Answering Your Questions · Art Supplies Doodle · semiskimmedmin

Answering Your Questions · Art Supplies Doodle · semiskimmedmin

Alight you lot, how is everyone. Today is just a quick drawing I did a the
beginning of my current sketchbook, just showing all my most used tools at this moment in time. I think it’s a good easy way to fill a page
and it’s also a nice record to look back on to see what your favourite tools were at
the time. I asked you all for some questions on instagram
a few weeks ago so I’m gonna spend this video answering as many of those as I can. So let’s get straight into it. So the very first question I got was from
sky.ll8r and they asked why I started drawing, I also have a similar question from abbytphotography
who wants to know how I originally got into art. I have always been drawing, it started as
just a fun way to pass the time as a kid. I used to go to an after school art club on
Mondays, dance on Tuesdays, french on Wednesdays, basketball on Thursdays… and I enjoyed all
those things and I wish I’d carried on with them but art is the thing that stuck. I think because I didn’t really see it as..
a task or an activity or something that needed practice. I was just doing it or the sake of doing it. I liked playing with paint and paper and pens
and stuff as soon as I was old enough to hold them. King Kaye wants to now what you can do when
you cant translate your thoughts on to paper. Yeah that’s a tough one, that can be really
discouraging and also, I don’t know if anyone else gets this, but sometimes the more it
goes wrong on paper, the more I lose the mental image of what I wanted to do in the first
place. The best thing you can do is get in the habit
of drawing very small, quick thumbnail sketches to get the general sense and shape and composition
of the idea down. Really loose and small. And then you can work from that initial sketch
AND the idea in your head when it comes to creating the finished piece. Gabyeet asks, what keeps you running and inspired
through the harder days. Just kind of going with it. Trying not to get down on myself cos that’s
just gonna make things worse and knowing that I’ve been here before and gotten over it
so I can do it again. Loona Lou asks what video, photo and lighting
equipment I use. A few people asked about this. I always have all my equipment listed in the
description under the videos, saying what specific camera and tripod I used for that
video. I generally use the Canon 700D with either
the kit lens, a 50mm lens or a 24mm lens depending on what kind of shot I’m using it for. In terms of lighting, I have a really bright
desk light and also a couple of those big umbrella lights but I very rarely use either
of those. I rely on natural light a lot, it just looks
the best. All my photos and things are in natural light. Simon Says says, do you ever feel guilty for
not making art for a while. I do… and the longer you leave it the harder
it is to get back into it. It’s especially difficult knowing that I’v
kind of made a promise to consistently share content and I worry about people getting bored
or impatient. But generally, I just kind of know that it’ll
come when it comes, and there are things you can do to give yourself a push in the right
direction, like I talked about in my recent ‘getting out of a rut’ video, so I let
myself feel bad for a bit and then I just kind of go with the flow. Caramel Cheese popcorn wants to know how important
a clean workspace is for me. For me, its really important. I get very antsy very quickly in any kind
of busy, cluttered space. And when it comes to making art, I want to
feel completely free and clear and open. That said, I don’t think it’s important
in general. I think it’s more of a me thing. I can see how having all your things around
you is convenient and can spark ideas and I’m a huge advocate for making a mess when
it comes to art which is a lot easier when you’re already in a messy state. Quite a few people asked about what inspires
me. I’m generally more… visually stimulated. Like seeing a particular colour scheme in
nature or a cool building or a pretty face on TV. I see things and I think ‘I wanna draw that’. Seeing great art as well, thinking ‘I want
to make something that beautiful’. I also got a lot of people asking about artists
I admire. At the moment, I’m loving Ian McQue, Kim
Jung Gi, James Jean, Loish, on Youtube James Gurney, Teoh Yi Chie, Alisa Draws, Watercolor
Misfit is doing a beginners watercolour series that’s taught me a lot recently, Bao Pham
does the most incredible gouache paintings and Biana Bova gives great advice on everything,
the way she gets her points across just makes things make sense. And also what music I listen to for inspiration,
what music I listen to when working and in general. Favourite songs. So recently I’ve been listening to the new
Kendrick, also been listening to a lot of Daniel Caesar. Ummm Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Anderson
.Paak. I’ll have all these names and links to the
artists I mentioned below by the way. The music I listen to for inspiration, either
calm or nostalgic. Or a bit of both. A good beat with a nice old sample that makes
me smile, that’s my favourite. Frusrationist wants to know, how do you deal
with envy, when nothing you make looks good to you. Envy… I got in the habit of recognising those feelings
as soon as they came up and not shutting them down but like, turning it into admiration
and aspiration for myself. If I see someone doing something amazing and
my first thought is like ugh I wish I could do that or, I’ll never be that good. I’l very purposefully stop and think actually,
good for them. They’re amazing and they’ve clearly worked
for it and if I work for it I can get there too. Even if you don’t believe it at first, getting
into the habit of shifting that way of thinking has such a positive influence and I personally
believe in the power of our words and our thoughts and constantly putting yourself down
is only gonna keep you down, if you tell yourself you’re doing great and your hoping to get
better, then you’ll see yourself improving. In terms of when nothing you make looks good
to you, you could try a more practical approach of pinpointing what it is that isn’t going
great in your work and then studying an practicing that. For people asking about whether I studied
art, what I majored in etc. I think I talked about that in my last Q&A
but I haven’t studied art other than at secondary school, I studied Spanish and English
at uni and I dropped out. Jono x wants to know my favourite emoji. My most used has gotta be the two pink hearts. And the suspicious or guilty side-eye. A lot of people asked about art and social
media, getting your work out there and shared. Uhh it’s really tough. I think it’s too much for me to cover here. But there are tons of videos here on youtube
talking about it. Talking about it for art specifically or for
particular social media platforms in general. I think the best thing to do is learn as much
as you can about each area of social media where you want to grow, get all the tips you
can from not just artists but people who use social media for their business, all the info
you need is already out there, theres so much on google or on youtube. And yeah put together a plan, monthly goals
broken down into things you can do every day to get you going in the right direction. It’s a lot of work. Martina Violic asks my favourite holiday I’ve
been on. Ooh that’s a good one. Ah I really don’t know. I went to Vegas when I was like 13, that was
pretty exciting, at the time I was obsessed with CSI so it was just a dream come true
for me to be there. I think probably the best moment I’ve had
on a holiday was a couple of summers ago, after visiting the ancient ruins of Chichen
Itza in Mexico, we went swimming in one of the cenotes, like a sinkhole, a deep cave
into the earth full of fresh water that just goes down and down and down underneath you
for miles and it started pouring with rain, thunder and lightning, and I’ve never felt
so close to mother nature and the strength and authority of this planet we’re on. So yeah, that’s one of the reasons I’m
back in Mexico now so soon. Ummm to people asking about whether there
will be more copies of the ’30 ways to fill a sketchbook’ book. I really appreciate that so many people are
interested in it, and I’m really sorry to the people that did’t get one but unfortunately
limited edition means limited edition. You can’t sell something on the premise
that there will only be a certain number of them in the whole world and then make more. So I’m afraid that’s it. But there will always be other things like
it to come in the future. No thanks Mika asks if I prefer coffee or
tea. Definitely coffee. I’m a disgrace to British people, but I
cannot stand tea. Jonah Veliz asks what is your favourite film. For like all-time favourite, things I could
watch again and again and I know every single line, it’s a weird toss-up between Save
the Last Dance which was the go-to for every single sleepover I went to as a child, and
28 Days Later, I have no words to describe how much I love that film. Those are the two films I would never say
no to watching. A couple of people wanted to know if I have
any tattoos Nope, I love them, but I’m too indecisive
to have something permanent on my skin. Grace Stew wants to know can you do a handstand
or a cartwheel. I actually can’t. I was so jealous of my sister and her gymnastics
growing up but for the life of me I can’t do it. Nana Gasparini wants to know about watercolour
sketchbooks I’d recommend that aren’t moleskin. I would say Strathmore do great ones, Stillman
and Birn are my current fave. I have a question here from somnia who asks
how I learned editing and if I have any tips. I just know in my head how I want a video
to look so I try my best to do that and then if there’s something I can’t do I’ll
go online and learn about it. So that would be my advice, I think if you
have a clear vision of how you want your video to look, and I don’t think you can ever
be too ambitious, just seek out the information you need to achieve it. Like I said before, all the info you need
is out there if you just look for it. Diyarakarmi asks my opinion on copying artists
as practice. I feel like when we were younger we all started
out drawing our favourite cartoon characters, disney princesses, I used to use my mums greaseproof
cooking paper and trace snow white from the cover of the VHS video tape I had of the film
and copy it onto bits of paper. That’s how you learn in the beginning stages
of drawing. And that way of learning doesn’t go away
the better you get or older you get. Copying will always be able to give you valuable
lessons. HOWEVER. I don’t believe in only copying, I think
it should be done here and there while you work on your own style and also actually studying
different aspects of art. Also obviously if you’re going to share
your copied artwork, give proper credit. I personally don’t ever show stuff I’ve
copied because I feel like that’s just something I did for me, it’s not for show, it’s
not my art. But that’s just me. Dos and donuts says, I just want you to acknowledge
my existence I love you so much. Love you too! For people asking for tips on building a youtube
channel, I really don’t have anything new to suggest that I didnt say in my last Q and
A and also just the general tips you always hear. I’d recommend looking into channels that
are about the business side of youtube if you really wanna take it seriously, Roberto
Blake is good for that, anylitics and search engine optimisation and all that other boring
stuff. Other than that, I feel like people are still
just waiting for the secret, but that’s it. Just be consistent and be patient. It takes time, the only thing that will help
the time fly is if you’re doing it for fun, because you enjoy it and not for the numbers
or the money. A lot of people wanna know about studying
anatomy. Ummm I would say all you need to start with
is one good book, just search on Amazon for an anatomy book, I have one called anatomy
for artists. Read it. Don’t just look at the pictures, understand
how this connects to this. And then draw the things you’ve learned
about. If that doesn’t sound like the kind of studying
environment that works for you, Stan Prokopenko from the channel Proko here on youtube has
a tonne of anatomy videos that might help you. Lawrence wants to know my bucket list travel
destinations. Well in terms of continents, I’ve never
been to anywhere in Asia so I’d love to do that at some point. Also, this is terrible but out of all the
far off places I’ve been to, I’ve never been anywhere in the UK outside of England. Which is crazy considering Wales is a few
hours drive away from me and Scotland and Ireland a short flight, or long drive. So I’ve gotta go to all of those countries
too. In terms of specific places, I’d love to
go to Angkor Wat which is a set of temples in Cambodia. Just looks incredible. Emilie Meir asks how I rate Stillman and Birn
sketchbooks compared to Moleskine Yeah I think they’re great, I don’t mind
moleskin though. My most recent moleskin was absolutely perfect
for what I used it for. But like the quality you EXPECT a moleskin
to be, is what you actually get with Stillman and Birn. lalalaalia says Why are you so into bears? I just think they look like big clumsy furry
people when they stand on their hind legs. I also just find them really impressive. gloryaylin asks do you think it’s possible
for one to become an artist without going to an art school? Yeah, absolutely, artist is actually one of
those few jobs where you can potentially get by with just your talent and no documentation
saying that you’re qualified. It’s not like if you wanted to be a doctor
and you’re really good at diagnosing people but you’ve never been to medical school. Going to art school could really help with
preparing you for a career in art but it isn’t essential in my opinion. ycsemite asks how often do you draw? do you have a schedule you follow or do you
just draw whenever youre inspired? A lot of people also asked if I draw every
day. I try to draw every morning after I’ve had
a shower and had my breakfast, I tidy my room a little bit, sit at my desk and try to draw. That’s my routine. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way but
I’m working to get into it more permanently. Right and for the very last question, this
one is fromsquareefacedd and they want to know What is your favorite quote? How tall are you? Well I just measured myself for you square
faced and I’m about 5 foot 6. And my favourite quote, I don’t know who
said it originally but its ‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.’ So I hope you enjoyed this video, I hope there
are things you’ll be able to take away from this and maybe you feel like you know me a
bit better. For a bit more insight you can also check
out my last Q&A video. But for now, thanks so much for watching,
I’ll see you all in the next one. Bye!


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