Applying Liquid Clear Oil For Painting

hey guys Wild4Games here and today
I’m gonna show you something I get asked all the time when I’m painting how do
you apply liquid clear and how much is too much let me show you before we begin
let’s actually talk about what liquid clear is liquid clear is one of the
three bob ross liquid base coat essentials for the bob ross wet on wet
technique like liquid white and black it creates the necessary smooth and
slippery surface and additionally liquid clear has the advantage of not diluting
the intensity of other colors especially the darks which are super important in
painting seascapes now to be honest i have never used liquid clear i’ve never
bought it but if somebody out there would like to get it for me i would
really like to try what i use as a substitute and was actually cheaper is
linseed oil which achieves the same effect linseed oil has a lot of uses in
painting but today we’re only gonna concentrate on what it’s doing for the
prepping part of the canvas which is gonna allow all the colors to be slick
and blend properly just like they would with liquid black and liquid white now
if you can’t find any liquid clear or linseed oil there are other oils you can
use some of those being safflower oil poppy oil hemp oil sunflower oil and
walnut oil to be fair I have not tried any of these other oils and they may
have some different effects that could be positive or negative for what you’re
trying but they’re just alternatives out there that you might want to give a shot
now that we know all the different oils including liquid clear let’s show you
how to actually apply it to a canvas properly for my paintings I like to use
linseed oil it’s nice and easy and affordable I add a few drops to a paper
plate but any mixing palette will do take any old 2 inch brush and dip it
into the oil make sure you get a nice even distribution and apply to the
canvas and a nice zigzag motion do this gingerly across the canvas you don’t
have to push hard the idea is to just get a nice base coat and then we’ll
grind it in later to the canvas once you have all your coating across go ahead
and take your brush and actually very firmly into the canvas we want to
get that oil to cover the whole entire canvas and a nice coating and push it
deep within that canvas paper you’ll see the oil start to glisten across the
canvas once you have it all grinded in just take your remaining brushstrokes
and go left to right all the way up and down the canvas and then I like to go up
and down all the way across the canvas as well just to make sure that oil is
all pushed in and across the sides making sure that there is no spot missed
if you have too much oil which is a common mistake for beginners I recommend
taking a regular paper towel folding it up into a nice little square about the
size your hand and glide it across the canvas don’t push hard by doing this
extra step we’re gonna pick up all the residual oil make sure you go left to
right and up and down and cover the entire canvas with the paper towel if
you’ve tried black canvases before and your paint isn’t flowing or isn’t
sticking it’s probably because you have too much oil you’ll want to definitely
do this step until you get confident enough on just putting the right amounts
of oil in hey guys thanks for watching I hope that really helped you out just
remember this stuff goes a long ways use it sparingly if you guys like this video
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