Arches Oil Painting Paper

Arches Oil Painting Paper

[MUSIC PLAYING] Today I’d like to do
a little oil sketch. I’ve got something new– something pretty
interesting– to work with. This is Arches paper
for oil painting. It’s a new product from Arches. It’s a paper
specifically formulated for use for oil painting. This paper has been
formulated by Arches to protect the paper fibers
against the oxidation of the drying oils. No preparation, no priming,
no gessoing is required, so that all I need to do
before the paint is measure, tear the paper to
the size I need, and I’m ready to start painting. If I was stretching
a canvas, I’d been tacking the canvas
to the stretchers, putting on three coats of
gesso, waiting for drying in between each coat. But working on the
Arches oil paper, now I’m ready to get started. So this Arches paper
for oil painting does have exactly
the same quality as the Irish watercolor
paper that we’ve all been using for so long. I could take my paper
and my drawing board out into the landscape
much more easily than I can take an easel
with a stretched canvas. So with the nice
absorbency of the surface, I can work with these
fairly thin turp washes and not worry at all
about the paint running. You get some very good
control of the paint even when it’s being worked
really thin like this. It’s easy enough to take a rag
and wipe the white right back into it. And I can work
pretty hard on this, and I don’t have to worry about
damaging the paper surface. This is a paper that’s
really just as tough a surface as working on
the stretched canvas. They are very finished paintings
by Rubens, executed on paper, going back to the 17th century. And then of course we can look
at the monotypes done by Degas, using pastel to highlight and
add the highest chroma color over the top of oil monotypes. I can alternate between using
low broader painterly approach, and working in a
little sharpness using some of the drawing materials. There are people who work in
much more painterly styles with heavier
applications of paint. That’s fine. The paper is equally versatile
working with thin application or working with
heavy application, right up to some
really thick impasto. I’ve allowed it to dry– pretty much the same
drying times as I would have on a canvas
or on a prepared panel. I’m going to check and make
sure that actually no color is coming up. No, I don’t see any
chalking at all. The absorbency is
just right here. I think I’ll call this a painted
sketch more than a really finished painting. Taking the painting
and storing it is not any great
difficulty either, because the paper was ready
to go without the gesso preparation. I can roll it just like this. It’ll be absolutely fine. I really like the
fact that I was able to get to work without
spending a lot of time on preparation–
that I didn’t have to change my
painting style at all to make it work on the paper. The paper was just as durable– really a very high
quality product. Arches paper for
oil painting really is going to prove to be a
very useful and important new painting support. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  • Maiko Seikarin says:

    OMG this is brilliant * v * I love this <3 <3 <3 its really superb!! * o *
    thanks so much for sharing this! 😀 I love watching this kind of videos, there's always new things to learn with them (: awesome tips^^

  • Learner-Learns says:

    Great demonstration! This guy sounds and paints like a really good teacher!
    Now I want some Arches paper!

  • Allan Quinn says:

    Thank you, i will be using this paper on my next painting!

  • thepatshowonwp says:

    Wow! Just one more tool I can use. Thank you for uploading, I will look for this paper at my art supply store this week.

  • Michael King says:

    I bought a couple of sheets to give it and try and have come to the conclusion is is not usable. Sorry Arches, but the paper is so absorbent that is is terrible to work with in oils.

  • Mr960silva says:

    Can be use varnish for protect on this paper ?

  • Peterson Freitas says:

    could i varnish this surface? oil paints usally get opaque when used on papper, because the paper absorvs the oil from it. does it happen with this paper?
    thank you.

  • Susan Solis says:

    Nice Demonstration applied on oil painting.

  • T FP says:

    Also, you save a ton of space if your studio is a small bedroom.

  • 777 says:

    I love love love your painting and paper,
    … but thumbs down for not stretching your oil paper better to prevent warping. Masking tape (perhaps acid free) may be used to help prevent Arches paper warping … stretched symmetrically (not just clamped) to permit 'more' fluid media, esp.
    Utmost blessings and thanks!

  • Timothy O'Neill says:

    2019 here, how have I not stumbled across this sooner is beyond me, thanks

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