter which order you’re layering your materials in, so you could start off
with alcohol markers and then add in the fine liners or vice versa, and it works both ways, and they don’t bother each other! So, you can go back and add shading or cross-hatching or any
cool designs you want into your broader illustration
using the alcohol markers, and this type of layering illustration just produces super
interesting, really lush, complicated layer designs, and I kind of cannot get enough
of this sort of technique. So, you’ll see me finishing
this whole drawing here, and then, I’ve already
done another review, and I’ll put a playlist
at the end of this video so you can watch another
one in the making, and she’s a little bit
of a different girl. But, you can really learn and do so much using this technique and compiling the water-based markers together with the alcohol-based markers. Who knew? So, huge thanks to Arteza
for sending me these supplies and allowing me to demonstrate really just the power that
these materials can have when all used together. I’m gonna do a different product review for each individual marker, so again, I’ll put a playlist
of the product reviews if you wanna see the benefits of each one, and of course, there’s a
link in the description box for a coupon code from Arteza, so you can save a little bit of money, as well as links to each product. But yeah, it is really amazing. That was just the dual-nibbed TwiMarker over the alcohol for her lips, and look how rich that color is. And then, that’s the same exact color in the alcohol marker. So, the fact that you can mix and match and the colors are
repeating over themselves in the different materials, with or without water, is absolutely stunning, and I cannot get enough of playing with this technique all together. So, go ahead and treat yourself to one or some of these supplies. You cannot go wrong. And yeah, the results really
are truly pretty spectacular, so I hope that you go and enjoy, and here’s a link to those playlists. Thank, guys! (upbeat horns and bass music)


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    Love this karen!

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    I subscribed to your channel and I was wondering if you can do a video on using white paint with other water soluble media?

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    That looks like such fun! I’m unable to buy anything this month or the next due to a dramatic weight loss which means I’ve skipped way to many meals lately. But when I get caught up, I’d like to try these new (to me) products. Tfs, luv! 🧞‍♂️annie

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    You're never on long enough for me but I totally cherish every minute of your time. You are Wonder Woman, still no idea how you do it all. Do you ever sleep??
    Anyhooo, blah blah (really need to work on this). You make my days worthwhile. Hey to your family. Byeeee🤩👋

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    amazing drawing ideas my dear friend, keep it up..

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    I have so missed watching you, I been on hiatus, with my 17 month old lol! Great video!😍😍😘😘🤗

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    what a great review of those arteza fine liners! you've got me sold. love how you mixed all those different markers for such a cool effect!

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    I don’t understand how the fineliners can be both watersoluable and also not melt when used with the waterbased twimarkers?

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